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  • The reality is that I spent years in the factories in Italy when I first set up Jimmy Choo. Today, everyone who has a job at Jimmy Choo, I've done their job - right down to the cleaner.

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  • Whenever I go into Bloomingdales, I head to the womens shoe section and think, Hmm, maybe Ill get my next girlfriend a pair of those. I always buy my mom Louboutins or Jimmy Choos for her birthday. I have a pretty good sense of style, all in all. Once I figure out a woman, I know what she should wear - which comes in handy when you have a mom and girlfriends. You can always make them happy with a nice bag or a pair of pumps.

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  • See you told me I would lose but I won. I might cop a million Jimmy Choos just for fun.

    Song: I'm The Best, Album: Pink Friday, 2010
  • A nice pair of Jimmy Choos never hurt anyone.

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    Kristin Chenoweth (2009). “A Little Bit Wicked: Life, Love, and Faith in Stages”, p.9, Simon and Schuster
  • [My consumer] is a combination of people who would have shopped with me when I was at Jimmy Choo and then also because of price point, there is a broader audience now that we can reach.

    Source: www.elle.com
  • I always said I was determined to own a truly global brand. I didn't buy Jimmy Choo just to have a couple of shoe shops in London, did I?

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  • Evident in every small act of kindness, it was love as a verb. Love that made me feel more complete than I had ever felt in my glamorous, Jimmy Choo filled past.

    Emily Giffin (2010). “Something Blue: A Novel”, p.97, St. Martin's Press
  • I tried to put direct to consumer through a wholesales channel - the industry was just not ready to adapt and change. The other issue I had was with Jimmy Choo.

    Source: www.elle.com
  • I love heels! I especially like heels by Nicholas Kirkwood, Jimmy Choo and Moschino.

  • I went back to the factories that I worked with at Jimmy Choo because they don't work for Jimmy Choo exclusively.

    Source: www.elle.com
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