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  • No child really chooses his religion; it is just the luck of the draw which blanket of beliefs you are wrapped in.

    Children   Luck   Belief  
    Jodi Picoult (2013). “The Storyteller”, p.139, Simon and Schuster
  • For a true writer each book should be a new beginning where he tries again for something that is beyond attainment. He should always try for something that has never been done or that others have tried and failed. Then sometimes, with great luck, he will succeed.

    Ernest Hemingway (2015). “Green Hills of Africa: The Hemingway Library Edition”, p.21, Simon and Schuster
  • Don't be deceived by life's outcomes. Life's outcomes, while not entirely random, have a huge amount of luck baked into them.

    "MICHAEL LEWIS: Successful People Like Me Were Actually Just Really Lucky" by Julia La Roche, June 05, 2012.
  • The meditative angler is not exempt from sensational periods. There are times when all the uncertainty of his chosen pursuit seems to condense itself into one big chance, and stand out before him like a salmon on the top wave of a rapid. He sees his luck hangs by a single strand of gut, and he cannot tell whether it will hold or break. This is the thrilling moment and he never forgets it.

    Sea   Fishing   Rivers  
    Henry Van Dyke (2015). “Fisherman's Luck and Some Other Uncertain Things”, p.23, Read Books Ltd
  • The house ghost is usually a harmless and well-meaning creature. It is put up with as long as possible. It brings good luck to those who live with it.

    Good Luck   Long   House  
    William Butler Yeats (2007). “The Celtic Twilight”, p.18, Library of Alexandria
  • We can't repay our good luck with bad grace. It invites darkness.

  • Should we say something?’ Cal asks. ‘Goodbye, bird?’ I suggest. He nods. ‘Goodbye, bird. Thank you for coming. And good luck.

    Jenny Downham (2007). “Before I Die”, David Fickling Books
  • My ritual it's kind of an involuntary ritual. I lie awake the night before, worrying about award ceremony. Try and think of something to write in case I actually get up there. I write it at the very last minute like either in the car on the way to the ceremony or, you know, in the bathroom before the show starts. It's all of jumbled mess written on a napkin or a piece of toilet paper. That's my good luck ritual. It's just like being in college waiting for the last minute to do everything.

  • There are so many ways a family can unravel. All it takes is a tiny slash of selfishness, a rip of greed, a puncture of bad luck. And yet, woven tightly, family can be the strongest bond imaginable.

    Rip   Greed   Luck  
    Jodi Picoult (2013). “The Storyteller”, p.456, Simon and Schuster
  • Some people, through luck and skill, end up with a lot of assets. If you're good at kicking a ball, writing software, investing in stocks, it pays extremely well.

    Writing   Skills   People  
  • Being a successful investor & winning in the stock market is a matter of skill & discipline and not luck alone

  • Luck is when determination meets opportunity

    Twitter post from Dec 6, 2014
  • This is ten percent luck, Twenty percent skill, Fifteen percent power of will, Five percent pleasure, Fifty percent pain, and a hundred percent reason to remember the name

    Pain   Skills   Names  
  • Since Alice had never received any religious instruction, and since she had led a blameless life, she never thought of her awful luck as being anything but accidents in a very busy place. Good for her.

    Religious   Luck   Awful  
    Kurt Vonnegut (2010). “Slapstick or Lonesome No More”, p.9, Random House
  • The thoughts of others Were light and fleeting, Of lovers' meeting Or luck or fame. Mine were of trouble, And mine were steady; So I was ready When trouble came.

    A. E. Housman (2013). “Delphi Complete Works of A. E. Housman (Illustrated)”, p.6, Delphi Classics
  • What is luck? It is not only chance, it is also creating the opportunity, recognizing it when it is there, and taking it when it comes.

  • Luck is predictable; the harder you work, the luckier you get.

  • Luck is not a business model.

    Anthony Bourdain (2010). “Medium Raw: A Bloody Valentine to the World of Food and the People Who Cook”, p.58, A&C Black
  • If you go back through 2000 years, I guess luck, Marx, and God have made history, the three of them together.

    Years   History   Luck  
  • I want a strong man, but a gentle one. And, most unlikely of all, but most essential, I want a man with a capacity for love - to give it generously and accept it joyously. I also want somebody who, when I say, "Let's call it quits," won't hang on; who'll say, "All right, it was fun while it lasted. So long and good luck."

    Strong   Fun   Good Luck  
  • I've had the most incredible luck in my career.

    "Family Feud". 1976 - 1985.
  • How friendly are your companies' first words? Just try this...start all conversations with customers using one of the following words or phrases: 'great!' 'no problem', 'you're in luck', 'that's my favorite problem'.

    Luck   Trying   Friendly  
  • We have an incredible capacity for the worst possible evil, all of us, it was that we also have this incredible capacity for good. And that is why we are all of us appalled when something bad happens. Because if the bad was the norm, we would just shrug our shoulders and say "well tough luck, this is how the cookie crumbles" kind of thing but none of us does that.

    Evil   Luck   Doe  
  • We can't afford to stand pat while the world races by. The United States of America did not become the most prosperous nation on Earth by sheer luck or happenstance. We got here because each time a generation of Americans has faced a changing world, we have changed with it. We have not feared our future; we have shaped it.

    America   Race   Luck  
  • Leave your luck while still winning.

    Winning   Advice   Luck  
    Baltasar Gracian, Baltasar Gracián y Morales (2004). “The Art of Worldly Wisdom”, p.174, Shambhala Publications
  • Music is pretty intimate stuff and I can only work with very few people: Gonzalez being one, Mocky being another and, on a completely different level, Broken Social Scene. With Broken Social Scene its not one-on-one, its a one-on-12. Its very healthy, very comfortable, like a big pot luck supper among old friends.

    Broken   People   Healthy  
    "Is this it?". The Guardian interview, February 29, 2008.
  • The inclusion of consequences in the conception of what we have done is an acknowledgement that we are parts of the world, but the paradoxical character of moral luck which emerges from this acknowledgement shows that we are unable to operate with such a view, for it leaves us with no one to be.

    Thomas Nagel (2012). “Mortal Questions”, p.38, Cambridge University Press
  • Any fool can have bad luck; the art consists in knowing how to exploit it.

    Art   Knowing   Creative  
  • I've found that what most people call luck is often little more than raw talent combined with the ability to make the most of opportunities. (Talon Karrde)

  • You gotta try your luck at least once a day, because you could be going around lucky all day and not even know it.

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