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  • I found that it was all right to have Martians saying things Democrats and Republicans could never say.

    "About Rod Serling". Rod Serling profile at "American Masters", December 29, 2003.
  • Like many people, I have no religion, and I am just sitting in a small boat drifting with the tide. I live in the doubts of my duty.... I think there is dignity in this, just to go on working.... Today we stand naked, defenseless, and more alone than at any time in history. We are waiting for something, perhaps another miracle, perhaps the Martians. Who knows?

  • I felt the first inkling of a thing that presently grew quite clear in my mind, that oppressed me for many days, a sense of dethronement, a persuasion that I was no longer a master, but an animal among the animals, under the Martian heel.With us it would be as with them, to lurk and watch, to run and hide; the fear and empire of man had passed away.

    Running   Animal   Men  
    H. G. Wells (2016). “H. G. Wells The Dover Reader”, p.192, Courier Dover Publications
  • My family would be supportive if I said I wanted to be a Martian, wear only banana skins, make love to ashtrays, and eat tree bark.

    "Biography/Personal Quotes".
  • There's a site on the internet that swears up and down that I'm worth $46 million and that I'm one of the most highly paid and richest guys in show business. I really wish it was true! Then there's those where it's like my mother was raped by a martian and that kind of thing. National Enquirer-type stuff. They just make it up.

    Mother   Guy   Wish  
    "David Crosby answers our 11 questions". Interview with Corbin Reif, March 18, 2016.
  • Some people think that our planet is suffering from a fever. Now scientists are telling us that Mars is experiencing its own planetary warming: Martian warming. This has led some people, not necessarily scientists, to wonder if Mars and Jupiter, non signatories to the Kyoto Treaty, are actually inhabited by alien SUV-driving industrialists.

    Thinking   Kyoto   People  
    "Fred Thompson on global warming" by Brian Romans, October 18, 2007.
  • I get the Martian look all the time even in the hood. I walk down to the shopping block and people just look at me with their mouth open man like what are you doing out here and I'm like I'm trying to get a pair of sneakers duke what's good? What are you doing [and I'm like] I'm hungry I wanted some juice and I needed some bread.

    Block   Men   Sneakers  
  • Isn't it sad that you can tell people that the ozone layer is being depleted, the forests are being cut down, the deserts are advancing steadily, that the greenhouse effect will raise the sea level 200 feet, that overpopulation is choking us, that pollution is killing us, that nuclear war may destroy us - and they yawn and settle back for a comfortable nap. But tell them that the Martians are landing, and they scream and run.

    Running   War   Cutting  
    Isaac Asimov (1991). “The secret of the universe”, Doubleday Books
  • I was always a big Justice League fan. I always loved Batman, Superman - I have a weird Martian Manhunter fixation.

    League   Justice   Fans  
  • To suppose that the value of a common stock is determined purely by a corporation's earnings discounted by the relevant interest rates and adjusted for the marginal tax rate is to forget that people have burned witches, gone to war on a whim, risen to the defense of Joseph Stalin and believed Orson Welles when he told them over the radio that the Martians had landed.

    Business   War   People  
  • I grunted. It's something I picked up over a fifteen-year career in law enforcement. Men have managed to create a complex and utterly impenetrable secret language consisting of monosyllabic sounds and partial words—and they are apparently too thick to realize it exists. Maybe they really are from Mars. I'd been able to learn a few Martian phrases over time, and one of the useful ones was the grunt that meant "I acknowledge that I've heard what you said; please continue.

    Men   Years   Law  
    Jim Butcher (2010). “Side Jobs: Stories from the Dresden Files”, p.249, Penguin
  • If the Martians took over eBay it would take 6 months for the world to notice.

    Ebay   World   Months  
    "How To Start A Startup". Y Combinator’s CS183B Stanford Class. Lecture 14: How to Operate,
  • The Martians were there - in the canal - reflected in the water.... The Martians stared back up at them for a long, long silent time from the rippling water.

    Long   Water   Silent  
    Ray Bradbury (2012). “The Martian Chronicles”, p.241, Simon and Schuster
  • We're going to become the martians when we land there. When we explore and build communities, we become the martians. That's a wonderful destiny for all of us.

  • We are not the same, I am a martian.

