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  • These 'masters of the universe' must be tamed in the interests of the ordinary families whose jobs and livelihoods are being put at risk. The Tories won't say anything about the current crisis as they are completely in the pockets of the hedge funds.

    "Cable Refuses to Back Knighthood for Tory Hedge Fund Millionaire Who Made Money From Fall of Northern Rock". www.dailymail.co.uk. December 31, 2011.
  • There's something wrong when hedge fund managers pay lower tax rates than nurses or the truckers

    Nurse   Pay   Truckers  
    Source: www.foxnews.com
  • Some PhD physicists write software or work for hedge funds, but physics still has a problem with having very smart people but not enough opportunities.

    "Intelligent robots don't need to be conscious to turn against us". Interview with Guia Marie Del Prado, uk.businessinsider.com. August 5, 2015.
  • You have hedge funds and people like that buying these assets to yield 15 or 20 percent, I mean, that's the buyer for these people that are trying to unload them.

    Mean   Yield   People  
    "Warren Buffett: I Haven't Seen As Much Economic Fear In My Adult Lifetime". Interview With Charlie Rose, www.cnbc.com. October 1, 2008.
  • It's quite astonishing how much money people make in the hedge fund business and in the private equity field, and how well-off affluent families really are.

    Source: www.spiegel.de
  • Today, you've got hedge fund billionaires aligned with Karl Rove, running ads against me to try to get Democrats to vote for you [Bernie Sanders]. I know this game. I'm going to stop this game.

    Running   Games   Trying  
    Hillary Clinton's speech at the Clinton-Sanders Democratic presidential debate in Durham, New Hampshire, hosted by MSNBC, www.nytimes.com. February 4, 2016.
  • Successful hedge funds will be entrepreneurial; it is the essence of the craft.

  • The idea that it's smart to allow Wall Street firms, with this "too big to fail" imprimatur, to become hedge funds again - it's unconscionable. You're essentially saying we're going to take some elites in our society and let them roll the bones in the marketplace, and if it works out they get rich, and if it doesn't work out the taxpayer comes in again. That seems absolutely crazy to me. That seems to be where they're headed. I mean, maybe they're not and I'm wrong. Maybe they'll do sensible things. It's hard to know! There doesn't seem to be a plan.

    Wall   Crazy   Smart  
    Source: www.businessinsider.com
  • The number-one job of the hedge-fund manager is not to make sure that you can retire with a smile on your face - it's for him to retire with a smile on his face.

    Smile   Jobs   Selfish  
  • Prosperity can't be just for CEOs and hedge fund managers. Democracy can't be just for billionaires and corporations. Prosperity and democracy are part of your basic bargain, too.

    Source: www.foxnews.com
  • Hillary Clinton has perfected the politics of personal profit and theft. She ran the State Department like her own personal hedge fund, doing favors for oppressive regimes and many others in exchange for cash. Then when she left, she made $21.6 million giving speeches to Wall Street banks and other special interests in less than two years - secret speeches that she does not want to reveal to the public. Lobbyists, CEOs, and foreign governments totally own her, and that will never change if she ever became president.

    Wall   Two   Government  
    Source: www.rushlimbaugh.com
  • I know hedge-fund guys that are making hundreds of millions of dollars a year and pay no tax. And I want to lower [tax] for the middle income. The middle class in this country has been decimated.

    Country   Years   Class  
    "The Economist interviews Donald Trump". www.economist.com. September 3, 2015.
  • We live in a global market and money's fungible and hedge fund private equity is looking for momentum plays, and there ain't no momentum plays in bonds, right? When the interest rates were spiking up or down, well they never really spike down they do spike up though. Something's got to happen, there's got to be motion, the dice has to be rolling on the board, and if it's not then they're not going to play because they're not going to get the adrenaline rush from looking at... you know, money markets fund interest rates or bond interests or whatever. It's got to be sexy.

    Sexy   Play   Rolling  
    Source: www.sfgate.com
  • Especially from my experience as a quant in a hedge fund - I naively went in there thinking that I would be making the market more efficient and then was like, oh my God, I'm part of this terrible system that is blowing up the world's economy, and I don't want to be a part of that.

