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  • In a sky of iron the points of the Dipper hung like icicles and Orion flashed his cold fires.

    Stars   Fire   Sky  
    Edith Wharton (2016). “Ethan Frome”, p.18, First Avenue Editions
  • Orion brightened. "I have an idea." "Yes?" said Foaly, daring to hope that a spark of Artemis remained. "Why don't we look for some magic stones that can grant wishes? Or, if that doesn't work, you could search my naked body for some mysterious birthmark that means I am actually the prince of somewhere or other.

    Mean   Ideas   Magic  
  • The fearsome blessing of that hard time continues to work itself out in my life in the same way we're told the universe is still hurtling through outer space under the impact of the great cosmic explosion.... I think grace sometimes explodes into our lives like that-sending our pain, terror, astonishment hurtling through inner space until by grace they become Orion, Cassiopeia, Polaris to give us our bearings, to bring us into something like full being at last.

  • Orion sniffed. "Good. Then, worthy centaur, perhaps you could give me a ride to the village on your way back. Then I can make a few pennies wth my verses while you build us a shack and perform circus tricks for passersby." This was such a surprising statement that Foaly briefly considered jumping into the hole to get away.

    Jumping   Giving   Orion  
  • When I gaze into the stars, they look down upon me with pity from their serene and silent spaces, like eyes glistening with tears over the little lot of man. Thousands of generations, all as noisy as our own, have been swallowed up by time, and there remains no record of them any more. Yet Arcturus and Orion, Sirius and Pleiades, are still shining in their courses, clear and young, as when the shepherd first noted them in the plain of Shinar!

    Stars   Eye   Men  
  • I've seen attack ships on fire on the shoulder of Orion, I've seen moon beams glisten at the Ten hauser gate, all those memories, lost like tears in the rain.

    Memories   Rain   Moon  
  • Scorpions are quite ruthless, you know. That is why Artemis bid one of them to kill her foe Orion. And as a reward she set the scorpion on up in the sky. I'm not ruthless. I merely do whatever it takes to achive my goals That's not ruthless?

    Sky   Goal   Scorpions  
    Lisa Kleypas (2009). “Tempt Me at Twilight”, p.21, Macmillan
  • Hold your hands out over the earth as over a flame. To all who love her, who open to her the doors of their veins, she gives of her strength, sustaining them with her own measureless tremor of dark life. Touch the earth, love the earth, honor the earth, her plains, her valleys, her hills, and her seas; rest your spirit in her solitary places. For the gifts of life are the earth's and they are given to all, and they are the songs of birds at daybreak, Orion and the Bear, and dawn seen over ocean from the beach.

    Song   Beach   Ocean  
    Henry Beston, Elizabeth Jane Coatsworth (2001). “The Best of Beston: A Selection from the Natural World of Henry Beston from Cape Cod to the St. Lawrence”, p.38, David R. Godine Publisher
  • You know, Miss Holly, you look very dramatic like that, backlit by the fire. Very attractive, if I may say so. I know you shared a moment passionne with Artemis which he subsequently fouled up with his typical boorish behavior. Let me just throw something out there for you to consider while we're chasing the probe: I share Artemis's passion but not his boorishness. No pressure; just think about it. This was enough to elicit a deafening moment of silence even in the middle of a crisis, which Orion seemed to be blissfully unaffected by.

    Passion   Thinking   Fire  
  • Not me," said Orion cheerily. "I'm just a teenager with hormones running wild. And may I say ,young fairy lady, they're running wild in your direction." Holly lifted her visor and looked the hormonal teenager in the eye. "This had better not be a game, Artemis. If you do not have some serious psychosis, you will be sorry." "Oh, I'm crazy, alright. I do have plenty of psychoses," said Orion Cheerily. "Multiple personality, delusional dementia, OCD. I've got them all, but most of all, I'm crazy about you.

    Running   Sorry   Crazy  
  • The rainy Pleiads wester Orion plunges prone, And midnight strikes and hastens, And I lie down alone.

    Lying   Midnight   Orion  
  • Holly is alive,' thought Foaly 'My princess lives,'exulted Orion. 'And we're chasing a dragon

    Eoin Colfer (2010). “Artemis Fowl and the Atlantis Complex”, p.120, Penguin UK
  • Oh, Constellations of the early night That sparkled brighter as the twilight died, And made the darkness glorious! I have seen Your rays grow dim upon the horizon's edge And sink behind the mountains. I have seen The great Orion, with his jewelled belt, That large-limbed warrior of the skies, go down Into the gloom. Beside him sank a crowd Of shining ones.

    William Cullen Bryant, “The Constellations”
  • My heart is sand and Orion's cruel tide has washed it away from me, scattered it, lost it.

    Heart   Orion   Tides  
  • I am not exuding anything," said Holly through gritted teeth. Orion tapped her shoulder. "I beg to differ. You're exuding right now, a wonderful aura. It's pastel blue with little dolphins.

    Blue   Hollies   Dolphins  
  • Rigel, Betelgeuse, and Orion. There was no finer church, no finer choir, than the stars speaking in silence to the many consumptives silently condemned, a legion upon the dark rooftops. The wind came down from the north like a runner in lacrosse, violent and hard, to batter every living thing. They were there, each one alone in conversation with the stars, mining ephemeral love from cold and distant light.

