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  • No one has it all figured out, especially not the people who are acting like they do and judging you because of it. Pretending to be something you aren't because you're trying to please a bunch of judgmental hypocrites and shitheads is not the way to be happy. Living the life you want to live is. It really is that simple.

    Tucker Max (2011). “Assholes Finish First”, p.252, Simon and Schuster
  • I try not to live my life worrying about what others think. A core spiritual quality is nonjudgment, which is not just about not judging others, but also not living your life worried about others judging you.

  • I used to be a partier, now I'm an alcoholic. It's all in who's judging you.

  • Beware, so long as you live, of judging men by their outward appearance.

  • I mean, I love being with friends and I love kissing and loving someone to pieces. But it's hard to find someone who doesn't ultimately start judging you and your choices.

    "Biography/Personal Quotes". www.imdb.com.
  • The least amount of judging we can do, the better off we are.

    Interview with Amy Wallace, www.rd.com. March 29, 2010.
  • Everyone's projecting onto you, or you feel like everyone is judging you. I feel like I'm being judged a lot of the time. You become really self-conscious.

    "Biography/ Personal Quotes". www.imdb.com.
  • [On how she goes about trying to live authentically] Well really listening to my point of view and if I am on a set, say, that doesn't really value a woman's point of view, regardless of how they feel, continuing to give my point of view and try to find a way to be heard and not diminishing myself because other people are diminishing me. Because that, I think, is the worst temptation that, you know, you judge yourself by how others are judging you, and to fall into that trap is to walk into the realm of self-annihilation.

    Fall   Thinking   Self  
    Matthewsplace.com Interview, October 2009.
  • Who are you to judge the life I live? I know I'm not perfect -and I don't live to be- but before you start pointing fingers... make sure you hands are clean!

    Life   Music   Conceited  
  • When you are an athlete, it's difficult to take time off and say you want to come back without everyone judging you and attacking you.

    Athlete   Judging   Want  
  • People are like that, judging you before they know you.

    Rachel Cohn (2011). “You Know Where to Find Me”, p.10, Simon and Schuster
  • I'm not the judge. You know, God didn't tell me to go around judging everybody.

    "Pastor Joel Osteen: Homosexuality is "a sin"; Elton John is a sinner". "Piers Morgan Live" with Piers Morgan, piersmorgan.blogs.cnn.com. January 24, 2011.
  • If you judge people, you have no time to love them.

  • It is well, when judging a friend, to remember that he is judging you with the same godlike and superior impartiality.

    Arnold Bennett (2015). “Mental Efficiency: Top of Bennett”, p.13, 谷月社
  • The road to life is rocky, and you may stumble too. So while you point your fingers, someone else is judging you.

    Music   Judging   May  
    Song: Could You Be Loved, Album: Uprising, 1980
  • Judge not, before you judge yourself. Judge not, if you're not ready for judgment. The Road of life is rocky and you may stumble too, so while you talk about me, someone else is judging you.

    Music   Hands   Perfect  
    "Song: 'Judge Not'". 1961.
  • That's the great thing about big cities: Nobody is judging. You really get a chance to show who you are with your style.

    Cities   Judging   Style  
    Source: www.esquire.com
  • I have a lot of anxiety about the red carpet. As a woman, it's uncomfortable to be in a position in which people are judging you, looking at what you're wearing, and criticizing you - not necessarily in a negative way.

    "Wilfred's Fiona Gubelmann Talks Man Dogs, Red-Carpet Style, and the Evolution of Jenna" by Emily Zemler, www.elle.com. June 20, 2013.
  • Most people know no other way of judging men's worth but by the vogue they are in, or the fortunes they have met with.

    Men   People   Judging  
  • Society is about masks and hiding and pretending to be something that you're not and not opening up, and in acting, you do all of those things, but it also shows the performers in a very raw state. They have to literally upset themselves to get to that position sometimes. You don't need a load of people judging you or not being interested in what you're doing or being an ass on set because it ruins it.

    Source: www.interviewmagazine.com
  • You want to remember that while you're judging the book, the book is also judging you.

    Book   Judging   Want  
    Stephen King (2008). “Night Shift”, p.162, Anchor
  • We can never judge the lives of others, because each person knows only their own pain and renunciation. It's one thing to feel that you are on the right path, but it's another to think that yours is the only path.

    Life   Pain   Regret  
    FaceBook post by Paulo Coelho from Nov 04, 2014
  • It's tough. I mean the thing is that people don't realize how much people are looking at you and judging you and constantly try to, I guess, watch you fail, and hoping you do fail.

    Mean   People   Judging  
  • When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself.

    FaceBook post by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer from Nov 11, 2011
  • Watch how your mind judges. Judgment comes, in part, out of your own fear. You judge other people because you're not comfortable in your own being. By judging, you find out where you stand in relation to other people. The judging mind is very divisive. It separates. Separation closes your heart. If you close your heart to someone, you are perpetuating your suffering and theirs. Shifting out of judgment means learning to appreciate your predicament and their predicament with an open heart instead of judging. Then you can allow yourself and others to just be, without separation.

    Heart   Mean   People  
  • With a sitcom, everyday you do a run through, and people are judging you, and the scripts are being changed nightly, nightly, nightly.

  • Enlightenment happens only in that moment when there is no complaint in you,when you are not going anywhere, not desiring, not condemning, not judging.You simply exist and with total acceptance. This moment there is enlightenment.

  • It's really hard to see yourself and to recognize that you are a human being like everybody else. You just think everybody's judging you.

    "Biography / Personal Quotes". www.imdb.com.
  • I know of no way of judging the future but by the past.

    Future   Past   Judging  
    Speech at Second Virginia Convention, March 23, 1775
  • Judging a person does not define who they are. It defines who you are

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