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  • And he who has considered all the contrasts on this earth, and is no more disturbed by anything whatever in the world, the Peaceful One, freed from rage, from sorrow, and from longing, he has passed beyond birth and decay.

  • Longing for the ideal while criticizing the real is evidence of immaturity. On the other hand, settling for the real without striving for the ideal is complacency. Maturity is living with the tension.

    Real   Maturity   Hands  
  • Sweet April-time - O cruel April-time! Year after year returning, with a brow Of promise, and red lips with longing paled, And backward-hidden hands that clutch the joys Of vanished springs, like flowers.

    Sweet   Spring   Flower  
    "Poems" by Dinah Maria Murlock Craik, ("April"), 1859.
  • Life is a process by which a few desperate longings morph into a thousand meaningless wants.

    Life   Want   Longing  
  • Without the instruments and accumulated knowledge of the natural sciences... humans are trapped in a cognitive prison. They are like intelligent fish born in a deep shallowed pool. Wondering and restless, longing to reach out, they think about the world outside. They invent ingenious speculations and myths about the origin of the confining waters, of the sun and the sky and the stars above , and the meaning of their own existence. But they are wrong, always wrong because the world is too remote from ordinary experience to be merely imagined.

  • When you want to build a ship, then do not drum the men together in order to procure wood, to give instructions or to distribute the work, but teach them longing for the wide endless sea.

    Men   Order   Sea  
  • Longing surged up within me. I wanted it. Oh God, I wanted it. I didn't want to hear Jerome chastise me for my "all lowlifes, all the time" seduction policy. I wanted to come home and tell someone about my day. I wanted to go out dancing on the weekends. I wanted to take vacations together. I wanted someone to hold me when I was upset, when the ups and downs of the world pushed me too far. I wanted someone to love.

    Home   Vacation   Weekend  
  • I returned to Afghanistan because I had a deep longing to see for myself how people lived, what they thought of their government, how optimistic they were about the future of their homeland.

    Interview with Razeshta Sethna, newslinemagazine.com. November, 2003.
  • I know that Dad was an idol to millions who grew up loving his music and his ideals. But to me he wasn't a musician or a peace icon, he was the father I loved and who let me down in so many ways. After the age of five, when my parents separated, I saw him only a handful of times, and when I did he was often remote and intimidating. I grew up longing for more contact with him but felt rejected and unimportant in his life. ... ... While Dad was fast becoming one of the wealthiest men in his field, Mum and I had very little and she was going out to work to support us.

    Dad   Father   Men  
  • But what's regret anyway? Regret, I am learning these days, is a lot of things. But mostly, it's a slippery seed of longing, of looking back and asking yourself why you didn't know better when the answers were so obvious all along.

  • I must have justice, or I will destroy myself. And not justice in some remote and infinite time and space, but here on Earth...I want to see with my own eyes the lamb lie down with the lion and the victim rise up and embrace his murderer. I want to be there when everyone suddenly understands what it has all been about. All the religions of the world are built on this longing, and I am a believer.

  • I am restless. I am athirst for faraway things. My soul goes out in a longing to touch the skirt of the dim distance. O Great Beyond, O the keen call of thy flute! I forget, I ever forget, that I have no wings to fly, that I am bound in this spot evermore.

    Rabindranath Tagore, Mohit Kumar Ray (2007). “Poems”, p.59, Atlantic Publishers & Dist
  • Soar back through all your own experiences. Think of how the Lord has led you in the wilderness and has fed and clothed you every day. How God has borne with your ill manners, and put up with all your murmurings and all your longings after the 'sensual pleasures of Egypt!' Think of how the Lord's grace has been sufficient for you in all your troubles.

    Thinking   Egypt   Grace  
  • A book is good company. It is full of conversation without loquacity. It comes to your longing with full instruction, but pursues you never.

    Henry Ward Beecher (1862). “Eyes and Ears”, p.292
  • Music expresses longing and love and joy better than any piece of dialogue you can ever write.

