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  • There aren't a lot of alternative roles for Indian actors. I think we've fallen short of portraying Indians in the media. We don't need to make another Dances With Wolves, because it's not an Indian movie. When Indians portray themselves, then we have a different perspective. I've been asked about making period pieces but I've never read one that wasn't about guilt, and I'm not trying to make a guilt film.

  • The media coverage for Donald Trump has been almost cheerleading over the last couple weeks. And I'm convinced it's because many in the press want him to be the nominee.

  • Midget wrestling on channel 3, it costs me 50 bucks a month.

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  • Our media and political system has turned into a mutual protection racket.

    "On Murdoch" by Bill Moyers, June 29, 2007.
  • You never see Beyonce stumbling out of a club drunk and on drugs without underwear on - nor do you see Justin Timberlake pashing 5 chicks in a club. You never hear them slagging anyone in the media...They are composed and somewhat mysterious and that fascinates me!

    Media   Drunk   Drug  
    Beauty and Lace Interview, September 4, 2009.
  • Public Broadcasting System an entity designed to create an informed citizenry rather than to deliver consumers to advertisers.

  • Fame, what you like is in the Limo. Fame, what you get is no tomorrow.

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    Song: Fame D Bowie J Lennon C Alomar
  • I wanted to be the perfect artist. I'd do three hours of media interviews a day, going to every radio station I could squeeze in. I'd sign autographs after the show until everybody left.

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  • Those of us and so many other stalwart critics and opponents and questioners and dissidents in conservative media were attacked for doing what those people in the mainstream media should have been doing. Do your job! Subject these political candidates to the same amount of scrutiny that you are now trying to compensate for with the incoming Trump administration!

  • As yet we use our media only for selling things - including, of course, political candidates. What will happen when someone masters the art of selling souls?

    Erica Jong (1994). “The Devil at Large: Erica Jong on Henry Miller”, p.4, Grove Press
  • the press is too often a distorting mirror, which deforms the people and events it represents, making them seem bigger or smaller than they really are.

    Mirrors   Media   People  
    Marguerite Yourcenar, Matthieu Galey (1984). “With Open Eyes: Conversations with Matthieu Galey”, Boston : Beacon Press
  • This WikiLeaks document dump is showing - it's demonstrating, it is illustrating - that there is no boundary between the media and the Democrat Party, that it's one and the same.

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  • Everything is being compressed into tiny tablets. You take a little pill of news every day-23 minutes-and that's supposed to be enough.

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  • I don't live in that world where I'm on social media, I don't got social media. Or I'm reading articles [about my game], so it's like I hear stuff by word of mouth a couple of days after so it never gets to me. So I can't get mad about what they say.

    Couple   Reading   Media  
    "NBA: Chicago Bulls' Derrick Rose remains confident in his game". Interview with ESPN's Nick Freidell, January 12, 2016.
  • On Facebook, a lie can seem as convincing to some as an article from SPIEGEL or the Washington Post. That's a problem. I can then like it and like it again and start creating my own media universe, both for me and for my friends, and so we become more and more fenced off from one another.

    Lying   Media   Creating  
  • We're used to the characteristics of social media - participation, connection, instant gratification - and when school doesn't offer the same, it's easy to tune out.

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  • Now that our media companies and it appears are policies are traded for cash, what is there to check the continuing consolidation of power and diminishing of democracy?

    Media   Democracy   Cash  
  • I want to live a really positive ass life. No matter what is in the media about me or what's said in the comments.

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  • Today, the media dictatorship is becoming a substitute to military dictatorship. The big economic groups are using the media and decide who can speak, who the good guy is and who the bad guy is.

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  • The social media not only become new platforms for the invasion of privacy, but further legitimate a culture in which monitoring functions are viewed as benign while the state-sponsored society of hyper-fear increasingly defines everyone as either a snitch or a terrorist.

  • Is there any other industry [than the press] in this country which seeks to presume so completely to give the customer what he does not want?

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  • You see that a lot in movies, and today you see it more in movies that are made, because I feel more movies are made towards groups than towards individuals, and they're made more for mass media than for sitting in a movie house allowing it to happen.

    Media   House   Groups  
    "The Mary Sue Interview: Liv Ullmann On Miss Julie, Feminism, And Her Half-Century-Long Career". Interview With Carolyn Cox, December 5, 2014.
  • As a performer, I wanted to be the loudest, most persistent alarm clock I could be, because there didn’t seem like any other way to snap society out of its Christianity- and media-induced coma.

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  • She's staring down her desires, while they're staring down her dress.

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  • The media is not just the message. The media is a massage. We're constantly being stroked, manipulated, adjusted, realigned, and manoeuvered.

  • What seems to sell books is good word-of-mouth, not promotion tours. I'm too old to believe that media promotion of a book really matters. What matters is how it will look 100 years from now, not how many copies are sold.

  • Well, let me tell you, if you're 45, had three children and are post-menopausal, you're not going to weigh what you did the day you graduated from high school. Get that out of your head. That's a media-driven ideal that you're never going to healthfully obtain.

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    "Biography/Personal Quotes".
  • I'm an older, wall-eyed, overweight, tweedy writer who has been lucky enough to be asked to play various iterations of himself in a certain realm of popular cultutre. That gives me great joy and excitement, but I don't go to the media saying, "And I'm also the world's greatest actor."

    Wall   Media   Play  
    Interview with Scott Tobias, October 21, 2008.
  • Movies are visual, aural, they involve people, and life, and ideas and art, they are so elastic. They can hold anything, withstand everything, and make you feel anything. Other arts can do that, but movies are the only ones that can incorporate other media into cinema.

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  • Let me say, it's - what a commentary it is on American media that you have to go to Russian television in order to get covered as a candidate in this election. It's pretty outrageous. And our media could solve that in a heartbeat if they actually opened it up, you know, but they don't. So I think that's more commentary on the crisis in our media.

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