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  • There's no question almost press secretaries talk about the sense of serving two masters. On the one hand you want to protect the president's interests, and you represent his interests to the press. And the press is a proxy for the American people.

    Hands   Two   People  
  • The media coverage for Donald Trump has been almost cheerleading over the last couple weeks. And I'm convinced it's because many in the press want him to be the nominee.

  • We are somewhat amused by the hysteria manifest in the press at the suggestion by Gordon Liddy that if one is menaced by bad guys (particularly the ninja) one is wise to shoot for the head. That statement has got a whole bunch of journalists and commentators bleeding from the nose. One wonders why it should. Where else should you shoot a man if he is probably wearing an armored vest? If you decide to shoot you have made the big decision. Where you place your shot is merely a technical matter.

    Wise   Men   Hysteria  
  • The press, watchful with more than the hundred eyes of Argus, strong with more than the hundred arms of Briareus, not only guards all the conquests of civilization, but leads the way to future triumphs.

    Charles Sumner (2016). “The Complete Works of Charles Sumner”, p.593, Library of Alexandria
  • Donald Trump may undermine some of the traditional checks on the presidency: the press in particular, but also the various government and Congressional ethics bodies, as well as the career civil service.

  • Too bad you didn't just take Max up on his offer, Four. Well, too bad for you, anyway," says Eric quietly as he clicks the bullet into its chamber. My lungs burn; I haven't breathed in almost a minute. I see Tobias's hand twitch in the corner of my eye, but my hand is already on my gun. I press the barrel to Eric's forehead. His eyes widen, and his face goes slack, and for a second he looks like another sleeping Dauntless soldier. My index finger hovers over the trigger. "Get your gun away from his head," I say. "You won't shoot me," Eric replies. "Interesting theory. " I say.

    Eye   Sleep   Gun  
  • Freedom of the press is not questioned when investigative journalism unearths scandals, But that does not mean that every classified state document should be made available to journalists.

    Mean   Scandal   Doe  
  • There are many Latino writers as talented as I am, but because we are published through small presses, our books don't count. We are still the illegal aliens of the literary world.

    Book   World   Aliens  
  • Let's say I am a chocoholic and I eat tons of chocolate a day. A hundred thousands of tons a day. I have this craving, but I can't afford it, so I get a printing press, and I start printing money, and I print billions and billions to buy chocolate. So I create this boom in the chocolate industry, so stores are running out of chocolate. So they have demand, so chocolate makers expand. Cocoa growers expand. You create this great boom. But now the feds arrest me and shut me down. And now there is a depression in the chocolate industry. That's what happens with the monetary policy.

  • People who think they know what they are talking about when they talk about baseball include the announcers and all of the sports press - no matter how much evidence you present them to the contrary they will continue to think that what they think is right.

    "Michael Lewis on Moneyball". Interview with Robert Birnbaum, June 16, 2003.
  • the press is too often a distorting mirror, which deforms the people and events it represents, making them seem bigger or smaller than they really are.

    Mirrors   Media   People  
    Marguerite Yourcenar, Matthieu Galey (1984). “With Open Eyes: Conversations with Matthieu Galey”, Boston : Beacon Press
  • The theory of the free press is not that the truth will be presented completely or perfectly in any one instance, but that the truth will emerge from free discussion

  • Life treads on life, and heart on heart; We press too close in church and mart To keep a dream or grave apart.

    Dream   Heart   Destiny  
    Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1871). “Poetical Works”, p.230
  • The most effective way to build a brand is not by spending millions in advertising, but by finding a clever way to keep your name in the press.

    Clever   Names   Way  
    FaceBook post by Barbara Corcoran from Sep 25, 2014
  • The liberty of the press is a blessing when we are inclined to write against others, and a calamity when we find ourselves overborne by the multitude of our assailants.

    Samuel Johnson, Arthur Murphy (1857). “The Works of Samuel Johnson, LL.D.: With an Essay on His Life and Genius”, p.191
  • Is there any other industry [than the press] in this country which seeks to presume so completely to give the customer what he does not want?

