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  • I remember walking into the Bible study. I had a knot in my stomach. In my mind, only weirdoes and zealots went to Bible studies. I don't remember what was said that day. All I know is that when I left, everything had changed. I'll never forget standing outside that apartment on the Upper East Side and saying to myself, “It's true. It's completely true.” The world looked entirely different, like a veil had been lifted off it. I had not an iota of doubt. I was filled with indescribable joy.

    Joy   Mind   Doubt  
  • Not since the Black Panthers sailed into their Upper East Side tea party has there been so daffy an exercise in radical chic.

    Party   Exercise   Black  
    Camille Paglia (2011). “Sex, Art, and American Culture: Essays”, p.181, Vintage
  • If it wasn't for O'Flanagan's Pub on Manhattan's Upper East Side, I don't know where I would have spent my Friday nights as a young man.

    Friday   Night   Men  
    Michael Bloomberg's Speech At Breakfast Reception In Sligo, www1.nyc.gov. August 22, 2006.
  • Ira [Gershwin] was the shyest, most diffident boy we had ever known. In a class of lower east side rapscallions, his soft-spoken gentleness and low-keyed personality made him a lovable incongruity. He spoke in murmurs, hiding behind a pair of steel-rimmed glasses..Ira had a kid brother who wore high stiff collars, shirts with cuffs and went out with girls.

    Girl   Brother   Kids  
    "Biography/ Personal Quotes". www.imdb.com.
  • We feel like we are using the East Side to kind of spoof what everybody thinks is cool.

    Thinking   East   Sides  
    Source: www.indiewire.com
  • There's not a lot of precedent for weird, bald musicians in the Lower East Side making records in their bedrooms and going on to sell a lot of copies of the record. Especially if you look at the pop climate.

    Musician   Climate   East  
    "David Bowie EW Cover: Inside David Bowie and Moby's out-of-this-world 2002 tour". Interview with Jeff Gordinier, ew.com. January 11, 2016.
  • I did have a lot of lack, but I never experienced it. I grew up in the east side of Detroit, in an area where there was very little, except for a lot of scarcity, poverty and hunger. Even growing up in an orphanage, I never woke up saying, "I'm an orphan again today, isn't this terrible? Poor me."

    "Become A Mighty Manifester An Interview with Wayne Dyer". Interview with Randy Peyser, www.randypeyser.com.
  • Given the clientele, the restaurants on Capri might resemble those fancy Northern Italian places on the East Side of Manhattan where the captain has taken bilingual sneering lessons from the maitre d' at the French joint down the street and the waiter, whose father was born in Palermo, would deny under torture that tomato sauce has ever touched his lips.

    Father   Taken   Food  
    Calvin Trillin (1984). “Third Helpings”, Viking Press
  • I was the best street fighter in history when I was growing up on the Lower East Side. Hell, I never lost a street fight. Never. I thought I could lick Jack Dempsey or Joe Louis or anybody. I was fantastic.

  • I pictured my mom, alone in our little apartment on the Upper East Side. I tried to remember the smell of her blue waffles in the kitchen. It seemed so far away.

    Mom   Blue   Smell  
  • I started in theater when I was 14 in the Henry Street Playhouse on the Lower East Side in New York. You hustle, you beat the sidewalk, the pavement - audition, audition. I just started working around town everywhere. I mean everywhere - the Village, Harlem, you know. Brooklyn Academy Of Music. Just job after job.

    Jobs   New York   Mean  
    "Jackée Harry on 227, Ladybugs, and why she wants to be the next Maggie Smith". Interview with Marah Eakin, tv.avclub.com. February 26, 2016.
  • Like the East Side tenement, our house was seldom without the sound of music or laughter or questions being asked or stories being told.

    Laughter   House   Sides  
    "Harpo Speaks". Book by Harpo Marx, 1961.
  • It was at a performance art space that's no longer around, Gusto House... All of these great performers from all over the country lived on the Lower East Side, and they would take somebody's living room that opened right onto the street, open the door and charge tickets and put up chairs.

