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  • I've personally demanded that tyrants let their people go. I've tried to feed the hungry, clothe the poor, protect the elderly and infirm, and defend the needy from the aggressively greedy. I've led a blessed life. What a kick for a kid from the projects.

    Blessed   Kids   Elderly  
  • God created us to be worshipers because it is right that he be known, loved and worshiped. This isn't because he is needy and wishes someone would tell him how special he is. No, it's because he is perfect and the worship of his perfection is holiness in action.

    Perfect   Special   Wish  
    Elyse M. Fitzpatrick “Because He Loves Me: How Christ Transforms Our Daily Life”, Crossway
  • Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.

    Twitter post from May 26, 2010
  • I have, by God’s grace, learned as a member of the Christian community what is the nature of God’s mercy, which does not leave me to overcome my sin by my own effort, so I have something to say to the fellow-sufferer who does not know where to look for hope. And what I have to say depends utterly on my willingness not to let go of that awareness of myself that reminds me where I start each day—not as a finished saint but as a needy person still struggling to grow.

    Rowan Williams (2007). “Where God Happens: Discovering Christ in One Another”, p.31, Shambhala Publications
  • To be selfish, greedy and unwilling to help the needy gives rise to future starvation and clothlessness.

    Karma   Selfish   Giving  
  • The truth is that the 143 million orphaned children and the 11 million who starve to death or die from preventable diseases and the 8.5 million who work as child slaves, prostitutes, or under other horrific conditions and the 2.3 million who live with HIV add up to 164.8 million needy children. And though at first glance that looks like a big number, 2.1 billion people on this earth proclaim to be Christians. The truth is that if only 8 percent of the Christians would care for one more child, there would not be any statistics left.

  • If we wait for the needy to walk through our church doors, we may wait a long time. God doesn't wait for people to come to Him. He goes to them.

    Doors   Long   People  
    Beth Moore (2014). “Portraits of Devotion”, p.374, B&H Publishing Group
  • Jesus has a special, compassionate concern for those who are broken and needy.

    Jesus   Broken   Special  
  • Perhaps, some day, humanity can start afresh, a new world, a tabula rasa, a world with a mind without prior experiences. No memories and no pain. A day when the ones with abundance do not look down at the poor and the needy, a day when we learn to care for the victims, the fallen souls of civilization and advancement, a day when the world will be pure. When all of humanity becomes a clean sheet of parchment, without knowledge and prejudice, simple, hungry for knowing, tasting, and feeling; hungry for life and ready to absorb the ink of experience.

    Pain   Memories   Simple  
  • He was as needy as she was. Alvin Finch only wanted to be needed. Loved. And absent of either, he resorted to deflecting his pain by killing. Just like a teenager might resort to deflecting the pain of rejection by cutting. People did a lot of crazy things to be wanted.

    Pain   Crazy   Teenager  
  • What a hell of an economic system! Some are replete with everything while others, whose stomachs are no less demanding, whose hunger is just as recurrent, have nothing to bite on. The worst of it is the constrained posture need puts you in. The needy man does not walk like the rest; he skips, slithers, twists, crawls.

    Men   Twists   Doe  
    "Rameau's Nephew". Book by Denis Diderot, 1821.
  • You can’t hurry love, and you can’t rush puff pastry, either. You can knead too much, and you can be too needy. Always, warmth is what brings pastry to rise. Chemistry creates something amazing; coupled with care and heat, it works some kind of magic to create this satisfying, welcoming, and nourishing thing that is the base of life.

    Magic   Puff   Care  
  • I just want to say one thing about the '70s. Enough with this purer, "It was a better time," business. Every time is about as polluted and needy and beautiful as most other times. I was around in the '70s, and people were just as ambitious and envious and filled with need and desire as they are today.

  • Only idiots and infants need things. The language of needs is the native tongue of socialists, therapists, and paternalists of all sorts and is addressed to needy dependents. The language of wants is spoken by self-respecting adults and is addressed to other self-respecting adults.

    Self   Tongue   Adults  
  • The urge for Chinese food is always unpredictable: famous for no occasion, standard fare for no holiday, and the constant as to demand is either whim, the needy plebiscite of instantly famished drunks, or pregnancy.

