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  • Every issue of the paper presents an opportunity and a duty to say something courageous and true; to rise above the mediocre and conventional; to say something that will command the respect of the intelligent, the educated, the independent part of the community; to rise above fear of partisanship and fear of popular prejudice. I would rather have one article a day of this sort; and these ten or twenty lines might readily represent a whole day's hard work in the way of concentrated, intense thinking and revision, polish of style, weighing of words.

  • Whose lines are mottoes of the heart,Whose truths electrify the sage.

    Heart   Sage   Lines  
    Thomas Campbell, Oliver Goldsmith, Thomas Gray (1872). “The Poetical Works of Campbell, Goldsmith and Gray: With Memoirs of the Authors”, p.167
  • There's a quote from Hamlet that is my guide... He tells the players not to exaggerate but to hold a mirror up to nature. Don't overdo it, don't underdo it. Do it just on the line.

    Player   Mirrors   Lines  
  • I quoted David Hare one of his lines the other day to illuminate whatever point we were trying to make in the conversation, and I said 'What play was that?' and he said 'It was your line, you said it about a hundred and fifty times in The Vertical Hour.'

    Play   Trying   Fifty  
    Interview with Sarah Crompton, June 10, 2014.
  • The dirty energy crowd can be offset only by the power of the rising clean energy sector and the American people, aroused across party lines.

    Party   Dirty   People  
  • When you’re good at improv, even when you’re going to deliver somebody else’s line that they’ve written, you’ve got to nail it. And sometimes it’s not going to be as good as you think, and you have to not worry about hurting each other’s feelings. All that matters is the product itself. All that matters is the show.

    Hurt   Thinking   Worry  
    "Is Chris Jericho a Bad Cop in Comedy Central’s ‘Nothing To Report’? His Partner Says No". Interview with Liz Shannon Miller, April 22, 2015.
  • To build a power plant and run lines to houses, to huts, to anything is a tremendous amount of about...just giving them the service where they need it-on the roof of their hut.

    Running   Wind   Giving  
    "Eco-celebrity tries reality TV show". Interview with Sarah van Schagen, January 4, 2007.
  • I have a red line against the Americans.

    Lines   Red   Red Lines  
  • The real challenge in acting is in comedy. It's easier to get that gasp in a drama. Not easy, because you still have to find that emotional pitch. And when you do something in drama and you hear that sob from the audience it's so fulfilling. But as a comic actor, when the laugh is supposed to come and you punch in that line and nothing happens it is dreadful. It's horrific and you feel like dying right there.

    Real   Drama   Emotional  
    "IGN Interview: George Takei". Interview with Travis Fickett, May 1, 2007.
  • One of the silliest lines ever said in a feature film came from Love Story, the 1970s hit, which immortalized the phrase, "Love means never having to say you're sorry." There are few people who would actually want to share a life with someone who held that concept near and dear.

    Sorry   Mean   People  
  • Sensitivity and money are like parallel lines. They don't meet.

  • Faith is the root, the necessary beginning. Hope is the stem, the energy that makes the plant grow. Love is the fruit, the flower, the visible product, the bottom line. The plant of our new life in Christ is one; the life of God comes into us by faith, through us by hope, and out of us by the works of love.

    Faith   Flower   Love Is  
    Peter Kreeft (1988). “Fundamentals of the Faith: Essays in Christian Apologetics”, p.280, Ignatius Press
  • After all, isn't that what really draws the line between childhood and adulthood, knowing that you are solely responsible for yourself? If so, then my childhood ended at fifteen.

  • Dialogue is generally the worst choice for exposition. When you're writing lines you need to focus on the way people actually talk. And when we talk to each other we never actually explain our terms. We don't say 'Sweetheart, would you pass me the sugar bowl, which we picked up for a song at that antique stall in Munich.'

    Song   Writing   People  
  • Everyone is called, everyone is sent out… The call of God can reach us on the assembly line and in the office, in the supermarket and in the stairwell, i.e., in the places of everyday life.

    Office   Everyday   Lines  
  • Do be kind to yourself. Fill pages as quickly as possible; double space, or write on every second line. Regard every new page as a small triumph. Until you get to page 50. Then calm down, and start worrying about the quality. Do feel anxiety - it's the job.

    Jobs   Writing   Space  
    "Roddy Doyle's rules for writers". Guardian Interview, February 22, 2010.
  • I think it's good that people value their bodies and take care of them. I think if you cross the line and begin using your body as an asset or as an extension of your vanity, you've gone too far.

  • Societies held together by fear and repression may offer the illusion of stability for a time, but they are built upon fault lines that will eventually tear asunder.

    Remarks at the Department of State, May 19, 2011.
  • The idea of making access to safe abortions harder and more expensive and more difficult, having to travel across state lines - that puts women's health and lives in jeopardy, which is something I think no one wants.

    Travel   Thinking   Ideas  
    "Cynthia Nixon: Abortion debate's new voice". Interview with Breeanna Hare, December 21, 2009.
  • To take, for example, my own death: what I consider most likely to be true is that death will be the complete and utter end of my existence, with no successor existence of any kind that can be related to me as I now am. And if that is not the case, the next most likely scenario, it seems to me, is something along the lines indicated by Schopenhauer. But neither of these is what I most want. What I want to be true is that I have an individual, innermost self, a soul, which is the real me and which survives my death. That too could be true. But alas, I do not believe it.

    Real   Believe   Self  
  • Well there's floodin' down in Texas. All of the telephone lines are down. Well, I've been tryin' to call my baby, Lord, and I can't get a single sound.

    Baby   Travel   Texas  
  • Baseball is a lot like life. The line drives are caught, the squibbles go for base hits. It's an unfair game.

    Baseball   Games   Lines  
  • Why do I find it hard to write the next line?

    Writing   Lines   Next  
    "True". Song by Gary Kemp, April 14, 1983.
  • I believe that we carry within us a divinely inspired moral imperative to love ... We have within us the ability to change for the better and to find dignity as individuals rather than as drones in one mass movement or another. We have the ability to love, the need to be loved, and the willingness to put our own lives on the line to protect those we love, and it is in these aspects of ourselves that we can glimpse the face of God; and through the exercise of these qualities, we come to a Godlike state.

  • Ups and downs in life are very important to keep us going, because a straight line even in an ECG means we are not alive

  • Probably the greatest single obstacle to the progress and happiness of the American people lies in the willingness of so many men to invest their time and money in multiplying competitive industries instead of opening up new fields, and putting their money into lines of industry and development that are needed.

    Lying   Men   Opening Up  
    John D. Rockefeller (2003). “Random Reminiscences of Men and Events”, p.144, The Minerva Group, Inc.
  • A consolidation makes sense only if you can lower your overall interest rate. Many people consolidate by taking out a home equity line loan or home equity line of credit (HELOC), refinancing a mortgage, or taking out a personal loan. They then use this cheaper debt to pay off more expensive debt, most frequently credit card loans, but also auto loans, private student loans, or other debt.

    Home   People   Cards  
  • The English never draw a line without blurring it.

    Winston Churchill (1950). “Europe Unite: Speeches 1947 and 1948”, London, Cassell
  • In golf, a player can step and mar the line of his adversary's putt. A player can also hit his adversary or his caddie intentionally with his ball and claim the hole - but it isn't usually done.

    Golf   Player   Caddies  
  • I want you to take a sleeve of Thin Mints and line them up on the edge of the kitchen counter and when I'm hungry I can just bend over and sweep a cookie into my mouth like I'm scoring a goal in hockey.

    Hockey   Goal   Kitchen  
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