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  • When the magistrate says 'That's not a good enough reason my man.' He said 'Excuse me, could I ask you? Have you taken an oath of allegiance to the Monarch?'

    Taken   Men   Umpires  
  • [Mullah Omar] gave himself this religious title. So it was something that all those people there who swore an oath of loyalty to him as a religious leader could not easily get rid of.

    Source: www.npr.org
  • Because I took an oath to help people. To protect them from The League and any corrupt government. (Devyn) Yeah, and I know people better than to believe that for even an instant. Altruism is dead. People use and they take until you’re nothing but a bleeding corpse on the ground at their feet. (Alix)

  • I add my oath of protection to the bone,' he said in a whisper. 'To you now and to any child you may bear in the future. I would trade no day I spend with you for a life of safe slavery. I accepted the post of Seeker of my own free will. And if Darken Rahl takes the whole world into madness, then we will die with a sword in our hands, not chains on our wings. We will not allow it to be easy for them to kill us; they will pay a high price. We will fight with our last breath if need be, and in our death, let us inflict a wound on him that will fester until it claims him.

    Terry Goodkind (2015). “Wizard's First Rule”, p.185, Head of Zeus
  • What I know is it is a disservice to those who continue to serve to think that there's going to be a civil-military breakdown because those who serve, they know who they serve. They know what their loyalties are, that's why you take an oath to the Constitution and your loyalty lies in the chain of command and your buddies. That's always been there. We are a professional military.

    Source: www.washingtonpost.com
  • And hast thou sworn on every slight pretence, Till perjuries are common as bad pence, While thousands, careless of the damning sin, Kiss the book's outside, who ne'er look'd within?

    Book   Kissing   Looks  
    William Cowper (1866). “Poetical works”, p.76
  • When a gentlemen is disposed to swear, it is not for any standers-by to curtail his oaths.

    1610 Cloten. Cymbeline, act 2, sc.1, l.10-11.
  • [About the demand of the Board of Regents of the University of California that professors sign non-Communist loyalty oaths or lose their jobs within 65 days.] No conceivable damage to the university at the hands of hypothetical Communists among us could possibly have equaled the damage resulting from the unrest, ill-will and suspicion engendered by this series of events.

    Loyalty   Jobs   Science  
  • Whatever one's religion in his private life may be, for the officeholder, nothing takes precedence over his oath to uphold the Constitution and all its parts - including the First Amendment and the strict separation of church and state.

  • Put more trust in nobility of character than in an oath.

  • It is great sin to swear unto a sin, But greater sin to keep a sinful oath.

    Sin   Oath   Swear  
    1592 Salisbury to Henry. Henry VI PartTwo, act 5, sc.1, l.180-1.
  • The person who takes the oath of office in the next four months will shape not just the next four years, but the next forty years of our nation. In these next four years, we need proven leadership, proven judgment and proven values. America needs four more years of President Barack Obama.

    Rahm Emanuel's Speech at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, www.huffingtonpost.com. September 4, 2012.
  • When an oath is taken ... the mind is more attentive; for it guards against two things, the reproach of friends and offence against the gods.

    Taken   Two   Mind  
    Sophocles, Hugh Lloyd-Jones (1996). “Sophocles: Fragments”, p.245, Harvard University Press
  • If ever I utter an oath again may my soul be blasted to eternal damnation!

    Soul   Damnation   May  
    'Saint Joan' (1924) sc. 2
  • Now, I swore an oath to uphold the laws on the books... Now, I know some people want me to bypass Congress and change the laws on my own... Believe me, the idea of doing things on my own is very tempting. I promise you. Not just on immigration reform. But that's not how - that's not how our system works. That's not how our democracy functions. Thats not how our Constitution is written.

    Believe   Book   Law  
    President Barack Obama's remarks to the National Council of La Raza, obamawhitehouse.archives.gov. July 25, 2011.
  • When we think how narrow and devious this path of nature is, how dimly we can trace it, for all our lamps of science, and how from the darkness which girds it round great and terrible possibilities loom ever shadowly upwards, it is a bold and a confident man who will put a limit to the strange by-oaths into which the human spirit may wander.

