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  • The parliamentary principle of vesting legislative power in the decision of the majority rejects the authority of the individual and puts a numerical quota of anonymous heads in its place. In doing so it contradicts the aristocratic principle, which is a fundamental law of nature.

    Law   Decision   Majority  
    Adolf Hitler (2016). “Mein Kampf”, p.161, Adolf Hitler
  • Incompetent government embraces hiring quotas, thus furthering their incompetence.

  • A quota is always something artificial that can only last for a certain period of time.

    Quota   Lasts   Periods  
  • But there had to be a quota. An upper limit to the number of miracles one is privileged to in a lifetime. How many times can a beloved reappear?

    Numbers   Miracle   Quota  
    Anthony Marra (2013). “A Constellation of Vital Phenomena”, p.51, Random House
  • It pisses me off to think we're conditioned to push away bad feelings and think anything that's uncomfortable is to be avoided. When things are really bad nowadays, I recognize the value in it because it's me filling my quota- it's going to make my joy more intense later.

    Thinking   Joy   Feelings  
    Interview with Carrie Battan, pitchfork.com. June 4, 2012.
  • I still just like everybody else need to meet quotas with my spins, with my buzz and make my way into the office. It has to be undeniable; the world has to know about you before Jay-Z makes a call.

    Office   Needs   Quota  
    HipHop Canada Interview, www.hiphopcanada.com. July 12, 2006.
  • Between the Community Redevelopment Act, requiring banks to make what I would call very weak loans, and specific quotas that the Congress imposed on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, that created the market demand that really led to the subprime phenomenon.

  • The traditional metaphor for careers is a ladder, but I no longer think that metaphor holds. It just doesn’t make sense in a less hierarchical world... Build your skills, not your resume. Evaluate what you can do, not the title they’re going to give you. Do real work. Take a sales quota, a line role, an ops job. Don’t plan too much, and don’t expect a direct climb. If I had mapped out my career when I was sitting where you are, I would have missed my career.

    Jobs   Real   Thinking  
    Sheryl Sandberg's Speech on Harvard Business School Class Day in Cambridge, Massachusetts., www.huffingtonpost.com. May 30, 2017.
  • The wise man seeks little joys, knowing that life is long and that his quota of great joys is distinctly limited.

    Wise   Men   Knowing  
  • I don't impose any word count or number-of-hours quota on myself, or have any rules, except one: persistence. Nothing glamorous. No epiphanies. Just revisiting and rewriting. For me, momentum is far more important than inspiration.

  • My mother's people, the people who captured my imagination when I was growing up, were of the Deep South - emotional, changeable, touched with charisma and given to histrionic flourishes. They were courageous under tension and unexpectedly tough beneath their wild eccentricities, for they had and unusually close working agreement with God. They also had an unusually high quota of bullshit.

  • I don't really care who's doing drugs in the NBA as long as the scene isn't adversely affecting my team and teammates. I've known enough drug users-going as far back as grade school and the streets of New York-not to view them as pariahs or lost souls. I've certainly smoked more than my quota of weed.

    Weed   New York   Team  
  • Quotas are a perfectly logical, if diabolical, extension of the regulation of private property courtesy of the Civil Rights Act, whereby in an attempt to shape American society in politically pleasing ways, people have been coerced into liking, hiring or renting against their will or better judgment.

    Rights   People   Quota  
    "Liberty and the Civil Wrongs Act". www.wnd.com. April 02, 2010.
  • Diversity is, by definition, discrimination. It leads to things like quotas and racial profiling.

    Source: www.wsj.com
  • One must put things in perspective - I've been given a circumstance with very little time to catch form and try and get an Olympic quota for the country.

  • There are days when I think the National Endowment for the Arts should issue a quota system for the production of plays by women - especially when you realize women buy 70 percent of all theater tickets.

    Art   Thinking   Play  
  • The Australian way of affirmative action is setting goals and recognising discrimination and lack of opportunity and deciding to take action and setting some goals and targets. I guess I prefer that language to talking about quotas.

  • I was a lawyer and I have been married to a lawyer. I think one lawyer per household is plenty. It's a good quota for us.

    Source: www.politico.com
  • In any case, ideals are something we strive for; they are somewhere on the horizon of our efforts; they provide meaning and direction; they are not, however, static quotas that we either fulfill or do not.

    Effort   Horizon   Quota  
    Vaclav Havel (2009). “To the Castle and Back”, p.285, Vintage
  • Happily, there's a reversal of the brain drain occurring in Ghana now. We're seeing a lot of - actually in Africa - we're seeing a lot of African professionals, you know, returning to the continent to contribute their quota.

    Ghana   Brain   Quota  
    "Ghana's New President Shaped By A Violent Past". "Tell Me More" with Michel Martin, www.npr.org. July 25, 2012.
  • If you think quotas mean the best person not getting the job, you have to believe that the best person always gets the job at the moment. Do you really believe there are more than three times more men named John qualified to lead FTSE 100 companies in the UK than all the women put together? All the 32 MILLION women combined? Just statistically, that doesn't make sense.

    Jobs   Believe   Mean  
  • When leadership set the goals by themselves, they are not goals, they are quotas.

    Goal   Quota  
    Dave Ramsey (2011). “EntreLeadership: 20 Years of Practical Business Wisdom from the Trenches”, p.40, Simon and Schuster
  • I don't believe in quotas. America was founded on a philosophy of individual rights, not group rights.

  • I heard about a pastor in a church of 5,000 people who employed two seminary students whose main responsibility was to get four new people baptized each week. When asked, "What happens if they can't meet the quota?", his response was, "Then I'll find two students who can". This man wasn't even remotely interested in true gospel preaching. He was results-driven.

    Source: matthiasmedia.com
  • We have the illusion of freedom only because so few ever try to exercise it. Try it sometime. Try to save your home from the highway crowd, or to work a trade without the approval of the goons, or to open a little business without a permit, or to grow a crop without a quota, or to educate your child the way you want to, or to not have a child. We all have the freedom of a balloon floating in a pin factory.

    "From Far Right to Far Left". The New York Times Magazine, (p. 305), Decemebr 6, 1970.
  • Here's the point - you're looking at affirmative action, and you're looking at marijuana. You legalize marijuana, no need for quotas, because really, who's gonna wanna work?

    Marijuana   Needs   Quota  
  • We fall into the old stuff of textuality, and almost everything becomes safe because nobody wants to talk about what is not safe in poetry. We fall back on the psychologic, the ethnic, the quota, and serve the perpetuation of the machine.

    Fall   Quota   Machines  
    Source: therumpus.net
  • Death doesn't care about personalities - he's more interested in meeting quotas.

    Jasper Fforde (2005). “Something Rotten: A Thursday Next Novel”, p.213, Penguin
  • Even when I'm railed at, I get my quota of renown.

    Quota   Renown  
  • It is said by the rebels at Roxbury that Col. Watson has given his quota to support the people.

    People   Support   Rebel  
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