    Country   Media   Giving  
  • The only security of all is in a free press.

    Letter to Marquis de Lafayette, 4 Nov. 1823
  • anybody who has anything abusive to say of women, whether ancient or modern, can command a vast public in the popular press and a ready agreement from the average publisher.

  • The press is easier to strangle than to look in the eyes.

    Eye   Looks   Censorship  
  • The earth's a door if you press your ear against it.

    Doors   Ears   Earth  
    "Black Swan Green". Book by David Mitchell, April 2006.
  • One thing that is sometimes forgotten in this "future of books" discussion is that there are all these awesome presses - big and small - that are producing and designing amazing books.

    Book   Design   Sometimes  
  • In the North, neither greenbacks, taxes, nor war bonds were enough to finance the war. So a national banking system was created to convert government bonds into fiat money, and the people lost over half of their monetary assets to the hidden tax of inflation. In the South, printing presses accomplished the same effect, and the monetary loss was total.

    War   Loss   Government  
    "The creature from Jekyll Island". Book by G. Edward Griffin, 1994.
  • I think the press is here to inform and empower people.

  • I've been an ambassador of goodwill all over the world, spreading this message, did we do heal the world, treaty of all nations, circling this huge globe? What I don't understand is just singing about sex and "I want to get in a hot tub with you baby and rub you all over" and, but I get battered in the press as the weirdo.

    Baby   Sex   Singing  
    "Children 'saved me,' Michael Jackson said". "Dateline", September 25, 2009.
  • I had a period after touring the first record where I didn't agree with the way things worked in the music industry as far as how you release music, demand, the pace of everything. You don't know who's talking to you. Who's Spotify? Who's iTunes? Who are all those bloggers? Who says I have to do this? Why do you have to do all this press? Why do I have to do so many shows? Why do I have to do a regular album right now? I don't understand it.

    Talking   Way   Firsts  
  • Imagine hidden in a simpler exterior a secret receptacle wherein the most precious treasure is deposited - there is a spring which has to be pressed, but the spring is hidden, and the pressure must have a certain strength, so that an accidental pressure would not be sufficient. So likewise is the hope of eternity hidden in man's inmost parts, and affliction is the pressure. When it presses the hidden spring, and strongly enough, then the contents appear in all their glory.

    Spring   Men   Secret  
  • Touching his hair, she leaned hesitantly forward, and he folded his arms around her, sinking into sensation again as they kissed--the slight weight of her on his lap, the smell of her. He glided his hands up the warm dip of her spine, felt her shiver and press closer. He could never get enough of this. Never.

    Hair   Hands   Smell  
  • Religion exalts mystery as an unknowable secret that must be sealed in glass like the corpse of an enchanted princess and fearfully worshipped from afar. Initiation, on the other hand, requires direct participation and demands each of us to smash the casket and press mad lips to mystery, wooing her as a lover who will offer up her treasurers in a succession of sweet surrenders. This she will do, but only in exact ratio to our evolving ability and worthiness to receive them.

    Lon Milo DuQuette (2012). “The Sons of Osiris: A Side Degree: Magical Antiquarian, A Weiser Books Collection”, p.6, Weiser Books
  • I don't encourage any act of murder nor do I glorify in anybody's death, but I do think that when the white public uses its press to magnify the fact that there are the lives of white hostages at stake, they don't say "hostages," every paper says "white hostages." They give me the impression that they attach more importance to a white hostage and a white death, than they do the death of a human being, despite the color of his skin.

    Thinking   White   Color  
    Malcolm X's speech at the Oxford Union debate (December 3, 1964) as quoted in Saladin Ambar "Malcolm X at Oxford Union: Racial Politics in a Global Era" (p. 174), 2013.
  • The future rewards those who press on. I don't have time to feel sorry for myself. I don't have time to complain. I'm going to press on.

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