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  • Oligopoly is an imperfect monopoly. Like the despotism of the Dual Monarchy, it is saved only by its incompetence.

    John Kenneth Galbraith (2015). “The New Industrial State”, p.226, Princeton University Press
  • This is the standard procedure for corporate growth these days; one company buys up another on loans that are floated on the basis of future earnings, and the monopoly or oligopoly created in this way produces the necessary funds by squeezing out competition, and passing the costs along to the consumer. The bucket that holds the new wealth is called a corporation.

  • Free-market capitalism, in the blink of an eye, was gutted and replaced by an oligopoly.

    Eye   Oligopoly   Blink  
  • Anarchism is opposed to states, armies, slavery, the wages system, the landlord system, prisons, monopoly capitalism, oligopoly capitalism, state capitalism, bureaucracy, meritocracy, theocracy, revolutionary governments, patriarchy, matriarchy, monarchy, oligarchy, protection rackets, intimidation by gangsters, and every other kind of coercive institution. In other words, anarchism opposes government in all its forms.

    Army   Government   Wages  
    "What Is Anarchism? An Introduction". Book by Donald Rooum, August 1, 1992.
  • We are moving rapidly from an era of an oligopoly of content providers to an oligopoly of content controllers: new choke points. This is not media consolidation in the traditional sense, where a few huge conglomerates used economies of scale to dominate journalism by dominating the local and national agendas. This consolidation, to a very few companies plus increasing government intervention, is even more dangerous - and information providers of all kinds are finally starting to grasp what’s happening.

    "Dan Gillmor: 2012 will be the year of the content-controller oligopoly". www.niemanlab.org. December 20, 2011.
  • Oligopoly, plutocracy, kleptocracy: All things that are good for a shareholder.

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