    Song: Dough Is What I Got
  • If we make this readjustment to view Homo sapiens as an ultimate in oddball rarity, and life at bacterial grade as the common expression of a universal phenomenon, then we could finally ask the truly fundamental question raised by the prospect of Martian fossils. If life originates as a general property of the material universe under certain conditions (probably often realized), then how much can the basic structure and constitution of life vary from place to independent place?

  • If a hiker gets lost in the mountains, people will coordinate a search. If a train crashes, people will line up to give blood. If an earthquake levels a city, people all over the world will send emergency supplies. This is so fundamentally human that it's found in every culture without exception. Yes, there are assholes who just don't care, but they're massively outnumbered by the people who do.

    "Fictional character: Mark Watney". "The Martian", 2015.
  • What if the meek inherited the Earth and we had to defend ourselves from Martians?

  • There are celestial sights more dazzling, spectacles that inspire more awe, but to the thoughtful observer who is privileged to see them well, there is nothing in the sky so profoundly impressive as the canals of Mars. Fine lines and little gossamer filaments only, cobwebbing the face of the Martian disk, but threads to draw one's mind after them across the millions of miles of intervening void.

    Thoughtful   Sight   Sky  
    Percival Lowell (1908). “Mars as the abode of life”
  • He should have known better because, early in his learnings under his brother Mahmoud, he had discovered that long human words (the longer the better) were easy, unmistakable, and rarely changed their meanings, but short words were slippery, unpredictable changing their meanings without any pattern. Or so he seemed to grok. Short human words were never like a short Martian word - such as grok which forever meant exactly the same thing. Short human words were like trying to lift water with a knife. And this had been a very short word.

  • We earth men have a talent for ruining big, beautiful things.

    Beautiful   Men   Earth  
    Ray Bradbury (2012). “The Martian Chronicles”, p.71, Simon and Schuster
  • As for UFO's ... I do believe there is a dimension that we don't understand. Not sure about little green martians, though.

    Believe   Green   Littles  
  • In time, [a Martian] colony would grow to the point of being self- sustaining. When this stage was reached, humanity would have a precious insurance policy against catastrophe at home. During the next millennium there is a significant chance that civilization on Earth will be destroyed by an asteroid, a killer plague or a global war. A Martian colony could keep the flame of civilization and culture alive until Earth could be reverse-colonized from Mars.

    War   Home   Moon  
  • Are there Martians out there? I haven't got a clue. Is there life out there? I have no idea.

    Ideas   Clue   Martians  
  • This influential, yet controversial idea requires that the mixture of species on Earth at any moment acts as a collective organism that continuously (yet unwittingly) tunes Earth's atmospheric composition and climate to promote the presence of life... But I'd bet there are some dead Martians and Venusians who advanced the same theory about their own planets a billion years ago.

    Science   Ideas   Years  
    Neil deGrasse Tyson (2007). “Death by Black Hole: And Other Cosmic Quandaries”, p.210, W. W. Norton & Company
  • Johnny Depp is so special that he is like a Martian. In fact, that's what I call him, Martian.

  • By the toll of a billion deaths man has bought his birthright of the earth, and it is his against all comers; it would still be his were the Martians ten times as mighty as they are. For neither do men live nor die in vain.

    Men   Tolls   Earth  
    H. G. Wells (1898). “The War of the Worlds”, p.270
  • The network told me to get rid of Number One, the woman first lieutenant, and also get rid of 'that Martian fellow'... meaning, of course, Spock. I knew I couldn't keep both, so I gave the stoicism of the female officer to Spock, and married the actress who played Number One. Thank God it wasn't the other way around. I mean Leonard's cute, but...

    Cute   Mean   Numbers  
  • I like the old-school Warner Bros. Looney Tunes cartoons. I'm talking Wile E. Coyote, Road Runner, Bugs Bunny and Marvin the Martian!

  • By the way, were we to find life-forms on Venus, we would probably call them Venutians, just as people from Mars would be Martians. But according to rules of Latin genitives, to be “of Venus” ought to make you a Venereal. Unfortunately, medical doctors reached that word before astronomers did. Can’t blame them, I suppose. Venereal disease long predates astronomy, which itself stands as only the second oldest profession.

    Latin   Doctors   Long  
    Neil deGrasse Tyson (2007). “Death by Black Hole: And Other Cosmic Quandaries”, p.80, W. W. Norton & Company
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