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  • my boyfriend is a rock god baby (and not kiss-of-death(sorry))

    Baby   Sorry   Kissing  
  • I know my generation - a lot of them, they're getting old now, and they want to think back fondly, they want to kid themselves. A lot of them think, 'Yeah, we were the best.' That's the kiss of death. That's non-growth. And also that's very bad for the world.

    Kids   Kissing   Thinking  
    "Biography/ Personal Quotes".
  • I think of these things as obstacles rather than opportunities, because if they were opportunities it means I actually took the business of doing them seriously. To take myself too seriously is the gentle kiss of death.

  • Promising to bring home a feed of fish is the absolute kiss of death to any chances of catching anything but a large heap of derision when you get home.

    Home   Kissing   Fishing  
  • Ignorance is not bliss. It is the kiss of death.

    "Rise Up and Salute the Sun". Book by Suzy Kassem, 2010.
  • Death, that hath suck'd the honey of thy breath hath had no power yet upon thy beauty.

    Honey   New Moon   Juliet  
    William Shakespeare, Joseph Dennie, Samuel Johnson, George Steevens (1809). “The plays of William Shakespeare ...: With the corrections and illustrations of various commentators”, p.374
  • Planning is the kiss of death of entrepreneurship.

  • To me, it's the kiss of death when you start winking at the audience as an actor. I just never liked it. I don't like it when we do monologues, looking into the character.

  • Fruits fail and love dies and time ranges;Thou art fed with perpetual breath, and alive after infinite changes,And fresh from the kisses of death,Of langours rekindled and rallied, Of barren delights and unclean,Things monstrous and fruitless, a pallidAnd poisonous queen.

    Art   Queens   Kissing  
    Algernon Charles Swinburne (1868). “Laus Veneris: And Other Poems and Ballads”, p.174
  • Any form of complacency is the kiss of death for any professional.

  • To call a fashion wearable is the kiss of death. No new fashion worth its salt is ever wearable.

    Fashion   Kissing   Salt  
  • NC-17 means that you get it in like 3 theaters. They won't run the spots on MTV, won't run the advertising. It's the kiss of death so there was really no other choice.

    Running   Mean   Kissing  
  • Unfortunately, my army consists of one unreliable criminal, one girl with a disability, and one incredibly foolish young vampire with a tanning issue. I am not confident.

    Girl   Army   Issues  
    Rachel Caine (2010). “Kiss of Death: The Morganville Vampires”, p.118, Penguin
  • The world reacts very strangely to people they see on TV, and I can begin to understand how anchor monsters are made. If you're not careful, you can become used to being treated as though you're special and begin to expect it. For a reporter, that's the kiss of death.

    Kissing   Power   Anchors  
  • But I've found that to talk too much about movies is the kiss of death. If it happens then it happens, is all.

  • If you do anything for too long, it starts to lack edge, to become too easy. Easy is the kiss of death.

    Kissing   Long   Easy  
    Biography/Personal Quotes,
  • A picture was a motionless record of motion. An arrested representation of life. A picture was the kiss of death pretending to possess immutability.

    Ivan Klíma, Paul Wilson (2006). “Waiting for the Dark, Waiting for the Light”, p.93, Grove Press
  • What about e-mail? It is e-mail, yes?" Morley asked, leaning even closer. "E-mail is a kind of electronic letter. It travels through the air." He seemed very smug that he knew that. "Well, not exactly, and would you please either BACK OFF or go find a shower?

    Air   Letters   Mail  
  • You can't please everyone, and trying to is the kiss of death. I don't care about Wayne Newton's demographics. When I do, I'll know that it's time to quit.

    Kissing   Trying   Care  
  • I don't think an NC-17 rating is the kiss of death. Nor do I think that, in the hands of the right filmmakers, studios have a preconceived notion to pass on NC-17 material.

  • Morely: You're trying to make me [i]Amelie[/i] Oliver: Goodness, no. You'd look terrible in a skirt

    Trying   Looks   Skirts  
  • You know what's funny to me? You know what's really funny to me? The fact that you've been calling Lita the walking kiss of death, but tonight.. the walking KOD beat the walking STD.

    Kissing   Wwe   Tonight  
  • The church must acclimate to a changing world, or she will destine herself to irrelevance or even extinction. ...One of those dramatic changes in our environment is the shift from words to images. To do church in a way that is entirely text driven is the kiss of death.

    Erwin Raphael McManus (2013). “An Unstoppable Force: Daring to Become the Church God Had in Mind”, p.23, David C Cook
  • The absolute worst thing a person can say about your pictures is, '"That's nice." It's the kiss of death.

    Nice   Kissing   Worst  
  • You can't please everyone and trying to do so is the kiss of death.

    Kissing   Trying   Please  
  • Things that Shane doesn't want on his grave: (1.) I thought it wasn't loaded. (2.) Hand me a match so I can check the gas tank. (3.) Killed over Ice Cream

    Ice Cream   Hands   Want  
  • You should never, ever be understood completely. That's like the kiss of death, isn't it? It's a full stop. I don't ever think you should put full stops on thoughts. They change.

    John Lydon, Keith Zimmerman, Kent Zimmerman (2014). “Rotten: No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs”, p.3, Picador
  • Historically, actors have been made very famous for roles that were something that was far - - Richard Widmark comes to mind (playing Tommy Udo in "Kiss of Death") or something like that, where you do some famous role and everybody imitates you for the rest of your life. But obviously it's much more fun to play something you're not than it is to play something you are.

    Fun   Kissing   Play  
    "Clint Eastwood, Leonardo DiCaprio Interview, J Edgar".
  • Even if you look at Iran, those campaigners for human rights there, they don't want to have anything to do with America, because they are afraid that having American support will be the kiss of death for their movement. And that's really tragic.

    Kissing   Rights   Iran  
  • Planning is actually incompatible with an entrepreneurial society and economy. Planning is the kiss of death of entrepreneurship.

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