  • What does love look like? It has the hands to help others. It has the feet to hasten to the poor and needy. It has eyes to see misery and want. It has the ears to hear the sighs and sorrows of men. That is what love looks like.

    Love   Life   Sympathy  
    "Quote, Unquote". Book by Lloyd Cory, p. 197, 1977.
  • Blankets on the other hand are incredibly needy as they are always trying to fill a “void”. Are a bit whorish in that the instant you walk away from them in less than a minute they’ll be all over someone else, and the moment you actually need them they’re nowhere to be found.

  • Marketers keep inventing desires, necessities for you and for me. I need this. I need that. I need. I need. It's the need of a smoking fit. If you don't smoke that cigarette now, you'll die - when in reality you die because you succumb to the rage and rattle of the needy greed that keeps you busy needing more and more things. Is this the American Dream - the greedy need?

    Dream   Reality   Greed  
    "United States of Banana". Book by Giannina Braschi, 2011.
  • It's more blessed to give than to receive - especially kittens.

    Bible   Jesus   Blessed  
  • If you're in trouble, or hurt or need - go to the poor people. They're the only ones that'll help - the only ones.

    John Steinbeck (2016). “The Grapes of Wrath”, p.303, Hamilton Books
  • They the royal-hearted women are Who nobly love the noblest, yet have grace For needy suffering lives in lowliest place, Carrying a choicer sunlight in their smile, The heavenliest ray that pitieth the vile.

    Women   Grace   Suffering  
    George Eliot (1839). “Theophrastus Such, Jubal and other poems and The Spanish gypsy”, p.226
  • Hatred, intolerance, poor hygienic conditions and violence all have roots in illiteracy, so we're trying to do something to help the poor and the needy.

    Roots   Hatred   Trying  
  • We who are Christians, members of God’s family, are called to go out to the needy and to serve them.

    Pope Francis “The Blessing of Family: Inspiring Words from Pope Francis”, Franciscan Media
  • On a whim, he stopped and bought a watch from a sidewalk vendor. Normally, Billy could not abide keeping time, especially when it was attached to one’s body. Time was like a relentlessly needy lapdog one had to haul around. It barked too much and had no sense of loyalty.

    Loyalty   Watches   Body  
    Jim Carroll (2010). “The Petting Zoo: A Novel”, p.25, Penguin
  • What you do in the present—by painting, preaching, singing, sewing, praying, teaching, building hospitals, digging wells, campaigning for justice, writing poems, caring for the needy, loving your neighbor as yourself—will last into God’s future. These activities are not simply ways of making the present life a little less beastly, a little more bearable, until the day when we leave it behind altogether. They are part of what we may call building for God’s kingdom.

  • If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few who are rich.

    Inaugural Address, 20 Jan. 1961
  • You know I think so many of us live outside our bodies. My dream is that people will find a way back home, into their bodies, to connect with the earth, to connect with each other, to connect with the poor, to connect with the broken, to connect with the needy, to connect with people calling out all around us, to connect with the beauty, poetry, the wildness.

    Dream   Home   Thinking  
    "Interview with Eve Ensler: In The Body of the World". Interview with Marianne Schnall, April 29, 2013.
  • God wants to lead you to places you cannot get to without Him, and He does that by the power of His Spirit. He can bring you into the realm of the miraculous-not as a show, but as a demonstration of His love and compassion for the lost, hurting, or needy. Who among us doesn’t want or need that?

    Hurt   Compassion   Doe  
    FaceBook post by Stormie Omartian from Feb 12, 2015
  • Don't bite his face, Eleanor told herself. It's disturbing and needy and never happens in situation comedies or movies that end with big kisses.

    Kissing   Faces   Comedy  
    Rainbow Rowell (2016). “The Rainbow Rowell Collection: Eleanor & Park, Fangirl, Landline, and Carry On”, p.144, St. Martin's Griffin
  • With a little time, and a little more insight, we begin to see both ourselves and our enemies in humbler profiles. We are not really as innocent as we felt when we were first hurt. And we do not usually have a gigantic monster to forgive; we have a weak, needy, and somewhat stupid human being. When you see your enemy and yourself in the weakness and silliness of the humanity you share, you will make the miracle of forgiving a little easier.

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