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  • My parents didn't have the opportunities that my wife and I have now, from a quality of life standpoint.

  • There is nothing difficult, there is nothing complicated, only one has to have a desire to have a better quality of life.

  • Animal liberation is also human liberation. Animal liberationists care about the quality of life for all. We recognize our kinship with all feeling beings. We identify with the powerless and the vulnerable, the victims, all those dominated, oppressed and exploited. And it is the non-human animals whose suffering is the most intense, widespread, expanding, systematic and socially sanctioned of all.

  • Congress must take responsibility for a new positive direction - an innovative agenda that will lead to a more secure America. Secure communities, secure economies, and a secure quality of life.

  • The young people of India will build a strong and powerful nation, a nation that is politically mature and economically strong, a nation whose people enjoy both a high quality of life as well as justice.

  • It's your body and you're going to have a much better life, you are going to have a quality life, better lifestyle, you're going to be healthier, you're going to be happier, you're going to enjoy the people around you and they're going to enjoy you more.

    People   Quality   Body  
  • Improving the quality of life for people of this country is perhaps the most important duty of Government

    Love   Life   Family  
  • The quality of life depends upon the ability of society to teach it's members how to live in harmony with their environment-def ined first as family, then the community, then the world and its resources.

  • The objective of spiritual advancement is not so much 'works' but the quality of life free from ego-consciousness.

    Spiritual   Ego   Quality  
  • There are two main strategies we can try to improve the quality of life. The first is to try making external conditions match our goals. The second is to change how we experience external conditions to make them fit our goals better.

    Change   Two   Goal  
    Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (2001). “Flow: the psychology of optimal experience”
  • A man of quality is never threatened by a woman of equality.

    Life   Men   Quality  
    Jill Briscoe (2012). “Out of the Storm and into God’s Arms: Shelter in Turbulent Times”, p.177, CLC Publications
  • Because a true sense of purpose is deeply emotional, it serves as a compass to guide us to act in a way completely consistent with our values and beliefs. Purpose does not need to involve calculations or numbers. Purpose is about the quality of life. Purpose is human, not economic.

  • Your habits will determine your quality of life.

  • Doing the right things for the right reason in the right way is the key to Quality of Life!

    Stephen R. Covey, A. Roger Merrill, Rebecca R. Merrill (1995). “First Things First”, p.144, Simon and Schuster
  • It was not their irritating assumption of equality that annoyed Nicholai so much as their cultural confusions. The Americans seemed to confuse standard of living with quality of life, equal opportunity with institutionalized mediocrity, bravery with courage, machismo with manhood, liberty with freedom, wordiness with articulation, fun with pleasure - in short, all of the misconceptions common to those who assume that justice implies equality for all, rather than equality for equals.

    Trevanian (2005). “Shibumi: A Novel”, p.137, Broadway Books
  • The quality of life, which in the ardour of spring was personal and sexual, becomes social in midsummer.

    Spring   Quality   Social  
    Henry Beston (1956). “The Outermost House”
  • There needs to be bolder thinking, ... on how to measure the quality of life of men and women in the work force. Currently, success is measured by material advancements. We need to readjust the definition of success to account for time outside of work and satisfaction of life, not just the dollars-and-cents bottom line.

    Men   Thinking   Quality  
  • There is a difference between standard of living and quality of life. Quality of life is more important.

  • An outdated view still prevails that a low-carbon lifestyle requires immense personal suffering and sacrifice. In my view, nothing could be further from the truth. All the evidence shows that people who do not drive, do not fly on planes, do shop locally, do grow their own food, and do get to know other members of their community have a much higher quality of life than their compatriots who still persist in making the ultimate sacrifice of wasting their lives commuting to work in cars.

  • Time is valuable, and telework is a viable component to help improve quality of life in many ways.

    Quality   Way   Helping  
  • Speed is one of the great curses of modern civilization, obsession with speed leads to quantitative approach; we come to believe that more is better. This is very materialistic, we have to realize that it is the quality of life, quality of relationships, quality of food, medicine, education and everything else which matters.

    Interview with Frank Lipman, www.drfranklipman.com. April 14, 2009.
  • Education is a very empowering experience, so many people who went to school also managed to improve their quality of life much faster because they could get a job, they could get money. Once people see that you improve your life if you are educated, then education becomes a valuable tool and people want it.

    Jobs   School   People  
  • In the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.

  • The future of humanity is uncertain, even in the most prosperous countries, and the quality of life deteriorates; and yet I believe that what is being discovered about the infinitely large and infinitely small is sufficient to absolve this end of the century and millennium. What a very few are acquiring in knowledge of the physical world will perhaps cause this period not to be judged as a pure return of barbarism.

    1985 Other People's Trades,'News from the Sky' (translated by Raymond Rosenthal,1989).
  • A decrease in the quantity of legislation generally means an increase in the quality of life.

    Mean   Quality   Increase  
    "The Gift Of Doing Very Little". www.washingtonpost.com. December 23, 2007.
  • Love is the most important ingredient to any meaningful relationship. It is fundamental to true significance. Your quality of life is directly tied to the amount of love flowing in you and through you to others. Though it's often overlooked, love is infinitely more valuable than riches, fame, and honor. They will pass away, but love remains. You can be fulfilled without these, but not without love.

  • ... success or failure, the truth of a life really has little to do with its quality. The quality of life is in proportion, always, to the capacity for delight. The capacity for delight is the gift of paying attention.

    Life   Gratitude   Truth  
    Julia Cameron (2012). “The Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity”, p.80, Souvenir Press
  • I care so passionately about improving the quality of life for women and girls, not just here in the United States, but internationally as well. I am a single mom and I raised a daughter who is now a young adult.

    Girl   Mom   Daughter  
    "An Interview With Valerie Jarrett: Senior Advisor to President Obama Talks Gender Parity". Interview with Rahim Kanani, www.huffingtonpost.com. January 3, 2011.
  • It's not the length but the quality of life that matters to me. It has always been important to me to write one sentence at a time, to live every day as if it were my last and judge it in those terms, often badly, not because it lacked grand gesture or grand passion but because it failed in the daily virtues of self-discipline, kindness, and laughter. It is love, very ordinary, human love, and not fear, which is the good teacher and the wisest judge.

    Love   Teacher   Kindness  
  • In the Middle East you get that sense that leadership decisions and the local powers that are working around us all the time have a direct effect on the quality of life... and that quality of life is obviously very different between a kid who is growing up in a refugee camp and somebody who is living in Tel Aviv.

    Source: www.indielondon.co.uk
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