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  • The autonomous individual, striving to realize himself and prove his worth, has created all that is great in literature, art, music, science and technology. The autonomous individual, also, when he can neither realize himself nor justify his existence by his own efforts, is a breeding call of frustration, and the seed of the convulsions which shake our world to its foundations.

    Eric Hoffer (1996). “The Passionate State of Mind”
  • The Bible is still loved by millions, read by millions, and studied by millions. It remains the most published and most read book in the world of literature.

    Bible   Christian   Book  
  • People don't want their lives fixed. Nobody wants their problems solved. Their dramas. Their distractions. Their stories resolved. Their messed cleaned up. Because what would they have left? Just the big scary unknown.

    Drama   People   Scary  
    Chuck Palahniuk (1999). “Survivor: A Novel”, Anchor
  • Hope is independent of the apparatus of logic.

  • The sea speaks a language polite people never repeat. It is a colossal scavenger slang and has no respect.

    Respect   Ocean   Sea  
    Carl Sandburg (2003). “The Complete Poems of Carl Sandburg”, p.393, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
  • For years Don Imus was just - boy, he was merciless in his criticism of me. Maybe it was justified, but that didn't mean it didn't hurt.

    Mean Girls   Hurt   Boys  
  • Anything outside marriage seems like freedom and excitement.

    "Redemption songs" by Maya Jaggi, May 28, 22004.
  • Some people have argued that listening to a work of literature does not really promote literacy in the same way that reading does. Having tried this for several months, however, I can report from the trenches that, for me, immersive listening is as intellectually challenging, stimulating, and rewarding as immersive reading.

  • Iraq is just a symbol of the attitude of western democracies to the rest of the world.

    Attitude   Iraq   Gdp  
  • No one wants to know how clever you are. They don't want an insight into your mind, thrilling as it might be. They want an insight into their own.

  • All I am is literature, and I am not able or willing to be anything else.

  • When a philosopher, scientist, or psychologist discusses the discrepancy between the actual and the ideal, he or she attempts to convince us with the tools of discursive thought ... An artist does it differently ... their primary approach is different, even though both groups, if you will, are investigating the actual, the ideal, and the discrepancy in between.

  • Set religion free, and a new humanity will begin.

  • Literature belongs first and foremost to the language in which it is being written. The very same book, even if it is translated very accurately, let's say from Hebrew into English or from English into Hebrew, becomes a different book because language is a musical instrument.

  • I willingly speak to those who know, but for those who do not know I forget.

  • I hate that which we have decided to call realism, even though I have been made one of its high priests.

  • I would argue, for perspective's sake, that the arc of a really literary work is precisely that it both intensely reflects, and simultaneously transcends the conditions of its making. I would say that is the difference between literature and other kinds of writing. That is what the literary is - it ultimately doesn't matter what his circumstances were. And the thing that you were just saying about being sympathetic to Brontë and the fact that she could only write what she wrote when she wrote it... that's true. But look at that novel, which means so much to so many people.

    Writing   Mean   People  
  • I am a Republican, a black, dyed in the wool Republican, and I never intend to belong to any other party than the party of freedom and progress.

    Freedom   Party   Black  
  • I probably spend more time writing than reading science fiction. I find that science-fiction literature is so reactive to all the literature that's gone before that it's sort of like a fractal. It's gone to a level of detail that the average person could not possibly follow unless you're a fan. It iterates upon many prior generations of iterations.

    "James Cameron: The ‘Avatar’ sequel will dive into the oceans of Pandora". Interview with Patrick Kevin Day, April 20, 2010.
  • Adjectives are the sugar of literature and adverbs the salt.

    Henry James (2016). “Henry James: Autobiographies: A Small Boy and Others / Notes of a Son and Brother / The Middle Years / Other Writings: Library of America #274”, p.1142, Library of America
  • In college, I had a big fixation with Southern Gothic literature. Flannery O'Connor, I read every word she's ever written.

  • I see no reason in morality, why literature should not have as one of its intentions the arousing of thoughts of lust. It is one of the effects, perhaps one of the functions of literature to arouse desire, and I can discover no grounds for saying that sexual pleasure should not be among the objects of desire which literature presents to us, along with heroism, virtue, peace, death, food, wisdom, God, etc.

  • I don't have a problem working 14 hours a day and still have ears and have a brain to mix afterwards. But I don't have the same strength to actively pursue and stay enthused about things like literature and movies and a social life - things that enhance the music, and the person.

    Brain   Ears   Literature  
    "Contact: Guitar Wunderkind Blake Mills". Interview with Jacob Blickenstaff, February 24, 2015.
  • I think the number of books published by Mr. Disney has nothing to do with whether or not he is bringing literature to children. That judgment has got to be based on quality rather than quantity. It's the same old problem that continually plagues American culture. I would rather have children playing their own games out of doors in the sunlight than getting the misrepresentation of literature as given by Walt Disney.

  • A knowledge of general literature is one of the evidences of an enlightened mind; and to give an apt quotation at a fitting time, proves that the mind is stored with sentential lore that can always be used to great advantage by its possessor.

  • I have often noticed that ancestors never boast of the descendants who boast of ancestors. I would rather start a family than finish one. Blood will tell, but often it tells too much.

    Don Marquis (2006). “The Annotated Archy and Mehitabel”, p.136, Penguin
  • Fairness is not an attitude. It's a professional skill that must be developed and exercised.

  • For passion, be it observed, brings insight with it; it can give a sort of intelligence to simpletons, fools, and idiots, especially during youth.

    "'Les Célibataires' ('A Bachelor's Establishment')". Book by Honoré de Balzac, 1842.
  • I once bought an old car back after I sold it because I missed it so much and I had forgotten that it never ran. It was a British racing car. You know, because I just wanted it back. I could only remember what was good about it

    Car   Racing   Literature  
  • Fear is the thought of admitted inferiority.

    "The Roycroft Dictionary, Concocted by Ali Baba and the Bunch on Rainy Days".
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