    Country   Art   Doors  
    Interview with Haley Weiss, www.interviewmagazine.com. May 31, 2016.
  • By the time I was in my early-twenties and was living there on the Lower East Side, I was so surrounded by tragedy that I think that inspired me to try to reflect it in the artwork.

    Source: www.guernicamag.com
  • I think the Lower East Side inspires me. That whole neighborhood, a lot of the people that I worked with, seeing what we've gone through in life, being given an opportunity to understand who I am; my identity, my culture, and my roots.

  • I'm a weird, bald musician who makes records in his bedroom and lives in the Lower East Side.

    Musician   East   Records  
    "David Bowie EW Cover: Inside David Bowie and Moby's out-of-this-world 2002 tour". Interview with Jeff Gordinier, ew.com. January 11, 2016.
  • In Sacramento, my brown was not halfway between black and white. On the leafy streets, on the east side of town, where my family lived, where Asians did not live, where Negroes did not live, my family's Mexican shades passed as various.

    Richard Rodriguez (2003). “Brown: The Last Discovery of America”, p.12, Penguin
  • I moved up over Lower East Side and I was adopted by eight foster parents; I lived all over New York City with these parents, man, till I was about ten years old.

    Easter   New York   Men  
  • The woman hanging from the 13th floor window on the east side of Chicago is not alone...She is all the women of the apartment building who stand watching her, watching themselves.

    Suicidal   Chicago   East  
    Joy Harjo, Laura Coltelli (1996). “The spiral of memory: interviews”, Univ of Michigan Pr
  • I grew up in the Lower East Side, an Italian American - more Sicilian, actually.

    Italian   East   Sides  
  • I remember how often some of us walked out of the darkness of the Lower East Side and into the brilliant sunlight of Washington Square.

    Harry Golden (1967). “The Best of Harry Golden”, Cleveland : World Publishing Company
  • One minute you could be getting a smoke in the alley on the Lower East Side with your friends, having drinks and dancing on tables in a popular nightclub. And the next minute, you could be dead.

    Dancing   Tables   Next  
    Melissa de la Cruz (2010). “Blue Bloods: Number 1 in series”, p.29, Hachette UK
  • Two years ago it felt novel to do the East Side and then tons of other stuff have come up set in that world, but we still liked it. It felt like people are using East Side in other shows because it is cool.

    Years   Two   People  
    Source: www.indiewire.com
  • He considered the Rvolution a victroy for the Jews, which opinion, he said, prevailed on the East Side where rejoicing knew no bounds. We felt, added Mr. Cahan, that this is a great triumph for the Jews' cause. The anti-Jewish element in Russia has always been identified with the anti-revolutionary party. Jews having always sat high in the Councils of the revolutionists, all of our race became inseparably linked with the opponents of the government in the official mind.

    Party   Russia   Race  
  • I grew up in Harlem, but I moved to the Lower East Side when I was a teenager and it was ... I feel like when I try to describe it, it doesn't sound believable. It just sounds like you're lying. And I see it on the faces of my younger friends.

    Teenager   Lying   Trying  
    Interview with Molly Prentiss, www.interviewmagazine.com. September 13, 2016.
  • In 1958 I finally found a large enough apartment on the Lower East Side, where I reverted to figure painting. I drew and painted quite a lot of figures and nudes. People would come and pose for me.

    People   East   Sides  
    Source: www.interviewmagazine.com
  • I certainly wasn't able to get it when I was a kid growing up on the Lower East Side; it was very hard at that time for me to balance what I really believed was the right way to live with the violence I saw all around me - I saw too much of it among the people I knew.

  • I grew up in the Lower East Side of New York.

    New York   East   Sides  
    "Showbiz Today Star of Tomorrow". "Showbiz Today Star of Tomorrow" with Lori Blackman, www.cnn.com. September 7, 2000.
  • As a child growing up in the precincts of wealth, and later as a college student, newspaper reporter and resident of New York's Upper East Side, I got used to listening to the talk of financial killings and sexual misalliance that animates the conversation of the rich and the familiars of the rich.

    Lewis H. Lapham (1989). “Money and Class in America: Notes and Observations on the Civil Religion”
  • I'm a black lady from the Lower East Side of New York. Not a lot intimidates me.

    New York   Black   East  
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