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  • You have to love what you do, and you have to need it like you need air. And there's nothing else that would give me the same degree of satisfaction as acting, which is why I can't walk away from it.

    Love   Giving Up   Air  
    "New Again: Wentworth Miller". Interview with Rebecca Walker, March 29, 2017.
  • Love is not about chasing someone; it's not about being chased or being the one chasing. It's about chasing after dreams and if in that pursuit someone runs parallel to you, that is love.

    Love   Running   Dream  
  • Children see in their parents the past, their parents see in them the future; and if we find more love in the parents for their children than in children for their parents, this is sad but natural. Who does not entertain his hopes more than his recollections.

    Love   Children   Past  
  • If you like what Wall Street did for the housing market, you'll love what Wall Street is doing for commodities. Goldman's ability to influence any portion of the price for a key component of the industrial economy is simply unacceptable.

    Love   Wall   Keys  
    Carl Levin's opening statement before U.S. Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations on Wall Street Bank Involvement With Physical Commodities at Dirksen Senate Office Building in Washington, D.C., November 20, 2014.
  • I have this really high priority on happiness and finding something to be happy about.

  • I love my son more than any of you can imagine.

    Love   Son   Imagine  
    "Adrian Peterson’s Appeal Denied, Arbitrator Upholds NFL’s Suspension" by The Associated Press, December 12, 2014.
  • How do you regret one of the best nights of your entire life? You don't. You remember every word, every look. Even when it hurts, you still remember.

    Love   Life   Hurt  
    Jenny Han (2011). “It's Not Summer Without You”, p.114, Simon and Schuster
  • Doing your own thing is a generous act. Being gifted creates obligations, which means you owe the world your best effort at the work you love. You too are a natural resource.

    Love   Mean   Best Effort  
    Barbara Sher (2010). “I Could Do Anything If I Only Knew What It Was: How to Discover What You Really Want and How to Get It”, p.98, Dell
  • Wherever you will go, I will let you down, But this lullaby goes on.

  • Love lives in sealed bottles of regret.

    Love   Regret   Love Life  
  • But as to the affection which anyone may have for us, it is the first demand of duty that we do most for him who loves us most; but we should measure affection, not like youngsters, by the ardour of its passion, but rather by its strength and constancy.

    "De Officiis".
  • I am good, but not an angel. I do sin, but I am not the devil. I am just a small girl in a big world trying to find someone to love.

    Love   Girl   Meaningful  
  • Love works in miracles every day: such as weakening the strong, and stretching the weak; making fools of the wise, and wise men of fools; favouring the passions, destroying reason, and in a word, turning everything topsy-turvy.

    Love   Romantic   Wise  
  • The ability to make love frivolously is the chief characteristic which distinguishes human beings from the beasts.

    Love   Beast   Humans  
    "It seems to me, 1925-1935".
  • To give victory to the right, not bloody bullets, but peaceful ballots only, are necessary.

    Love   Peace   Giving  
    "Fragment of a Speech" ca. 18 May 1858.
  • Those whom true love has held, it will go on holding.

    Love   Goes On  
  • The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain.

    Khalil Gibran (2014). “The Prophet - Der Prophet”, p.48,
  • Love demands that I learn how to focus my attention on the needs of those I love.

    Love   Focus   Needs  
    John Powell (1978). “Unconditional love”
  • There's a certain part of the contented majority who love anybody who is worth a billion dollars.

    The Guardian, May 23, 1992.
  • Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake.

    Love   Life   Dream  
    Henry David Thoreau, Jeffrey S. Cramer (2007). “I to Myself: An Annotated Selection from the Journal of Henry D. Thoreau”, p.170, Yale University Press
  • The cleverest amongst you is he who is the loyal apostle of life, the true disciple of existence, the devout follower of love.

    Love   Life   Followers  
  • I love that feeling of being in love, the effect of having butterflies when you wake up in the morning. That is special.

  • Women in general want to be loved for what they are and men for what they accomplish.

    Love   Men   Want  
    Theodor Reik (1963). “The Need to be Loved”
  • Love is the language all animals understand.

    Love   Animal   Love Is  
  • Remember that failure is an event, not a person.

    FaceBook post by Zig Ziglar from Nov 02, 2014
  • One significant thing that you can do for your children is to invest some time into taking them out into nature.

    Love   Life   Children  
  • The quality that distinguishes love without knowledge.

    Ambrose Bierce (2016). “The Devil's Dictionary: The Devil World”, p.13, 谷月社
  • I never really ate greens, what I always did do was I always ate peanut butter and honey and I ate it all day. There's not much nutritional value in that. I just love peanut butter and I love honey so I just put them together.

  • As many as the shells that are on the shore, so many are the pains of love; the darts that wound are steeped in much poison.

    Love   Pain   Poison  
    Ovid, John Henry Mozley (1979). “Ovid”, Loeb Classical Library
  • It's the problem with age. You have all these rusty arguments, and no quarrel to use them in. My brain is a museum, but alas, I'm the only visitor, and even I am not terribly interested in the displays.

    Love   Fighting   Museums  
    Orson Scott Card (2010). “Heartfire: The Tales of Alvin Maker”, p.236, Macmillan
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