    Science   Men   Thinking  
    Arthur Conan Doyle (2017). “ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE Ultimate Collection: 21 Novels, 188 Short Stories, 88 Poems & 7 Plays, Including Works on Spirituality, Historical Writings & Personal Memoirs (Illustrated): The Sherlock Holmes Series, The Professor Challenger Books, The Brigadier Gerard Stories, The White Company, The Great Shadow, Mystery of Cloomber, Beyond The City, A History of the Great War…”, p.5995, e-artnow
  • Heat flushed Chauncey's neck; it took all his energy to curl his hands into two weak fists. He laughed at himself, but there was no humor. He had no idea how, but the boy was inflicting the nausea and weakness inside him. It would not lift until he took the oath. He would say what he had to, but he swore in his heart he would destroy the boy for this humiliation.

    Heart   Boys   Ideas  
    Kate Brian, Jessica Verday, Richard Yancey, Scott Westerfeld, Becca Fitzpatrick (2011). “All Good Things Come to an End: Free Teen eSampler”, p.58, Simon and Schuster
  • Doth some one say that there be gods above? There are not; no, there are not. Let no fool, Led by the old false fable, thus deceive you. Look at the facts themselves, yielding my words, No undue credence: for I say that kings kill, rob, break oaths, lay cities waste by fraud, And doing thus are happier than those, Who live calm pious lives day after day. All divinity is built-up from our good and evil luck.

    Kings   Cities   Evil  
    "Bellerophon". Play by Euripides, estimated between 455 and 425 BCE.
  • Thousands of Americans have given their lives in Afghanistan and Iraq upholding their oaths and defending this nation. Chelsea Manning broke her oath and made it more likely that others would join the ranks of her fallen comrades. Her prison sentence may end in a few months' [time], but her dishonor will last forever.

    Iraq   Forever   May  
    Source: www.truth-out.org
  • How small regard is had to the oath of God by men professing the name of God.

    Men   Names   Oath  
    George Gillespie (1846). “The Presbyterian's Armoury: and II. The works of Mr. George Gillespie, with memoir of his life and writings”
  • Human cruelty took the form of a pact with the deity. A solemn oath was made to kill everything, in which people forbade themselves any display of reason or compassion. A city or a land was devoted to destruction and it was believed an insult to God if one did not observe the abominable oath.

  • To require a citizen to sign a loyalty oath is to destroy some of the loyalty he could otherwise claim, since any subsequent loyal behavior may then be attributed to the oath.

    Loyalty   Citizens   May  
  • When I was sworn in as a judge of the court of appeals, I took an oath. I put my hand on the Bible and I swore that I would administer justice without respect to persons, that I would do equal right to the poor and to the rich, and that I would carry out my duties under the Constitution and the laws of the United States.

    Hands   Law   Justice  
    Opening Statement to Senate Judiciary Committee, delivered 9 January 2006
  • The Sixth Army, true to their oath and conscious of the lofty importance of their mission, have held their position to the last man and the last round for Führer and Fatherland unto the end.

    Army   Men   Lasts  
    "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich: A History of Nazi Germany" by William Lawrence Shirer, (p. 931), 1990.
  • I have taken an oath in my heart to oppose communism until the day I die.

    Taken   Heart   Communism  
    "'He was a symbol': Eldridge Cleaver dies at 62". www.cnn.com. May 1, 1998.
  • It's a hard world, neighbors, if a man's oath must be his master.

    Men   World   Neighbor  
  • It is better to be charged with cowardice and weakness than to be guilty of denial of our oath and sin against God.

    God   Weakness   Denial  
    Mahatma Gandhi, Rudrangshu Mukherjee (1993). “The Penguin Gandhi Reader”, p.153, Penguin Books India
  • During the air war of 1944, a four-man combat crew on a B-17 bomber took a vow to never abandon one another no matter how desperate the situation. The aircraft was hit by flak during a mission and went into a terminal dive, and the pilot ordered everyone to bail out. The top turret gunner obeyed the order, but the ball turret gunner discovered that a piece of flak had jammed his turret and he could not get out. The other three men in his pact could have bailed out with the parachutes, but they stayed with him until the plan hit the ground and exploded. They all died.

    Death   War   Men  
  • The oath adds nothing to the obligation. For a covenant, if lawful, binds in the sight of God, without the oath, as much as with it; if unlawful, bindeth not at all, though it be confirmed with an oath.

    Sight   Add   Covenant  
    Thomas Hobbes (1839). “The English Works of Thomas Hobbes of Malmesbury”, p.130
  • "On my honor" - what an ennobling phrase! Three short words, nine letters, but the summation of all we call character. From the Boy Scout's Oath.

    Character   Boys   Honor  
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