    Writing   Joy   And Love  
  • Some people can't go into church any longer to feel this longing, but they still have the longing, so what do they do? Well, one thing you can do is what people do in prison; they turn to poetry.

    People   Church   Prison  
    Source: www.utne.com
  • Our soulmate is someone who shares our deepest longings, our sense of direction. When we're two balloons, and together our direction is up, chances are we've found the right person. Our soulmate is the one who makes life come to life.

    Soulmate   Two   Together  
    "The Bridge Across Forever : A Lovestory". Book by Richard Bach, 1989.
  • My love is as a fever, longing still.

    Love Is   Fever   Longing  
    1609 Sonnets, sonnet 147.
  • Ordinary men, to whom all things are possible, don't often, if ever, think of Heaven. It is a name, and nothing more, and they are content to wait and let things be, but to those who are doomed to be shut out for ever you cannot think what it means, you cannot guess or measure the terrible endless longing to see the gates opened, and to be able to join the white figures within.

    Mean   Men   Thinking  
    Bram Stoker (2006). “Dracula's Guest: & Other Stories”, p.122, Wordsworth Editions
  • He who is too well off is always longing for something new.

    Jacob Grimm, Wilhelm Grimm (2014). “Grimm's Fairy Tales: Complete and illustrated - 211 Tales”, p.106, Ageless Reads
  • The knowledge of your destiny is available to you, well before it actually happens, as a message streaming continuously from your heart to your brain, written in the language of longing.

    Heart   Destiny   Brain  
    Martha Beck (2008). “The Joy Diet: 10 Daily Practices for a Happier Life”, p.47, Harmony
  • I take no joy in mead nor meat, and song and laughter have become suspicious strangers to me. I am a creature of grief and dust and bitter longings. There is an empty place within me where my heart was once.

    Song   Laughter   Grief  
    George R. R. Martin (2012). “George R. R. Martin's A Game of Thrones 5-Book Boxed Set (Song of Ice and Fire Series): A Game of Thrones, A Clash of Kings, A Storm of Swords, A Feast for Crows, and and A Dance with Dragons”, p.1284, Bantam
  • The novel remains for me one of the few forms where we can record man's complexity and the strength and decency of his longings. Where we can describe, step by step, minute by minute, our not altogether unpleasant struggle to put ourselves into a viable and devout relationship to our beloved and mistaken world.

    Struggle   Men   Records  
    National Book Award, September 1958.
  • Your education tends to develop the brain while it neglects the heart, so you have a longing for teachings that develop and strengthen the good heart.

    Teaching   Heart   Brain  
    Source: www.motherjones.com
  • People are fretful about lifestyle retailing because the idea that anyone's immortal soul and deepest longings can be quite so readily anticipated and consolidated with several hundred thousand other like-minded types is worrying.

    Ideas   Worry   People  
  • I always had this put-together family, and I always identified as the outsider. And that's a position where I feel most comfortable, and yet I feel an incredible longing to belong. That is really a strong feeling from my childhood - a desire to be part of a group.

    Source: www.guernicamag.com
  • Why should we girls not have the same privileges as men? Why do we police ourselves so stringently- whittling each other down with cutting remarks or holding ourselves back from greatness with a harness woven of fear and shame and longing? If we do not deem ourselves worthy first, how shall we ever ask for more?

    Libba Bray (2015). “The Gemma Doyle Trilogy”, p.1487, Delacorte Press
  • Once, in Lisbon, I tried my best to work the phone book in a way that would assuage a longing [Alice and I] had for certain Chinese dishes . . . .

    Book   Phones   Chinese  
  • Happiness is the longing for repetition.

  • Not write what you know, but know what you write. If you write about a world before, after, or other than this one, enter that world completely. Search it to find your deepest longings and most terrible fears. Let imagination carry you as far as it may, as long as you recount the voyage with excitement and wonder. But this is the most important rule: write the book you most long to read.

    "Know thy subject" by Steven Saylor, www.theguardian.com. October 5, 2002.
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