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  • Reading was only part of the thrill that a book represented. I got a dizzy pleasure from the weight and feel of a new book in my hand, a sensual delight from the smell and crispness of the pages. I loved the smoothness and bright colors of their jackets. For me, a stacked, unread pyramid of books was one of the sexiest architectural designs there was, because what I loved most about books was their promise, the anticipation of what lay between the covers, waiting to be found.

    Book   Reading   Hands  
    Debra Ginsberg (2006). “Blind Submission: A Novel”, p.4, Crown
  • Completing a book, it's a little like having a baby.... There's a feeling of relief and satisfaction when you get to the end. A feeling that you have brought your family, your characters, home. Then a sort of post-natal depression and then, very quickly, the horizon of a new book. The consolation that next time I will do it better.

    Baby   Book   Home  
  • Robert Scott Leyse channels Baudelaire's Queen of Spades and Jack of Hearts, speaking darkly of dead loves, in this new book. He also reminds me of James Purdy's notorious eccentricity. There's plenty of middlebrow stuff if you want it. Self-Murder isn't that.

    Queens   Book   Heart  
  • Some writers are writing one great, big book and just taking all these different avenues towards it. They might seem on the outside to be different, but they're really not. And that's a different kind of mindset. I don't know why it is, but I just feel like I really want to escape myself as much as I can - myself as the artist, or as the writer, or as the thinker - with each new project, because one, it's just boredom, but also, I guess I just feel most comfortable starting a new book if I just feel a little in the dark about it.

    Book   Writing   Dark  
  • New book on Malcolm X says we don't know how he was killed. Want to bring in the FBI. Maybe they were in already.

    Book   Want   Fbi  
    Twitter post from Apr 06, 2011
  • I always wince a little bit when I send me to each of my new books. I wince at submitting myself to my father's judgment. But, of course, he's such a fond father that he always writes back, saying it's the greatest thing ever written.

    Father   Book   Writing  
    "Emma Donoghue's New Novel Follows "The Wonder" Of Starvation". Interview with Scott Simon, September 17, 2016.
  • A man will turn over half a library to make one book.

    Book   Writing   Men  
    Quoted in James Boswell, The Life of Samuel Johnson (1791) (entry for 6 Apr. 1775)
  • ...with each new book of mine I have always the feeling that this time I have picked a lemon in the garden of literature.

    Book   Garden   Feelings  
  • Let us never accept the point of view that mysteries are written by hacks. The poorest of us shed our blood over every chapter. The best of us start from scratch with every new book.

    Book   Views   Blood  
    Raymond Chandler, Dorothy Gardiner, Kathrine Sorley Walker (1977). “Raymond Chandler Speaking”, p.62, Univ of California Press
  • Michelle Alexander's brave and bold new book paints a haunting picture in which dreary felon garb, post-prison joblessness, and loss of voting rights now do the stigmatizing work once done by colored-only water fountains and legally segregated schools. With dazzling candor, Alexander argues that we all pay the cost of the new Jim Crow.

    Book   School   Loss  
  • Anna Journey, in her new book of poems, Vulgar Remedies, creates an alchemical self whose shimmering limbic / alembic lyrics distill the mysterious terrors of childhood, the dangerous passions of adults, into her own honey-dusk 'voodun': protective, purified to gold. Poetry is always a time machine: here we are invisible travelers to a bewitched past, a beautifully occluded future. These poems are erotic, vertiginous, revelatory, their dazzling lyric force reflecting profound hermetic life.

    Book   Passion   Past  
  • Gordon Edgley's sudden death came as a shock to everyone - not least himself. One moment he was in his study, seven words into the twenty-fifth sentence of the final chapter of his new book, And the Darkness Rained upon Them, and the next he was dead. A tragic loss, his mind echoed numbly as he slipped away.

    Book   Loss   Darkness  
    Derek Landy (2015). “Skulduggery Pleasant -”, p.11, HarperCollins UK
  • In a sense, all fiction is experimental. Every new book is an adventure into unknown territory. As Hemingway told us, you (the writer) have to go out beyond where you have gone before.

    Book   Adventure   Gone  
  • The Princess Bride S. Morgenstern's Classic Tale of True Love and High Adventure You had to admire a guy who called his own new book a classic before it was published and anyone had a chance to read it.

    William Goldman (2007). “The Princess Bride: S. Morgenstern's Classic Tale of True Love and High Adventure”, p.29, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
  • The Web is the new book though, innit?

