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  • I remember the first day I was looking at my hands and I thought about my nails. People wouldn't really be paying attention to that, but a Civil War doctor - What would they be doing with their nails? Would they cut them really low? And Dr. Burns said, "No, they would let them grow out so they can scoop stuff out. They would use their nails." So for a while I let my nails grow. They were too long. I kept stabbing myself by accident, so I cut them down, but I was trying to be faithful to the details.

    War   Cutting   Doctors  
  • My soul is a canvas stretched across four wooden corners and tacked with copper nails that sink into the edges of timber like teeth. My art is nothing less than my salvation.

    Art   Soul   Teeth  
    New York Arts Magazine, December 2008.
  • When you’re good at improv, even when you’re going to deliver somebody else’s line that they’ve written, you’ve got to nail it. And sometimes it’s not going to be as good as you think, and you have to not worry about hurting each other’s feelings. All that matters is the product itself. All that matters is the show.

    Hurt   Thinking   Worry  
    "Is Chris Jericho a Bad Cop in Comedy Central’s ‘Nothing To Report’? His Partner Says No". Interview with Liz Shannon Miller, April 22, 2015.
  • My brother is the youngest member of the College of Physicians and Surgeons. And I wouldn't let him cut my nails.

    Alan King, Chris Chase (1997). “Name Dropping”, p.59, Simon and Schuster
  • If you nail a tool shed closed, how do you put the hammer away?

    Nails   Hammers   Tools  
  • The hearts of women are like those little pieces of furniture with secret hiding - places, full of drawers fitted into each other; you go a lot of trouble, break your nails, and in the bottom find some withered flower, a few grains of dust - or emptiness!

    Flower   Heart   Dust  
  • My introduction to the Brady book was an attempt to nail the exact same idea since Brady addressed the point. And since I write pornography, naturally, something of an obsession for me.

    Book   Writing   Ideas  
  • I trained like an animal, but the thing is focus and concentration. When the bell rings it's like when the little red light goes on over the camera. And I can usually nail my lines on the first or second take because I'm right there.

  • Painting is a nail to which I fasten my ideas.

    Art   Ideas   Nails  
  • Then it’s just Venia, whose skin is so pale her tattoos appear to be leaping off it. Almost rigid with determination, she does my hair and nails and makeup, fingers flying swiftly to compensate for her absent teammates. The whole time, she avoids my gaze. It’s only when Cinna shows up to approve me and dismiss her that she takes my hands, looks me straight in the eye, and says, “We would all like you to know what a…privilege it has been to make you look your best.” Then she hastens from the room.

    Suzanne Collins (2011). “The Hunger Games Trilogy”, p.800, Scholastic Inc.
  • And there are vampires, too? Werewolves, warlocks, all that stuff?" Clary gnawed her lower lip. "So I hear." "And you kill them, too?" Simon asked, directing the question to Jace, who had put the stele back in his pocket and was examining his flawless nails for defects. "Only when they've been naughty.

    Cassandra Clare (2012). “Cassandra Clare: The Mortal Instruments Series (5 books): City of Bones; City of Ashes; City of Glass; City of Fallen Angels, City of Lost Souls”, p.117, Simon and Schuster
  • Writing is like anything - baseball playing, piano playing, sewing, hammering nails. The more you work on it, the better you get. But it seems to take a longer time to get better at writing than hammering nails.

  • I can never bring you to realize the importance of sleeves, the suggestiveness of thumb-nails, or the great issues that may hang from a boot-lace.

    Issues   Nails   Boots  
    Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1892). “Adventures of Sherlock Holmes”, p.66
  • If I'm feeling tired, I just say, 'I'm going to paint my nails purple and put some lipstick on!'

    Tired   Purple   Feelings  
  • As a technology, the book is like a hammer. That is to say, it is perfect: a tool ideally suited to its task. Hammers can be tweaked and varied but will never go obsolete. Even when builders pound nails by the thousand with pneumatic nail guns, every household needs a hammer. Likewise, the bicycle is alive and well. It was invented in a world without automobiles, and for speed and range it was quickly surpassed by motorcycles and all kinds of powered scooters. But there is nothing quaint about bicycles. They outsell cars.

