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  • Although my marriage left me with three beautiful children, it also left me with a healthy dose of self-doubt, low self-esteem, and an extreme desire to be loved again. I was operating on empty, expecting to be paid in full.

  • One was kind, out of a bounty that could hardly be exhausted, to old governesses and gardeners, who could be relied upon to give thanks with proper abjection; one performed public duties, for which one was paid in full by deference; one was chaste, refusing to run away from one's husband with other men who for the most part did not ask one to do so, and who in any case had nothing better to offer than one's own home. Knowing no difficulties one was without fortitude; knowing no criteria but one's own achievements one was without taste.

    Running   Husband   Home  
    Rebecca West (2010). “The Thinking Reed”, p.149, Open Road Media
  • I've come to give you your gift back, Mordeth," Cauthon whispered. "I consider our debt paid in full.

    Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson (2013). “A Memory of Light”, p.899, Macmillan
  • The resurrection was God's way of stamping PAID IN FULL right across history so that nobody could miss it.

    Timothy Keller (2011). “King's Cross: Understanding the Life and Death of the Son of God”, p.132, Hachette UK
  • My sin in the past: forgiven. My current struggles: covered. My future failures: paid in full all by the marvelous, infinite, matchless grace found in the atoning work of the cross of Jesus Christ.

    Jesus   Struggle   Past  
  • My account is paid in full. So, why are you calling me?

  • Justice can seem to be so very demanding. But we must learn that when we put everything as right as we can put it right, it is Justice who invokes the Atonement, orders the adversary off our property, and posts the notice that his agents will make no more collections from us. Our debt will have been paid in full by the only perfect pure person who ever lived.

    Life   Learning   Order  
  • There is an interesting point about the price of success: It must always be paid in full-and in advance. Everyone wants to be successful. Everyone wants to be healthy, happy, thin, and rich. But most people are not willing to pay the price.

    Success   Happy   Health  
  • The price of success must be paid in full, in advance.

    Twitter post from May 27, 2016
  • At some time, here or hereafter, every account must be settled, and every debt paid in full.

    Justice   Debt   Accounts  
    "Dictionary of Burning Words of Brilliant Writers". Book by Josiah Hotchkiss Gilbert, p. 361, 1895.
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