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  • See the mice in their million hordes From Ibiza to the Norfolk Broads.

    Ibiza   Norfolk   Broads  
    Song: Life On Mars?
  • I tend to gravitate away from the more trendy Ibiza style of dance music. It's not me.

    Ibiza   Style   Trendy  
    Source: pitchfork.com
  • I was a drug dealer in Ibiza at 15. I did not excel in drug dealing - I was terrible at it. Golden rule with drug dealing - don't get too enthusiastic with your own merchandise.

    Ibiza   Drug   Golden  
    "Send us your questions for Lily Allen". www.theguardian.com. April 15, 2018.
  • I'm really big on family. I'll love catching up with my cousins. Everyone's in their twenties, so they're all on their grind at the moment, but when we get the time, I'll fly everybody to Amsterdam or Ibiza, and we can just hang for a week, chill, do nothing.

    Cousin   Ibiza   Twenties  
    Source: www.harpersbazaar.com
  • I was supposed to be a real Thatcherite. Just by dint of being a first-generation immigrant and having not had money, and then suddenly having it - and getting on planes and going to Ibiza and sitting around in thongs. But actually nothing I was writing or doing was even vaguely Thatcherite.

    Real   Writing   Ibiza  
  • It's good to see that America has a hub for electronic music in Vegas, like Europe has with Ibiza.

    America   Vegas   Ibiza  
    Source: www.etonline.com
  • I always wanted to do music but never really had the confidence to do it until my first manager George Lamb, who I met out in Ibiza, encouraged me.

    Ibiza   Lambs   Firsts  
  • Ibiza is a popular vacation place for a lot of the players in Spain. If you go in the summer, there are some of the world's most famous movie and music stars, so nobody cares about soccer players.

    Movie   Summer   Soccer  
  • I have studios in the different places where I live - in Ibiza, Paris and London - but they're not crazy studios, they're just rooms with good monitors, and all I do is plug my laptop in. It's a different way to make music, but for me, I love it, because it's more connected to the world.

    Crazy   Ibiza   Paris  
    Biography/Personal Quotes, labs.imdb.com.
  • It takes me a long time to get with a landscape. It took me 20 years before I wrote anything about Ibiza, and I haven't written about Oregon yet, although I've been there 20 years - possibly I'm almost due.

    Oregon   Ibiza   Years  
  • I'm going to Ibiza with the lads! I’ll probably come back a raging alcoholic.

    Ibiza   Rage   Alcoholics  
  • Bringing a direct connection between ENTER. and MINUS, Maceo Plex delivers his CONJURE TWO EP that represents both the stripped down sound of MINUS and the atmosphere of ENTER.Ibiza!

    Ibiza   Two   Atmosphere  
    FaceBook post by Richie Hawtin from Jun 02, 2014
  • I never take drugs. I took ecstasy when I was in Ibiza once, but it didn't work for me. I think I was already on ecstasy when I was born.

    Thinking   Ibiza   Drug  
    "Pedro Winter/Ed Banger". Interview with Heiko Hoffmann, pitchfork.com. July 8, 2008.
  • The light, colors, and energy of Ibiza are constant sources of inspirations for my work. I always leave Ibiza recharged and full of ideas for new shades, looks, and products.

    Source: www.glamour.com
  • My kids love Ibiza and we feel committed to it because we keep coming back to the same area. People recognise us in shops now and we have a social life here. We cook at home and have friends around.

    Home   Kids   Ibiza  
  • The new Squarepusher album as well, although it is proper headf*** industrial. Not one for a pool party in Ibiza!

    Party   Ibiza   Albums  
  • I dont know whether you've ever looked into a miner's eyes for any length of time, that is. Because it is the loveliest blue you've ever seen. I think perhaps that's why I live in Ibiza, because the blue of the Mediterranean, you see, reminds me of the blue of the eyes of those Doncaster miners.

    Time   Eye   Thinking  
    Alan Bennett (2007). “Writing Home”, p.590, Macmillan
  • Ibiza, if you've never been there before, is very overwhelming. It's like nowhere on earth. The best advice is to sleep as late as possible because nothing gets going until around 3am and it goes until like 7 or 8.

    Sleep   Ibiza   Advice  
    "The Return of Paris Hilton". Interview with Emma Brown, www.interviewmagazine.com. October 8, 2013.
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