    Book   Gun   Technology  
  • Eric was holding my hands, and I was digging my nails into him like we were doing something else. He won't mind, I though, as I realized I'd drawn blood. And sure enough, he didn't. "Let go," he advised me, and I loosened my grip on his hands. "No, not of me," he said smiling. "You can hold on to me as long as you want.

    Charlaine Harris (2003). “Club Dead”, p.113, Penguin
  • I've raised my girls in a sort of genderless fashion. I mean, I'll take them to get their nails done - I actually love doing that - but I also play ball with them. As a result, my girls are tough and athletic and game for everything.

    Girl   Fashion   Mean  
  • Save your wack rhymes, hold your female. Pass the Old Gold, trash the ale. Cash your food stamps, get the WIC out the mail. Love to eat shrimps, but I never eat snail, Eat a whole fish except for the tail. Keep food in the fridge so it don't get stale, And when there's nothing to eat...I bite my nails.

    Rap   Hip Hop   Gold  
    Song: On the Bugged Tip, Album: Long Live the Kane
  • I draw like other people bite their nails.

    Art   Drawing   People  
  • I like Nine Inch Nails, and I like hip-hop.

    Hip Hop   Nails   Nine  
  • With his long sharp nails he opened a vein in his breast. When the blood began to spurt out, he took my hands in one of his, holding them tight and with the other ceased my neck and pressed my mouth to the wound so that I must either suffocate or swallow... Some of the...Oh my god…my god What have I done?

    Blood   Hands   Long  
    Bram Stoker (1993). “Dracula”, p.240, Wordsworth Editions
  • Most of the luxuries and many of the so-called comforts of life are not only not indispensable but positive hindrances to our progress. Our life is frittered away by detail. I say let your affairs be as two or three, not a hundred or a thousand. And keep your accounts on your thumb nail.

    Two   Luxury   Progress  
  • It was not nails that held Jesus to that wretched cross; it was his unqualified resolution, out of love for his Father, to do his Father's will-and it was his love for sinners like me.

  • Oh my god! Would you shut the front door already?! Look at you walking out here with your hair done, nails done, everything did. Whatchu think you fancy, huh? Look, uh, sweetheart, I don't speak Gucci or anything, but I'll give it my best shot.

    Thinking   Hair   Doors  
  • I hate cosmetics companies. They get you addicted to the perfect lipstick or nail polish and then, six months later, they discontinue it. You have to buy your favorite colors like you're storing up for the Apocalypse.

    Hate   Color   Perfect  
    FaceBook post by Lisa Kudrow from Nov 15, 2011
  • I once lay in a white hospital for the dying and the dying self, where some god pissed a rain of reason to make things grow only to die, where on my knees I prayed for LIGHT, I prayed for l*i*g*h*t, and praying crawled like a blind slug into the web where threads of wind stuck against my mind and I died of pity for Man, for myself, on a cross without nails, watching in fear as the pig belches in his sty, farts, blinks and eats.

    Rain   Men   Wind  
  • I'm really interested in vegan nail polishes, because a lot of nail polishes have a lot of toxins in them.

    Toxins   Nails   Vegan  
    "Biography/ Personal Quotes".
  • Nine Inch Nails' sound is dominated by clanging synths and sardonic, shrieking vocals.

    Sound   Nails   Nine  
  • Spontaneously to God should turn the soul, Like the magnetic needle to the pole; But what were that intrinsic virtue worth, Suppose some fellow, with more zeal than knowledge, Fresh from St. Andrew's College, Should nail the conscious needle to the north?

    College   Soul   Nails  
    Thomas Hood, “Ode To Rae Wilson Esq.”
  • It's hard to tell what's true compassion, when it's dressed up in hair and nails and fashion.

    Song: Beautiful Life, Album: Messenger, 1999
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