    Source: www.salon.com
  • Here's what income and wealth inequality is about. Last year, the top 25 hedge fund managers made more than 24 billion, enough to pay the salaries of 425,000 public school teachers. This level of inequality is neither moral or sustainable

    Teacher   School   Years  
  • The free market is at its best when everybody works in a fish bowl and tells you their point of view The hedge funds and portfolio managers have a right to do this We've muted the analysts and their presence in the system.

  • As for another profession ... I suppose I'd manage a global-macro hedge fund. I love that kind of stuff. Weird, I know, but I find it fascinating.

    Stuff   Kind   Macro  
    Source: www.washingtonpost.com
  • I don't think that hedge funds are bad per se. I think they're just one more financial tool. And in that sense, they're useful.

    "NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams", www.nbcnews.com. September 17, 2007.
  • Yet another hedge fund manager explained Icelandic banking to me this way: you have a dog, and I have a cat. We agree that each is worth a billion dollars. You sell me the dog for a billion, and I sell you the cat for a billion. Now we are no longer pet owners but Icelandic banks, with a billion dollars in new assets.

    Dog   Cat   Pet  
    "Boomerang: Travels in the New Third World". Book by Michael Lewis, 2011.
  • Wall Street, with its army of brokers, analysts, and advisers funneling trillions of dollars into mutual funds, hedge funds, and private equity funds, is an elaborate fraud.

    Wall   Army   Dollars  
  • Over the last 30 odd years, Democrats have moved to the right and the right has moved into the mental hospital. So what we have is one perfectly good party for hedge fund managers, credit card companies, banks, defense contractors, big agriculture and the pharmaceutical lobby... That's the Democrats. And they sit across the aisle from a small group of religious lunatics, flat-earthers and civil war re-enactors who mostly communicate by AM radio and call themselves the Republicans and who actually worry that Obama is a socialist. Socialist? He's not even a liberal.

    Religious   War   Party  
    "Real Time with Bill Maher".
  • Hedge funds are a very efficient way of managing money. But there are clearly some risks. Hedge funds use credit and credit is a source of instability. Transactions involving credit should be regulated.

    Risk   Use   Credit  
  • There used to be corporations that produced products. Now there are just banks that produce deals, hedge-fund-driven banks and derivatives and those things.

    Source: www.interviewmagazine.com
  • Hedge funds are investment pools that are relatively unconstrained in what they do. They are relatively unregulated (for now), charge very high fees, will not necessarily give you your money back when you want it, and will generally not tell you what they do. They are supposed to make money all the time, and when they fail at this, their investors redeem and go to someone else who has recently been making money. Every three or four years they deliver a one-in-a-hundred year flood. They are generally run for rich people in Geneva, Switzerland, by rich people in Greenwich, Connecticut.

    Running   Years   People  
  • If I had to sum up my practical skills, I would use one word: survival. And operating a hedge fund utilized my training in survival to the fullest.

  • LTCM lost money when Russia defaulted on a certain class of bonds, and then they had other investments like on the spread between two different kinds of shares of Royal Dutch Shell Oil Company. Now that seems completely unrelated to Russian bonds. But they were related because other hedge funds saw similar discrepancies and they were all making similar bets.

    Russia   Class   Two  
    "Big Think Interview With Richard Thaler". bigthink.com. June 19, 2009.
  • Substantially fewer films will be produced over the next year or two. And a significant portion of the production costs of the reduced slate will be borne by hedge funds and other investment groups.

    Years   Two   Next  
  • The Federal Reserve was not founded to bail out Bear Stearns or a few hedge funds. It was founded to keep a stable currency and maintain its value.

    Bail   Bears   Financial  
  • I don't like writing straight-up thrillers. I like writing about families hurled into crisis and danger - soccer moms and regular dads and husbands who might have to rescue their daughters or who are, say, hedge fund managers and have one foot on the sidelines watching their kids and the other in nefarious cover-ups and conspiracies.

    Soccer   Mom   Daughter  
  • There was a time traditionally - say, GM in the 1950s - it was trying to develop a consumer base that would be loyal and lasting and they were thinking in terms of an institution that would remain and grow and thrive in the society. By now, a lot of the investment firms - bankers, hedge funds - are perfectly happy to destroy what they're in and come out with huge, tremendous benefits. That's a new stage of capitalism.

    "Chomsky: "The Business Elites... Are Instinctive Marxists"". Interview with Keane Bhatt, truth-out.org. November 19, 2010.
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