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  • Rastafarianism and reggae music have always kind of resonated with me. Those ideas of redemption, liberation and overcoming oppression through music, weed and community. Fighting evil through love and music, I think it's just a really powerful idea.

  • Being against evil doesn't make you good. Tonight I was against it and then I was evil myself. I could feel it coming just like a tide... I just want to destroy them. But when you start taking pleasure in it you are awfully close to the thing you're fighting.

    Fighting   Evil   Tonight  
    Ernest Hemingway (2014). “The Hemingway Collection”, p.4492, Simon and Schuster
  • This is good, life must continue, we are fighting barbarians, but we must remain human.

    David Benioff (2008). “City of Thieves: A Novel”, p.32, Penguin
  • Why are we doing this?" Caine asked him. "You know damned well why we're doing this. Because it's a fight. It may be THE fight. I may be the final fight. And what else are we good at, you and me? What are we going to do if we ever get out there anyway?

    Fighting   Finals   May  
  • I've got childhood friends who are working for non-profit foundations, or who are running for state senate and doing things that actually do fight evil in this world. And what am I doing? I bang on some drums in a rock band. I try to tell myself that by doing that, I'm fighting evil - which is completely absurd. Music is not equipped in any way to fight against anything. Other than, I guess, it could fight against silence.

    Running   Fighting   Evil  
  • I've never said this to a girl before." I bit my lip, waiting. "Well..." He looked down. "I'm not sure how to say this." He took a deep breath and announced, "I really like fighting evil with you.

    Girl   Fighting   Evil  
    Joan Bauer (2009). “Peeled”, p.101, Penguin
  • We should not be simply fighting evil in the name of good, but struggling against the certainties of people who claim always to know where good and evil are to be found.

    "Hope and Memory: Lessons from the Twentieth Century". Book by Tzvetan Todorov, 2003.
  • Fighting evil by moonlight, winning love by daylight, never running from a real fight, she is the one named Sailor Moon!

    Running   Real   Fighting  
  • -“Say no more,” Leif interrupted. “I understand. I will simply have to kill them all myself.” -"There he goes again. I’m telling you, Danny Elfman would love to get hold of those lines." -"Not John Williams?" -"If you’ve got some hopelessly overmatched heroes fighting evil and some Imperial types marching, John Williams is your guy. You need a song to make people reach for a box of Kleenex, talk to Randy Newman. But if you want creepy atmospherics and spine-shivering chords to back up your casual death threats, you gotta bring in Danny Elfman.

    Song   Hero   Fighting  
  • Fighting evil, it's hard work.

    "Next on 'Oprah': Leaders who lie". Interview with Oprah Winfrey, February 7, 2006.
  • Injustice, poverty, slavery, ignorance - these may be cured by reform or revolution. But men do not live only by fighting evils. They live by positive goals, individual and collective, a vast variety of them, seldom predictable, at times incompatible.

    'Four Essays on Liberty' (1969) 'Political Ideas in the Twentieth Century'
  • Being against evil doesn't make you good.

    Ernest Hemingway (2014). “The Hemingway Collection”, p.4492, Simon and Schuster
  • The more one is absorbed in fighting evil, the less one is tempted to place the good in question.

    Fighting   Evil   Tempted  
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