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  • It was just the sort of yatch you'd expect a rock promoter to have. Mirrored ceilings, marble, Jacuzzis and leopard-skin everything, it made the merely vulgar seem commonplace.

    Funny   Rocks   Sailing  
    Pamela Anderson (2008). “Star Struck”, p.95, Simon and Schuster
  • When I was in London for The Brits recently I read that I had asked for a Jacuzzi in the dressing room - how ridiculous is that?

  • And perfect happiness? Man, that's a...the pool is about 92 degrees, the Jacuzzi is about 102 and an avocado farm.

    Men   Perfect   Degrees  
    "Jamie Foxx Interview - THE KINGDOM". Interview with Steve 'Frosty' Weintraub, collider.com. September 27, 2007.
  • And I sit in my jacuzzi with my script.

  • So my mum bought a jacuzzi, and I was in there along with my father and my sister, when my mother decided it would be the ideal moment to say - 'Guess what everyone in this jacuzzi has in common? You've all sucked on my tits.'

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  • California belongs to Joan Didion. Not the California where everyone wears aviator sunglasses, owns a Jacuzzi and buys his clothes on Rodeo Drive. But California in the sense of the West. The old West where Manifest Destiny was an almost palpable notion that was somehow tied to the land and the climate and one's own family-an unspoken belief that was passed down to children in stories and sayings.

    Children   Destiny   Land  
  • If Marilyn Monroe and Princess Diana were "candles in the wind," and Anna Nicole Smith was a bonfire in a hailstorm, and Lindsay Lohan is an electric toaster thrown intentionally into a Jacuzzi, then Paris Hilton s a strobe light in an epilepsy ward.

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  • Museums are not normally presenting the works on the walls as provocations to work. It's more like going to a Jacuzzi.

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  • I want you. Bad. Right now. Against the wall. On my bed. The floor and maybe in the bathroom later. I have a shower stall and a Jacuzzi we could put to really good use. I know you'd like it.

    Wall   Bed   Use  
    J. Lynn (2012). “Tempting the Player”, p.31, Macmillan
  • The game in St. Louis has been halted in the fourth inning because of rain. I'll bet they have the jacuzzis going there.

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