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  • The past is prologue.

  • The worst is when someone in your past trumps the person in your present, and you think to yourself: if I'd known this, then maybe I wouldn't have let him go.

    Emily Giffin (2010). “Baby Proof: A Novel”, p.7, Macmillan
  • Children see in their parents the past, their parents see in them the future; and if we find more love in the parents for their children than in children for their parents, this is sad but natural. Who does not entertain his hopes more than his recollections.

  • Change can be good but its always tough to let go of the past

    Emily Giffin (2008). “Love the One You're With”, p.181, St. Martin's Press
  • For most baseball fans, maybe oldest is always best. We love baseball because it seizes and retains the past, like the snowy village inside a glass paperweight.

    Donald Hall (2017). “Fathers Playing Catch with Sons: Essays on Sport (Mostly Baseball)”, p.59, North Point Press
  • A little more patience, a little more charity for all, a little more devotion, a little more love; with less bowing down to the past, and a silent ignoring of pretended authority; brave looking forward to the future with more faith in our fellows, and the race will be ripe for a great burst of light and life.

    Elbert Hubbard (2012). “Little Journeys to the Homes of the Great - Volume 03 Little Journeys to the Homes of American Statesmen”, p.8, tredition
  • If my time on earth were through and she must face the world without me, is the love I gave her in the past gonna be enough to last?

  • I always think clothing is like a scrapbook: you remember all the good memories and the past times.

  • When we are motivated by compassion and wisdom, the results of our actions benefit everyone, not just our individual selves or some immediate convenience. When we are able to recognize and forgive ignorant actions of the past, we gain strength to constructively solve the problems of the present.

  • Custom, then, is the great guide of human life. It is that principle alone, which renders our experience useful to us, and makes us expect, for the future, a similar train of events with those which have appeared in the past.

    David Hume, Eric Steinberg (1993). “An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding ; [with] A Letter from a Gentleman to His Friend in Edinburgh ; [and] An Abstract of a Treatise of Human Nature”, p.29, Hackett Publishing
  • Do you do this because you live such short lives? Tell yourselves wild tales of what might happen tomorrow, and feel all the feelings of events that will never happen? Perhaps to make up for the pasts you cannot recall, you invent futures that will not exist.

  • Valek leaned back in his chair and said to me, “I don’t think I would have made it past the audition,Yelena. I probably would have set my hair on fire by this point.” “What’s a singed head for the sake of art?” I teased. He laughed.

    Maria V. Snyder (2008). “The Study Series Bundle: Poison Study\Assassin Study\Magic Study\Fire Study”, p.315, MIRA
  • We are telling our kids that nature is in the past and it probably doesn't count anymore, the future is in electronics, the boogeyman is in the woods, and playing outdoors is probably illicit and possibly illegal.

  • Although I will deeply miss the talented team at SCEA and the passion demonstrated every day by our fans, I'm very excited about starting the next chapter of my career. I want to thank the employees, partners, and customers for their tireless commitment to the PlayStation brand and, of course, to our fans who have pushed us to new heights of innovation and entertainment over the past two decades. I leave PlayStation in a position of considerable strength and the future will only get brighter for PlayStation Nation.

    "Jack Tretton To Step Down As President And CEO Of Sony Computer Entertainment America". Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., March 06, 2014.
  • I always say, or have said in the past, that ninety-nine and forty-four-hundredths of the audience does not pay any attention to the lighting, but one hundred percent is affected by it.

    "Theatrenow! Interview With Jennifer Tipton, Lighting Designer". "Hamilton Dramaturgy's TheatreNow! " with Anne Hamilton, December 17, 2011.
  • Yog-Sothoth knows the gate. Yog-Sothoth is the gate. Yog-Sothoth is the key and guardian of the gate. Past, present, future, all are one in Yog-Sothoth. He knows where the Old Ones broke through of old, and where They shall break through again. He knows where They have trod earth's fields, and where They still tread them, and why no one can behold Them as They tread.

    H. P. Lovecraft (2016). “H. P. Lovecraft: The Complete Fiction”, p.540, H. P. Lovecraft
  • The present is an age of talkers, and not of doers; and the reason is, that the world is growing old. We are so far advanced in the Arts and Sciences, that we live in retrospect, and dote on past achievement.

    'The Spirit of the Age' (1825) 'Mr Coleridge'
  • Because that's just the way it is, and don't sleep on what you did before, you know, because it can... not hurt you, but you can find yourself sleeping on something that happened in the past, but you dare to progress and there is always room for progression.

  • Time is passing. Each day is a glorious opportunity to live and enjoy. Today I will let the past die - all the undone things, all the misjudged things... Today, there are new pleasures, new challenges, new magic.

  • The past is gone, the future is not yet here, and if we do not go back to ourselves in the present moment, we cannot be in touch with life.

    Twitter post from Aug 09, 2016
  • When future generations look back on the global-warming scare of the past 30 years, nothing will shock them more than the extent to which the official temperature records – on which the entire panic ultimately rested – were systematically “adjusted” to show the Earth as having warmed much more than the actual data justified.

    "The fiddling with temperature data is the biggest science scandal ever". February 7, 2015.
  • Istanbul is divided by time, not space. The first Istanbul is the Istanbul of the past. A long time ago, during the empire, it was beautiful, it was the glorious time of our nation, people say. Then, when they talk about today, they complain about it: It's very melancholic, it's very stressful. We've lost our golden age in the past, and now we're living in our dark era.

  • One of the biggest things I struggle with in life is not being present. I'm worried about my future or I'm dwelling on my past, and I'm wondering why I'm not feeling so great right now, but it's because I'm everywhere else, besides what is currently happening in front of me.

  • It is not about the pasture of the sheep, but about their wool. [Lat., Non est de pastu ovium quaestio, sed de lana.]

  • Above Coblentz almost every mountain has a ruin and a legend. One feels everywhere the spirit of the past, and its stirring recollections come back upon the mind with irresistible force.

    Bayard Taylor (1869). “Views Afoot; Or, Europe Seen with Knapsack and Staff”, p.53
  • The greatest gift . . . is the realization that life does not consist either of wallowing in the past or of peering anxiously at the future; and it is appalling to contemplate the great number of often painful steps by which one arrives at a truth so old, so obvious, and so frequently expressed. It is good for one to appreciate that life is now. Whatever it offers, little or much, life is now-this day-this hour.

  • And now I am eking out my days in my corner, taunting myself with the bitter and entirely useless consolations that an intelligent man cannot seriously become anything; that only a fool can become something. Yes, sir, an intelligent nineteenth-century man must be, is morally bound to be, an essentially characterless creature; and a man of character, a man of action - an essentially limited creature. This is my conviction at the age of forty. I am forty now, and forty years - why, it is all of a lifetime, it is the deepest of old age. Living past forty is indecent, vulgar, immoral!

  • I did learn one great lesson from a past relationship, and that was to never talk about relationships in print again because I'd rather live my private life than read about it.

    "Brittany Murphy: 'Don't listen to' gossip" by Meriah Doty, August 15, 2003.
  • When the past makes you laugh and you can savor the magic that lets you survive your own war, you'll find that that fire is passion and there's a door up ahead - not a wall.

  • As Serbia continues to move towards rectifying the evils of its past and joining the ranks of democratic nations, it is important that the individuals involved in the death of the Bytyqi brothers are held accountable for their actions[.]

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