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  • After trying several unreliable web site hosts, I signed up with NitroTek and was pleased to discover there is a reliable, easy to work with service available to individuals and companies who want to keep a solid presence on the net. NitroTtek is a helpful, no-hassles company to work with.

    Trying   Want   Helpful  
  • I advise you to say your dream is possible and then overcome all inconveniences, ignore all the hassles and take a running leap through the hoop, even if it is in flames.

  • I should have my own show by now. Yeah. How many damn sitcoms does Kelsey Grammer need? How many more stupid Housewives do they need throwing tables and limbs at each other. Yeah, I guess I need to take off my artificial leg and throw it at Vanderpump. I like doing live shows - it's just getting to them that's a hassle.Doing films is fun too ... a good film ... but there's a lot of waiting around.

    Source: www.broadwayworld.com
  • Eventually, Americans would be stuck with government-run health care whether they like it or not. That's when the worst scenario would take shape, with Americans subjected to bureaucratic hassles, hours spent on hold waiting for a government service rep to take a call, restrictions on care, and, yes, lifesaving treatment and lifesaving surgeries denied or delayed.

  • Making music is a total hassle, really.

    Source: pitchfork.com
  • Look at the Bethlehem birth. A king ordered a census. Joseph was forced to travel. Mary, as round as a ladybug, bounced on a donkey's back. The hotel was full. The hour was late. The event was one big hassle. Yet, out of the hassle, hope was born. It still is.

    Kings   Ladybugs   Events  
    Source: www.biblegateway.com
  • Because our daughters have school and it's just such a hassle going down to New York all the time, we can really only go on the weekends, we kind of... Steve came up here and worked out stuff for the second half of the record.

  • When I'm awake, I don't want to go to sleep. I don't want the hassle of turning the light off, putting my head down and then all the thoughts. I don't want all those thoughts... thoughts feed on thoughts feed on thoughts feed on thoughts feed on thoughts and I'm: 'I don't want this'. I have to knock myself out to go to sleep.

    Sleep   Light   Want  
    "Feel: Robbie Williams". Book by Chris Heath, www.bbc.co.uk. 2004.
  • If this glorious birth to death hassle is the only hassle we are ever to have ..if our grand exhilarating fight of life is such a tragically short little scrap anyway,compared to the eons of rounds before and after-then why should one want to relinquish even a few precious seconds of it?

    Fighting   Want   Littles  
  • We'd done a couple of road trips with my big chair, and it was such a hassle if we didn't have the van with the foldout ramp. I figured: There's got to be some option that I can use on the go. Now I can go anywhere with my friends, which is a big, life-changing thing. I can sit on it for as long as I need to.

    Source: abilitymagazine.com
  • Treating your users as co-developers is your least-hassle route to rapid code improvement and effective debugging.

    Eric S. Raymond (2001). “The Cathedral & the Bazaar: Musings on Linux and Open Source by an Accidental Revolutionary”, p.27, "O'Reilly Media, Inc."
  • Our theaters, our museums, our culture. We have everything New York has without the hassles.

  • Instead of preaching the good news that sinners can be made righteous in Christ and escape the wrath to come, the gospel has degenerated into the pretext that we can be happy in Christ and escape the hassles of life.

    Wrath   News   Christ  
    Ray Comfort (2004). “Revival's Golden Key”, Bridge-Logos
  • I like writing non-fiction - and when you pick a [non-fiction] subject, it saves you the hassle of coming up with a plot.

    Writing   Plot   Fiction  
    Source: pitchfork.com
  • Housework hassles go on, are never resolved, and will probably extend into the afterlife ('Why am I the one who takes the clouds to the dry cleaners?').

  • I'm a big man and I like big dogs.... The dogs kept growing until only one of us could get in the elevator. It caused enough hassles so they finally kicked me out of my apartment.

    Friendship   Dog   Men  
  • Deep in the wild mountains, is a strange marketplace,where you can trade the hassle and noise of everyday life, for eternal Light.

  • July 4 is the perfect day to relax. It also provides a very good chance to spend quality time with friends and family since everyone is able to get away from the hassles of every day life, such as work.

  • Your pain has a purpose. Your problems, struggles, heartaches, and hassles cooperate toward one end-the glory of God.

    FaceBook post by Max Lucado from May 02, 2011
  • Any society where it's a crime or a hassle to be different is a society based on psychological fascism.

    Interview, metro.co.uk. July 16, 2002.
  • Ideally, our rules should be formed in such a fashion that an ordinary helpful kind thoughtful person doesn't really even need to know the rules. You just get to work, do something fun, and nobody hassles you as long as you are being thoughtful and kind.

  • Our mother's first gift to us comes at the moment we are born, because Mom, as she will subsequently remind us over and over, gives us the Gift of Life Like many of the gifts we receive from our mothers, the Gift of Life usually doesn't fit properly and is almost never returnable without a major hassle.

    Mom   Mother   Giving  
  • You're going to have to settle on one eventually. Why not save us both the hassle, close your eyes and point. Whoever you're pointing at will be our winner." "I've played that game once before. Ended up--" Paris shuddered. "Never mind. It's not good to wander down that particular memory trail. So no. Just no.

    Memories   Eye   Games  
    Gena Showalter (2016). “The Darkest Passion”, p.20, HQN Books
  • It's just hassle of having friends and family an' that.

    Xfm Show, November 29, 2003.
  • It's a huge headache - the more money you have, the more hassles. I find money very uncomfortable.

  • Two roads diverged in a wood, I took the one less travelled I'm patient so that's one less hassle If I dream it, I can live it I've seen the light with vivid imagery I need to write with fits of energy But it's hard tryin' to get where I'm goin' Without a hint or an omen It's too late to turn around Perseverance, gotta learn it now But I'm stubborn how Am I supposed to survive this rollercoaster hurtlin' to the ground?

  • The amount of hassle involved in travel can be overwhelming.

  • You should definitely have a travel agent. Why go through all the hassle of dealing with airlines, hotels, and rental-car agencies yourself, only to see the arrangements get all screwed up, when with just a single phone call you can have a trained professional screw them up for you?

    Funny   Agency   Phones  
    Dave Barry (2010). “Dave Barry's Only Travel Guide You'll Ever Need”, p.21, Ballantine Books
  • Customers who have to come back and spend, or customers who just don't want the hassle of leaving - those are the ones who are most worth attracting.

    Leaving   Want   Hassle  
  • Take your energy - instead of losing it in all the little hassles and all the little battles you could have fought with opponents who didn't matter.

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