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  • The new shift in thinking is the gateway to human transformation. And because of the sheer number of people involved in this shift, and the growing magnitude of the crises that are driving us to change the way we think, we are standing on the threshold of human transformation at a level unlike anything ever before known on Earth.

  • Observation of my life to date shows that the larger the number for whom I work, the more positively effective I become. Thus, it is obvious that if I work always and only for all humanity, I will be optimally effective.

  • Pornography is not egalitarian and gender-free. It is predicated upon the inequality of women and is the propaganda that makes that inequality sexy. For women to find passive, objectified men sexy in large enough numbers to make a pornography industry based upon such images viable, would require the reconstruction of women's sexuality into a ruling-class sexuality. In an egalitarian society objectification would not exist and therefore the particular buzz provided by pornography, the excitement of eroticised dominance for the ruling class, would be unimaginable.

    Sexy   Men   Class  
  • You might be a redneck if you can tell your age by the number of rings in the bathtub.

    Redneck   Numbers   Age  
  • The number of times I have fallen down is the number of times I have gotten up.

    Numbers   Fallen  
    "Jenni Rivera Dies in Mexican Plane Crash, Wreckage is 'Unrecognizable'", December 10, 2012.
  • The number of people who are actual supporters of Mr. Romney could very well be less than the Donner Party, whose members they sadly resemble in many ways.

    Party   Numbers   People  
  • We have our nominee, and it's is Secretary [Hillary] Clinton. I do hope that Secretary Clinton will take into account the huge resonance of the vision that Senator ["Bernie"] Sanders was putting forward.This has inspired millions of citizens - a style of campaign we've never seen before winning 22 states, extraordinary number of caucuses. Now the challenge is to bring the two halves of the party together.

    Party   Winning   Two  
  • Of course I am a child of European culture. There are a number of great directors from which I learned, but there is nobody in particular I got inspired from.

  • Blessings can come in a number of ways. The Lord doesn't give you what you want, the Lord gives you what you need.

  • In war, numbers alone confer no advantage. Do not advance relying on sheer military power.

    Art   Military   War  
    Sun Tzu, Shang Yang (1997). “The Art of War”, p.41, Wordsworth Editions
  • Uneven numbers are the gods' delight.

    Math   Numbers   Delight  
    Virgil (2013). “Delphi Complete Works of Virgil (Illustrated)”, p.39, Delphi Classics
  • Even with a margin of safety in the investor's favor, an individual security may work out badly. For the margin guarantees only that he has a better chance for profit than for loss - not that loss is impossible. But as the number of such commitments is increased the more certain does it become that the aggregate of the profits will exceed the aggregate of the losses.

  • It is hard to be number one, and it is even harder to stay there because everyone is trying to knock you off the top.

    Numbers   Trying   Harder  
    "Q&A: Allan McNish". Interview with Robert Wilkins, March 11, 2013.
  • My number one thing is to recycle everything from newspaper to aluminum cans, and I even use a canvas bag instead of the plastic ones when I go to the grocery store.

  • The greatest gift . . . is the realization that life does not consist either of wallowing in the past or of peering anxiously at the future; and it is appalling to contemplate the great number of often painful steps by which one arrives at a truth so old, so obvious, and so frequently expressed. It is good for one to appreciate that life is now. Whatever it offers, little or much, life is now-this day-this hour.

  • Our object in life should be to accumulate a great number of grand questions to be asked and resolved in eternity.

  • As civilisation advances, the deities lessen in number, the divine powers become concentrated more and more in one Being, and God rules over the whole earth, maketh the clouds his chariot, and reigns above the waterfloods as a king.

    Kings   Numbers   Clouds  
    Annie Besant (2012). “The Theosophical Writings of Annie Besant”, p.225, Jazzybee Verlag
  • To be the best of all time, you have to do it over and over. I want to keep it up, and then the numbers will speak for themselves.

    Numbers   Want   Speak  
  • Of course, it is worth it to take the time to think carefully through your assumptions, and ensure you at least have hypotheses around how you will create value. But use the analysis as a way to focus attention on the most critical assumptions, rather than spend a ton of time massaging the numbers.

  • You get in a lot of trouble when you start putting fictitious numbers on value. I think to just say, we're going to say a dollar of cash is worth $2 all of a sudden, it isn't worth $2. It's worth a dollar today. And I think once you start putting phony figures into financial statements, you get in a lot of trouble.

  • Another factor is the education and culture in which you grow up. I didn't grow up in the culture of victory, where you are expected to be or have to be, the best. It was not at all like that in my family. Tennis was really a hobby. If it led to something, great. If not, there were other things in life. I think that was something I was missing at some points in my career, because when I see Hingis or the Williamses, you see how they were educated for this: to win, to be the best, a bit the American mentality. Number one. Number one. Number one. I didn't have this.

    "For Mauresmo, another try at the title that means most to her". Interview with Christopher Clarey, May 26, 2006.
  • Military activities (are) not a role for the United States. There needs to be a number of steps that Maliki and his government must take to demonstrate that he is committed to an inclusive Iraq, something he has not done up to date.

    Military   Iraq   Numbers  
  • Rumour doth double, like the voice and echo, The numbers of the feared.

    Echoes   Voice   Numbers  
    William Shakespeare (1833). “The plays and poems of William Shakspeare”, p.398
  • The number one job facing the middle class. And it happens to be, as Barack says, a three-letter word: Jobs. J-O-B-S.

    Jobs   Stupid   Class  
    "Let's talk about Joe Biden" by Mark Goldblatt, October 28, 2008.
  • A person's success in life can usually be measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations he or she is willing to have.

    "The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich". Book by Tim Ferriss, 2007.
  • People are voting for Conservatives in greater numbers, but it's not translating into Conservative seats.

    Numbers   People   Voting  
  • How great would be our peril if our slaves began to number us!

  • The extraordinary woman depends on the ordinary woman. It is only when we know what were the conditions of the average woman's life - the number of children, whether she had money of her own, if she had a room to herself, whether she had help bringing up her family, if she had servants, whether part of the housework was her task - it is only when we can measure the way of life and experience made possible to the ordinary woman that we can account for the success or failure of the extraordinary woman as a writer.

    Virginia Woolf (1980). “Virginia Woolf, women and writing”, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt P
  • Undeveloped though the science [of chemistry] is, it already has great power to bring benefits. Those accruing to physical welfare are readily recognized, as in providing cures, improving the materials needed for everyday living, moving to ameliorate the harm which mankind by its sheer numbers does to the environment, to say nothing of that which even today attends industrial development. And as we continue to improve our understanding of the basic science on which applications increasingly depend, material benefits of this and other kinds are secured for the future.

  • With so much money riding on reported numbers, human nature is to manipulate them. And with so many doing it, you get Serpico effects, where everyone rationalizes that it's okay because everyone else is doing it. It is always thus.

    "Charlie Munger Speaks - Part 2". Charlie Munger's general comments at the 2000 Wesco Financial Annual Meeting, May 15, 2000.
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