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  • When the voice of your friend or the page of your book sinks into democratic equality with the pattern of the wallpaper, the feel of your clothes, your memory of last night, and the noises from the road, you are falling asleep. The highly selective consciousness enjoyed by fully alert men, with all its builded sentiments and consecrated ideals, has as much to be called real as the drowsy chaos, and more.

    Dream   Memories   Real  
    C.S. Lewis (2005). “A Preface to Paradise Lost”, p.130, Atlantic Publishers & Dist
  • Inspiration could be called inhaling the memory of an act never experienced.

    Biography/Personal Quotes,
  • At my age, you not only have bittersweet memories, you make bittersweet plans.

  • I always think clothing is like a scrapbook: you remember all the good memories and the past times.

  • They laughed much harder than the memory was funny because it felt good to laugh.

  • A man is like a two-story house. The first floor is equipped with an entrance and a living room. On the second floor is every family member's room. They enjoy listening to music and reading books. On the first underground floor is the ruin of people's memories. The room filled with darkness is the second underground floor.

    Memories   Book   Reading  
  • You know, as you get older, the first thing you lose is memory. It seems to be happening with me.

    Memories   Firsts   Knows  
    Interview with Julius Mason, September 14, 2004.
  • Photography works hand in glove with image and memory and therefore possesses their notable epidemic power.

    Georges Didi-Huberman (2008). “Images in Spite of All: Four Photographs from Auschwitz”, p.23, University of Chicago Press
  • One of my fondest memories was when I was in London as a young, independent businesswoman and stayed at Claridge's. I knew I had made it. To me, Claridge's is the most glamourous hotel in the world; I regard it as my home away from home. I am honoured to become part of the hotel's legacy and rich design history.

    "DVF For Claridge's" by Lauren Milligan, March 04, 2010.
  • History ... may be regarded as an artificial extension and : broadening of our memories and may be used to overcome the natural bewilderment of all unfamiliar situations.

    James Harvey Robinson (1912). “The New History: Essays Illustrating the Modern Historical Outlook”
  • It's kind of hard to enjoy the film when you are watching yourself the whole time. But you do get on with it and try and appreciate everything else about the movie. At least that's what I do. It depends on how fresh in my memory the whole experience is.

  • Home is one's birthplace, ratified by memory.

  • to look back on one's life is to experience the capriciousness of memory. ... the past is not static. It can be relived only in memory, and memory is a device for forgetting as well as remembering. It, too, is not immutable. It rediscovers, reinvents, reorganizes. Like a passage of prose it can be revised and repunctuated. To that extent, every autobiography is a work of fiction and every work of fiction an autobiography.

    Memories   Past   Looks  
    P. D. James (2011). “Time to Be in Earnest”, p.15, Faber & Faber
  • I like to write about the way things used to be and paint pictures of my memories with beautiful words and melodies.

  • I've always been kind of surrounded by music my whole life, so my earliest memories of it were just hearing it in the house.

  • Judging from the way they sat and goggled at the drag on the stage it was obvious that they were indulging in delightful fantasies that brought to them substantial memories of the girls they had left behind in London or Manchester. As the Quartermaster Captain lisped after performing before a particularly rapt audience: 'I bet there were more standing pricks than snotty noses tonight'. Astonishingly, I suspect he was right. We probably helped to keep the home fires of passion burning.

    Girl   Memories   War  
  • My New Year’s Eve Toast: to all the devils, lusts, passions, greeds, envies, loves, hates, strange desires, enemies ghostly and real, the army of memories, with which I do battle — may they never give me peace. (New Year's Eve, 1947)

  • You also convert real memories, whatever that means, into film versions of those memories. Because by the time you've finished the project you can't remember the real memories anymore, you just remember the film versions of them. And then if the film failed you have distaste for them. So I don't think about that stuff anymore.

    Memories   Real   Mean  
  • We are all dangling in mid-process between what already happened (which is just a memory) and what might happen (which is just an idea). Now is the only time anything happens. When we are awake in our lives, we know what's happening. When we're asleep, we don't see what's right in front of us.

    Memories   Ideas   Might  
    Sylvia Boorstein, Ph.D. (2007). “Pay Attention, for Goodness' Sake: Practicing the Perfections of the Heart--The Buddhist Path of Kindness”, p.87, Ballantine Books
  • When I consider the wonderful activity of the mind, so great a memory of what is past, and such a capacity of penetrating into the future: when I behold such a number of arts and sciences, and such a multitude of discoveries hence arising,--I believe and am firmly persuaded that a nature which contains so many things within itself cannot be mortal.

    Art   Memories   Believe  
  • An earthly immortality belongs to a great and good character. History embalms it; it lives in its moral influence, in its authority, in its example, in the memory of the words and deeds in which it was manifested; and as every age adds to the illustrations of its efficacy, it may chance to be the best understood by a remote posterity.

    Edward Everett (1850). “Orations and speeches on various occasions”, p.576
  • I loved you so much once. I did. More than anything in the whole wide world. Imagine that. What a laugh that is now. Can you believe it? We were so intimate once upon a time I can't believe it now. The memory of being that intimate with somebody. We were so intimate I could puke. I can't imagine ever being that intimate with somebody else. I haven't been.

    Raymond Carver (1989). “Elephant and other stories”
  • Without memory there can be no insight. Without love, there can be no appreciation.

    Anne Rice (1996). “Servant of the Bones”, Random House Large Print Publishing
  • The tales are quite hard to remember and I found that going back to it between bouts of writing fiction, I was having to retrace my steps quite a lot, because the stories are very intricate and the material is elusive, and possibly with age, my memory is not as malleable as it used to be.

    Memories   Writing   Age  
  • Peace. That's what salaam means. Peace unto you." The words brought forth an echo from Ender's memory. His mother's voice reading to him softly, when he was very young. ... The kiss, the word, the peace were with him still. I am only what I remember, and Alai is my friend in a memory so intense that they can't tear him out. Like Valentine, the strongest memory of all.

  • Now those memories come back to haunt me they haunt me like a curse.

    Memories   Loss   Curse  
    Song: The River, Album: The River, 1980
  • The visible world is a daily miracle for those who have eyes and ears; and I still warm hands thankfully at the old fire, though every year it is fed with the dry wood of more old memories.

    Memories   Eye   Fire  
    Edith Wharton (1990). “Novellas and Other Writings”, Library of America
  • What peaceful hours I once enjoy'd! How sweet their memory still! But they have left an aching void The world can never fill.

    William Cowper, Robert Southey (1854). “The Works: Comprising His Poems, Correspondence and Translations : in Eight Volumes. ¬The poetical works, Vol. 1”, p.41
  • Time has lost all meaning in that nightmare alley of the Western world known as the American mind. We wallow in nostalgia but manage to get it all wrong. True nostalgia is an ephemeral composition of disjointed memories... but American-style nostalgia is about as ephemeral as copyrighted d?j? vu.

    Memories   Style   Mind  
  • The dead are visible only in the terrible lidless eye of memory.

    Memories   Eye   Terrible  
    John Green (2012). “The Fault in Our Stars”, p.113, Penguin
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