    Stars   Dark   Light  
  • I've been using easy-to-understand DC Comics-surrogates to describe him: imagine if Darkseid's son, Orion, joined the Green Lantern Corps to train them to stop Darkseid. That's essentially what Victory is doing in the Galactic Rangers.

    Son   Dc Comics   Victory  
    "Sterling Gates Takes On Jack Kirby's 'Captain Victory'". Comic Vine Interview, comicvine.gamespot.com. August 29, 2011.
  • I need some older, wiser being to cry to. I talk to God, but the sky is empty, and Orion walks by and doesn't speak.

    Sky   Needs   Orion  
    Sylvia Plath (2007). “The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath”, p.199, Anchor
  • Orion nodded, then asked, “Dwarf cheese?” “Cheese made by dwarfs.” “Oh,” said Orion, relieved. “They make it. It’s not actually . . .” “No. What a horrible thought.” “Exactly.

    Dwarves   Orion   Cheese  
    Eoin Colfer (2010). “Artemis Fowl and the Atlantis Complex”, p.109, Penguin UK
  • So if you're not Artemis Fowl, then who are you?" The boy extended a dripping hand straight up. "My name is Orion. I am so pleased to meet you at last. I am, of course, your servant." Holly shook the proferred hand, thinking that manners were lovely, but she really needed someone cunning and ruthless right now, and this kid didn't appear to be very cunning.

    Kids   Thinking   Boys  
    Eoin Colfer (2010). “Artemis Fowl and the Atlantis Complex”, p.87, Penguin UK
  • I've got a telescope in my garden and one of the things I love to do is go out and let the sky, the night sky, the galaxies, the Orion nebula, have an impact on my mind. I find that awe inspiring. And just to contemplate on what the astronomers have revealed to us about the immense size and so on of the universe. I find that very healthy. And it's a good thing to do.

    Night   Garden   Sky  
    Source: www.asenseofawe.net
  • But see, Orion sheds unwholesome dews; Arise, the pines a noxious shade diffuse; Sharp Boreas blows, and nature feels decay, Time conquers all, and we must time obey.

    Winter   Blow   Dew  
    Alexander Pope (1822). “The Works of Alexander Pope”, p.142
  • "I live for agressive action!" thundered Orion squeakily, which was unusual. "Oh, how I pray that dragon will turn round that I may smite it." "Smite it with what?" wondered Foaly. "Your secret birthmark?" "Don't you mock my birthmark, which I may or may not have.

    Dragons   Secret   Orion  
    "Artemis Fowl The Atlantis Complex". Book by Eoin Colfer, July 20, 2010.
  • In my utter impotence to test the authenticity of the report of my senses, to know whether the impressions they make on me correspond with outlying objects, what difference does it make, whether Orion is up there in heaven, or some god paints the image in the firmament of the soul?

    Ralph Waldo Emerson, Ronald A. Bosco, Joel Myerson (2015). “Ralph Waldo Emerson”, p.54, Harvard University Press
  • Why no aggressive action?" Foaly squirmed in a harness built for two-legged creatures. "Oh yes, why no aggressive action? How I long for aggressive action." "I live for aggressive action!" thundered Orion squeakily which was unusual. "Oh, how I pray that dragon will turn 'round that I may smite it." "Smite it with what?" wandered Foaly "Your secret birthmark?" "Don't you mock my birthmark, which I may or may not have.

    Dragons   Two   Long  
  • He knows enough, the mariner, who knows Where lurk the shelves, and where the whirlpools boil, What signs portend the storm: to subtler minds He leaves to scan, from what mysterious cause Charybdis rages in the Ionian wave; Whence those impetuous currents in the main Which neither oar nor sail can stem; and why The roughening deep expects the storm, as sure As red Orion mounts the shrouded heaven.

    Sea   Heaven   Mind  
    John Armstrong, John Dyer (1858). “The Poetical Works of Armstrong, Dyer, and Green: With Memoirs, and Critical Dissertations”, p.37
  • I want nothing less than a faith founded upon a rock, faith in the constitution of things. The various man-made creeds are fictitious, like the constellations Orion, Cassiopeia’s Chair, the Big Dipper; the only thing real in them is the stars, and the only thing real in the creeds is the soul’s aspiration toward the Infinite.

    Stars   Real   Men  
    John Burroughs (1924). “Accepting the universe”
  • Can we please focus? We are supposed to be professionals." Holly said. "Not me!" said Orion cheerily, "I'm just a Teenager with hormones running wild and may I say, young fairy lady, they're running wild in your direction.

  • He lay on his back in his blankets and looked our where the quartermoon lay cocked over the heel of the mountains. In the false blue dawn the Pleiades seemed to be rising up into the darkness above the world and dragging all the stars away, the great diamond of Orion and Cepella and the signature of Cassiopeia all rising up through the phosphorous dark like a sea-net. He lay a long time listening to the others breathing in their sleep while he contemplated the wildness about him, the wildness within.

    Stars   Sleep   Dark  
    Cormac McCarthy (2012). “All the Pretty Horses”, p.62, Pan Macmillan
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