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  • Radio news is bearable. This is due to the fact that while the news is being broadcast, the disk jockey is not allowed to talk.

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    Fran Lebowitz (2011). “The Fran Lebowitz Reader”, p.193, Vintage
  • Youre only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!

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  • My father was a news guy, you know, he was in radio news. And so that was sort of in my DNA. It was something we talked about at the dinner table when I was a kid.

    "Comedian Bill Maher Plays Not My Job". "Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!" with Peter Sagal, December 16, 2011.
  • The war is definitely in the background, only referred to in radio news blips and conversation. I think, ultimately, this film is about the choices these guys are faced with. In that way, I think this is a more personal story about their friendship, about the reaction that they have when they're essentially faced with death, to a certain degree.

  • I always wanted to be a comedian, even when I was a little kid. I had a funny father who was in the news business, by the way. He was a radio news guy. So the news was always in my house, and funny was always in my house. It was sort of just baked into the DNA that I would do this for a living, but I can remember being less than 10 years old and dreaming about being a comedian.

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  • You're gonna need a bigger boat.

    "Fictional character: Chief Martin Brody". "Jaws", June 20, 1975.
  • If radio news is to be regarded as a commodity, only acceptable when saleable, then I don't care what you call it - I say it isn't news.

    Radio-Television News Directors Association Convention Address, delivered 15 October 1958, Chicago, Illinois
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