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  • For in the immediate world, everything is to be discerned, for him who can discern it, and central and simply, without either dissection into science, or digestion into art, but with the whole of consciousness, seeking to perceive it as it stands: so that the aspect of a street in sunlight can roar in the heart of itself as a symphony, perhaps as no symphony can: and all of consciousness is shifted from the imagined, the revisive, to the effort to perceive simply the cruel radiation of what is.

    Art   Symphony   Effort  
  • In the Radiation Laboratory we count it a privilege to do everything we can to assist our medical colleagues in the application of these new tools to the problems of human suffering.

  • Free passion is radiation without a radiator, a fluid, pervasive warmth that flows effortlessly. It is not destructive because it is a balanced state of being and highly intelligent. Self-consciousness inhibits this intelligent, balanced state of being. By opening, by dropping our self-conscious grasping, we see not only the surface of an object, but we see the whole way through.

    Chogyam Trungpa (2010). “The Collected Works of Chogyam Trungpa: Volume Three: Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism; The Myth of Freedom; The Heart of the Bud dha; Selected Writings”, p.244, Shambhala Publications
  • Not smoking enough will cause lung cancer! If anybody is getting a cancerous activity in the lung, the probabilities are that it's radiation dosage coupled with the fact that he smokes. And what it does is start to run out the radiation dosage, don't you see.

    Saint Hill Special Briefing Course, 35, July 19, 1961.
  • In Canada the cancer death rate is 16% higher than in the U.S. because of rationing of medical care. It takes an eight week wait to get radiation therapy for cancer.

    Cancer   Eight   Waiting  
  • In 5 billion years, the expansion of the universe will have progressed to the point where all other galaxies will have receded beyond detection. Indeed, they will be receding faster than the speed of light, so detection will be impossible. Future civilizations will discover science and all its laws, and never know about other galaxies or the cosmic background radiation. They will inevitably come to the wrong conclusion about the universe......We live in a special time, the only time, where we can observationally verify that we live in a special time.

    Light   Years   Law  
    YouTube Channel "Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason & Science"/"'A Universe From Nothing' by Lawrence Krauss, AAI 2009", www.youtube.com. October 21, 2009.
  • At my age, the radiation will probably do me good.

    Age   Radiation  
    Biography/Personal Quotes, www.imdb.com.
  • For in 1900 all electromagnetic radiation of longer wavelengths was already known at least to the extent that one could not seek in it the more striking characteristics of X-rays such as, for example, the strong penetrating power.

    Strong   Rays   Example  
  • I go for my completely routine mammogram and then I get a call from my gynecologist. And she says, 'Well, I have some - it's not such great news, but here it is, but it's very small and we're just going to get in there and take it right out, right away, and then you'll probably have radiation.'

    "Cynthia Nixon Beats Breast Cancer, Becomes Advocate" by Olivia Sterns, Jen Periera, Thea Trachtenberg and Laura Zachary, abcnews.go.com. April 15, 2008.
  • More is learned in a public than in a private school, from emulation. There is the collision of mind with mind, or the radiation of many minds pointing to one center.

    School   Mind   Radiation  
    James Boswell, Alexander Napier, Richard Duppa, Robina Napier, Samuel Johnson (1884). “The life of Samuel Johnson, LL. D. Together with the journal of a tour to the Hebrides: James Boswell”
  • Both matter and radiation possess a remarkable duality of character, as they sometimes exhibit the properties of waves, at other times those of particles. Now it is obvious that a thing cannot be a form of wave motion and composed of particles at the same time - the two concepts are too different

    Werner Heisenberg (2013). “The Physical Principles of the Quantum Theory”, p.14, Courier Corporation
  • I danced through chemo and radiation cycles.

  • There's almost no food that isn't genetically modified. Genetic modification is the basis of all evolution. Things change because our planet is subjected to a lot of radiation, which causes DNA damage, which gets repaired, but results in mutations, which create a ready mixture of plants that people can choose from to improve agriculture.

    "An Advocate for Science Diplomacy" by Claudia Dreifus, www.nytimes.com. August 18, 2008.
  • My girlfriend said, Just buy me something crazy and expensive, something I don't even need! So, I signed her up for radiation treatment.

