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  • Trying to play the new concept with a outward bound feeling.

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  • In all states of dilemma or of difficulty, prayer is an available source. The ship of prayer may sail through all temptations, doubts and fears, straight up to the throne of God; and though she may be outward bound with only griefs, and groans, and sighs, she shall return freighted with a wealth of blessings!

    Prayer   Grief   Blessing  
  • Just, as I have traveled around from school to school, whether it's project-based learning or an outward bound curriculum, it's very hard to tell the difference between charters and public anymore. There's no fine line.

    Source: www.pbs.org
  • The Stone trembled and threw herself outward bound, toward Saturn. In her train followed hundreds and thousands and hundreds of thousands of thousands of restless, rolling Stones . . . to Saturn . . . to Uranus, to Pluto . . . rolling on out to the stars . . . outward bound to the ends of the Universe.

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  • Appreciation is the purest,strongest form of love. It is the outward-bound kind of love that asks for nothing and gives everything.

  • Nothing but a speck we seem In the waste of waters round, Floating, floating like a dream, Outward bound.

    Dream   Water   Floating  
    Dinah Maria Mulock Craik, “Outward Bound”
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