    Book   New Books  
    Xfm (Radio X, United Kingdom), November 30, 2002.
  • I doubt if I shall ever have time to read the book again -- there are too many new ones coming out all the time which I want to read. Yet an old book has something for me which no new book can ever have -- for at every reading the memories and atmosphere of other readings come back and I am reading old years as well as an old book.

    Memories   Book   Reading  
    Lucy Maud Montgomery (1992). “The Selected Journals of L.M. Montgomery: 1921-1929”, Oxford University Press, USA
  • There's a certain kind of conversation you have from time to time at parties in New York about a new book. The word "banal" sometimes rears its by-now banal head; you say "underedited," I say "derivative." The conversation goes around and around various literary criticisms, and by the time it moves on one thing is clear: No one read the book; we just read the reviews.

    New York   Party   Moving  
  • Arthur Hughes is one of the pioneers of modern database marketing. His new book, Strategic Database Marketing, Third Edition, contains the wisdom of twenty years of database marketing experience from scores of companies throughout the US. I can heartily endorse Arthur's book for anyone who wants to know the state of the art in database marketing today.

    Art   Book   Years  
  • Writing for UrbanMoms has awarded me a multitude of amazing opportunities. I have traveled to new places; alone and with my family. I have discovered new products, new books, new trends and new restaurants, and been able to share them with my readers. I've met other wonderful writers and many incredible celebrities.

  • For proponents of ecosystem-based management,the good news is that another new book, Ecosystem-based Management for the Oceans, conveys the topic at its state-of-the-art level of development...both Marine Ecosystems and Global Change and Ecosystem-based Management for the Oceans are valuable troves that could profitably be mined, and any academic bookshelf would wear them well.

    Art   Ocean   Book  
  • Christopher Kennedy Lawford's new book Recover to Live will be a force with the power to educate as well as motivate transformational personal change. Recover to Live may alter the way broader society looks at the disease of addiction and those who are suffering from it.

  • Rereading, we find a new book.

  • According to a new book coming out by a Pulitzer Prize-winning author, apparently when he was in high school, President Obama smoked large amounts of marijuana. You know what that means? He could be our first green president.

    Book   School   Mean  
  • Because he did not have time to read every new book in his field, the great Polish anthropologist Bronislaw Malinowski used a simple and efficient method of deciding which ones were worth his attention: Upon receiving a new book, he immediately checked the index to see if his name was cited, and how often. The more "Malinowski" the more compelling the book. No "Malinowski", and he doubted the subject of the book was anthropology at all.

    Time   Book   Simple  
    "Conscientious Objections: Stirring Up Trouble About Language, Technology and Education".
  • In Sarah Palin's new book, she says when she first laid eyes on her future husband, she said out loud, 'Thank you, God,' which is the same thing the Democrats said when they first laid eyes on Sarah Palin.

    Husband   Book   Eye  
    "Somali Pirates Target Maersk Alabama for the Second Time; One- on-One Interview with Obama; Obama Discusses Hurdles to Health Care Reform; Medical Pot: A Burning Debate". "American Morning", November 18, 2009.
  • Every time I start on a new book, I am a beginner again. I doubt myself, I grow discouraged, all the work accomplished in the past is as though it never was, my first drafts are so shapeless that it seems impossible to go on with the attempt at all, right up until the moment - always imperceptible, there, too, there is a break - when it is has become impossible not to finish it.

    Book   Past   Doubt  
    Simone de Beauvoir (1977). “Force of Circumstance: Hard times”
  • How many a man has dated a new era in his life from the reading of a book.

    Life   Book   Reading  
    1854 Walden, or Life in the Woods,'Reading'.
  • Dr. Phil was very helpful and caring. I believe he helped all of us there and watching how to better relate, understand, and communicate with our families and loved ones. Dr. Phil recommended reading my new book.

    Believe   Book   Reading  
  • There are all these new books out there portraying Asian mothers as scheming, callous, overdriven people indifferent to their kids' true interests. For their part, many Chinese secretly believe that they care more about their children and are willing to sacrifice much more for them than Westerners, who seem perfectly content to let their children turn out badly. I think it's a misunderstanding on both sides. All decent parents want to do what's best for their children. The Chinese just have a totally different idea of how to do that.

    "But Will It All Make 'Tiger Mom' Happy?" by Janet Maslin, January 19, 2011.
  • It is a good rule after reading a new book, never to allow yourself another new one till you have read an old one in between.

    C.S. Lewis (1996). “Joyful Christian”, p.103, Simon and Schuster
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