  • Cellphone and other wireless radiation should be classified as a "probable human carcinogen."

    Source: www.salon.com
  • Information of fundamental importance to the general problem of atomic structure has resulted from systematic studies of the cosmic radiation carried out by the Wilson cloud-chamber method.

    Carl David Anderson (1937). “The Production and Properties of Positrons ...”
  • I therefore take the liberty of proposing for this hypothetical new atom, which is not light but plays an essential part in every process of radiation, the name photon.

    Light   Play   Names  
  • Folic acid deficiency does the same thing as radiation.

    Doe   Radiation   Acid  
  • In discussing the state of the atmosphere following a nuclear exchange, we point especially to the effects of the many fires that would be ignited by the thousands of nuclear explosions in cities, forests, agricultural fields, and oil and gas fields. As a result of these fires, the loading of the atmosphere with strongly light absorbing particles in the submicron size range (1 micron = 10-6 m) would increase so much that at noon solar radiation at the ground would be reduced by at least a factor of two and possibly a factor of greater than one hundred.

    Light   Cities   Two  
    "The Atmosphere after a Nuclear War: Twilight at Noon". AMBIO, A Journal of the Human Environment, January 1982.
  • I love nuclear. It does this radiation thing that's tricky. But they're good solutions. You know, it was interesting; recently, in Connecticut this natural gas plant blew up 11 guys. It just blew them up.

    "Bill Gates’ Plutonium Pipe Dream: Convert Mountains of Depleted Uranium at Paducah to Power Earth for Centuries". "EnviroNews DC News Bureau" with Josh Cunnings, www.environews.tv. March 14, 2016.
  • A young child's brain has a thinner skull and the brain contains more fluid. The more fluid or fat in any material, the more it absorbs microwave radiation.

    Children   Skulls   Brain  
    Source: www.salon.com
  • To my mind, the theory of [evolution] does not stand up at all. If living matter is not, then, caused by the interplay of atoms, natural forces, and radiation [i.e., time, chance, and chemistry], how has it come into being? I think, however, that we must go further than this and admit that the only acceptable explanation is creation.

  • The Atomic Age was born in secrecy, and for two decades after Hiroshima, the high priests of the cult of the atom concealed vital information about the risks to human health posed by radiation. Dr. Alice Stewart, an audacious and insightful medical researcher, was one of the first experts to alert the world to the dangers of low-level radiation.

    Two   Risk   Insightful  
  • The universe will finally become a ball of radiation, becoming more and more rarified and passing into longer and longer wave-lengths. The longest waves of radiation are Hertzian waves of the kind used in broadcasting. About every 1500 million years this ball of radio waves will double in diameter; and it will go on expanding in geometrical progression for ever. Perhaps then I may describe the end of the physical world as-one stupendous broadcast.

  • E=mc2. Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared. The original statement is: If a body gives off the energy L in the form of radiation, its mass diminishes by L/c2. Ist die Tragheit eines Korpers von Seinem Energieghalt Abhangig? 1905

    Light   Giving   Energy  
  • I joined the Army and was sent to the MIT radiation laboratory after a few months of introduction to electromagnetic wave theory in a special course, given for Army personnel at the University of Chicago.

    Army   Special   Chicago  
  • ..Radiation...the biggest lobby ...in the world. It's involved in university research. ...industries...the whole medical profession.., the whole military establishment, and the economic and military policy of the country depends on people being willing to handle radio-active materials.

    Country   Military   Dark  
  • Harmful bacteria, viruses, calcium-forming micro-organisms, and candida are part of our world. Unfortunately, so are toxic chemicals, including everything from pesticides to car pollution to nuclear radiation to most municipal tap waters.

    Our World   Water   Car  
  • Chaga is the most powerful cancer-fighting herb known and fights all kinds of radiation damage to healthy tissue.

  • The current lack of a national standard for operators of medical imaging and radiation therapy equipment poses a hazard to American patients and jeopardizes quality health care.

    Quality   Hazards   Care  
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