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  • Robert Neville looked out over the new people of the earth. He knew he did not belong to them; he knew that, like the vampires, he was anathema and black terror to be destroyed. And, abruptly, the concept came, amusing to him even in his pain. ... Full circle. A new terror born in death, a new superstition entering the unassailable fortress of forever. I am legend.

    Pain   Circles   People  
    Richard Matheson (1954). “I Am Legend”, Greenwich, Connecticut : Fawcett
  • To travel a circle is to journey over the same ground time and time again. To travel a circle wisely is to journey over the same ground for the first time. In this way, the ordinary becomes extraordinary, and the circle, a path to where you wish to be. And when you notice at last that the path has circled back into itself, you realize that where you wish to be is where you have already been ... and always were.

  • I'm convinced that the catastrophes of the next two decades will be so vast as to bring about a world where life, if it survives, will be far simpler - and the technologies, too. Then we will have come full circle to something like life on the savanna.

    Source: www.counterpunch.org
  • My whole life is a practical joke. Every evening and every show has really become about entertaining me. I was always like that. And now I've come full circle because that's what the TV show is too.

  • I have a big, long episode [in Full Circle] with Calista [Flockhart], and then my character actually carries out through a lot of it because he was a cop investigating this crime. But it is almost hard to remember, even though it wasn't that long ago. We shot it so fast. We literally shot that whole episode in one day.

    Source: www.avclub.com
  • This is not a full circle. It's life carrying on. It's the next breath we all take. It's the choice we make to get on with it.

    Alexandra Fuller (2002). “Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight: An African Childhood”, p.287, Random House
  • The gods are just, and of our pleasant vices Make instruments to plague us.

    'King Lear' (1605-6) act 5, sc. 3, l. [172]
  • The gypsy in my soul is living on the road again, ... When I first started my career, I was on the road for about five or six years straight, not living anywhere. Thirty-three years later, I`ve come full circle.

    Years   Circles   Careers  
  • Gardeners instinctively know that flowers and plants are a continuum and that the wheel of garden history will always be coming full circle.

    Flower   Garden   Circles  
  • All European tradition, Marxism included, has conspired to defy the natural order of all things. Mother Earth has been abused, the powers have been abused, and this cannot go on forever. No theory can alter that simple fact. Mother Earth will retaliate, the whole environment will retaliate, and the abusers will be eliminated. Things come full circle, back to where they started. That's revolution.

    Mother   Simple   Order  
    "I Am Not a Leader": Russell Means’ 1980 Mother Jones Cover Story, www.motherjones.com.
  • Gardeners instinctively know that flowers and plants are a continuum and that the wheel of garden history will always be coming full circle. One lifetime is never enough to accomplish one's horticultural goals. If a garden is a site for the imagination, how can we be very far from the beginning?

    Time   Flower   Garden  
  • Excitement is the more practical synonym for happiness, and it is precisely what you should strive to chase. It is the cure-all. When people suggest you follow your "passion" or your "bliss," I propose that they are, in fact, referring to the same singular concept: excitement. This brings us full circle. The question you should be asking isn't, "What do I want?" or "What are my goals?" but "What would excite me?"

  • Its so funny whenever things come full circle.

  • In this new digital landscape, this sort of international marketplace, it's come full circle, and I wanted to take advantage of my talent relations on both sides of the Atlantic.

    Circles   Digital   Sides  
    Source: deadline.com
  • Full circle. A new terror born in death, a new superstition entering the unassailable fortress of forever. I am legend.

    Richard Matheson (1954). “I Am Legend”, Greenwich, Connecticut : Fawcett
  • Life is a full circle, widening until it joins the circle motions of the infinite.

  • ...innocence of eye has a quality of its own. It means to see as a child sees, with freshness and acknowledgment of the wonder; it also means to see as an adult sees who has gone full circle and once again sees as a child - with freshness and an even deeper sense of wonder.

    Children   Mean   Eye  
  • At last, the wheel comes full circle

    Cassandra Clare (2014). “Clockwork Princess”, p.568, Simon and Schuster
  • Money has to undergo a metamorphosis again, it has to relinquish its role in the market economy and engage in an economy of capacities. Then we would be concerned with human creative productivity. And we would come full circle, since each human being can then act within his company as co-creator of the future, can - in full dignity - contribute to shaping this future.

  • Grace Kelly was written after these musicians were trying to mold me into what I should be. I was really angry and so I wrote the song and mailed them the lyrics. They didn't call me back, but two years later it's come full circle.

    Song   Years   Circles  
  • It's really nice when life comes full circle and you get to work with people four years down the line.

    Nice   Years   Circles  
  • You know, if you hang around this earth long enough you really see how things come full circle.

  • They're all qualities wrongly called feminine: attention to detail, patience, empathy. I don't have children, but I was raised as a female to have those qualities because they're perceived as feminine. Until men are raised with those qualities, too, they won't have the full circle of human qualities.

    Children   Men   Circles  
    Source: www.huffingtonpost.com
  • You just stay the course, and do what it is that you do, and grow while you're doing it. Eventually it will either come full circle, or at least you'll go to bed at night happy.

    Night   Circles   Bed  
  • It was Vikram Bhatt and 'Raaz' that got me interested in the medium of cinema. Before that, I was like any other youngster dabbling with various things - modelling, films - without a definite direction or focus. Now that I'm working with all of them, life has come full circle for me.

    Circles   Focus   Cinema  
  • His way had therefore come full circle, or rather had taken the form of an ellipse or a spiral, following as ever no straight unbroken line, for the rectilinear belongs only to Geometry and not to Nature and Life.

  • I became an actor to escape my own personality. Acting is the most therapeutic thing in the world. You see, through acting you come full circle in your personality and, oh, what a grand time you can have along the way being wonderful people through your characters...I think all the courage that I may lack personally I have as an actor.

  • I kinda feel like everything comes full circle in life, even though that's a cliche.

    Source: www.rollingstone.com
  • With the second record (2012's Anxiety), I was quite jaded, and exhausted, and tired. With this third record, I feel that I've come full circle. I had gotten to the absolute pinnacle of how bad someone could feel.

    Tired   Circles   Anxiety  
    Brightest Young Things Interview, brightestyoungthings.com. June 23, 2016.
  • If you consider that the gender roles are just political, then what you come to see is that the full circle of human qualities is divided up so that two-thirds are masculine and one-third is feminine. Women are missing more of their human qualities, so you'll find us on the fore-front of trying to change this.

    Circles   Two   Political  
    Source: www.pbs.org
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