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  • Experience has taught me how important it is to just keep going, focusing on running fast and relaxed. Eventually it passes and the flow returns. It's part of racing.

    Sports   Running   Focus  
  • I joined the Army in 1965 and served with the 11th Hussars, which I loved. The regiment was so relaxed - a salute was more like a friendly wave.

    Army   Friendly   Wave  
  • Relaxation is the point. And if you can relax with an enlightened person his enlightenment will start penetrating you, because when you are relaxed you become porous. When you are tense you are closed; when you relax he will enter

  • Again and again parents describe...the trancelike nature of their children's television watching. The child's facial expression is transformed. The jaw is relaxed and hangs open slightly; the tongue rests on the front teeth. The eyes have a glazed, vacuous look.

  • If I relaxed, if I took my foot off the gas, I would probably die.

    Feet   Gas   Relaxed  
  • People have often said to me, 'You're so relaxed when you play.' Relaxed my elbow. It's practice.

    Practice   Play   People  
  • Meditation is not something you do in the morning and you are finished with it, meditation is something that you have to go on living every moment of your life. Walking, sleeping, sitting, talking, listening - it has to become a kind of climate. A relaxed person remains in it. A person who goes on dropping the past remains meditative.

    Morning   Sleep   Past  
  • There's such cultural rot taking place, such a disintegration throughout our culture. Values, morality, you name it. Standards have been relaxed, and people are not being held to them. People's intentions, if they're said to be good and honorable, that's all that matters.

    Names   People   Culture  
    "1998 Audio: Obama Admitted Welfare Recipients Potentially a “Majority Coalition”". "The Rush Limbaugh show" with Rush Limbaugh, September 24, 2012.
  • Horses are consistent and logical. The horse will do what is easiest for him. If you make it easy for him to buck you off, kick you, and run away, that’s just what he’s going to do. And more power to him. But if you make it easy for the horse to be relaxed and calm and accurate — and also have it be a beautiful dance between you and the horse — it won’t be too long before he’ll be hunting for that just as hard as you are. Whatever you make easy for the horse, that’s what he’s going to get good at.

  • Nelson Mandela was just a human being, a person like other people, and everyone relaxed. Within a minute, that sort of thing about the leader and the lead, the gap was closed, and that's a rare thing.

    People   Leader   Gaps  
  • You have to block everything out and be extremely focused and be relaxed and mellow too.

    Block   Focus   Tennis  
  • I wonder if Watson is in the relaxed state of mind he's in

    Racing   Mind   Wonder  
  • I was hoping to do an impressionist painting, but I wanted a good likeness and I wanted to create a feeling of the lady as a person, as a human being rather than as a figurehead for the monarchy and a pomp-and-circumstance sort of formal portrait. I wanted more of a relaxed portrait.

  • When the mind is totally present, it is relaxed, nimble, and sensitive. It feels lighter and clearer. It notices everything, but it is not distracted by anything. It is the feeling of knowing exactly where you are and what you are doing.

    Knowing   Feelings   Mind  
    Sakyong Mipham (2012). “Running with the Mind of Meditation: Lessons for Training Body and Mind”, p.152, Harmony
  • Diets are based on the unspoken fear that you are a madwoman, a food terrorist, a lunatic…The promise of a diet is not only that you will have a different body; it is that in having a different body, you will have a different life. If you hate yourself enough, you will love yourself. If you torture yourself enough, you will become a peaceful, relaxed human being.

    Geneen Roth (2011). “Women Food and God: An Unexpected Path to Almost Everything”, p.73, Simon and Schuster
  • I want to keep developing. I want to become relaxed in my own work and go deeper. Just growing and studying and trying new things and hopefully having professional access to work that's good and interesting. I don't want to be on the treadmill of artificiality.

  • We can have our own choices in sex partners, but you cannot avoid birth and death. It's the content of all religion and art. We familiarize them and if we're more honest, we'd be far more relaxed about them.

    Art   Sex   Choices  
    "'You have naked bodies and genitalia, don't you? Why are you so adolescent?': Director Peter Greenaway on 'Puritan' Americans and the intense sex scenes in 'Eisenstein in Guanajuato'". Interview with Gary M. Kramer, February 4, 2016.
  • We are intensely relaxed about people getting filthy rich.

    People   Rich   Filthy  
    "Biography/ Personal Quotes".
  • Broadly speaking, the Southern and Western desert and mountain states will vote for the candidate who endorses an aggressive military, a role for religion in public life, laissez-faire economic policies, private ownership of guns and relaxed conditions for using them, less regulation and taxation, and a valorization of the traditional family.

    Military   Gun   Southern  
  • The Christian life, then, is a battle, so sharp and full of danger that effort can nowhere be relaxed without loss.

    Christian   Loss   Effort  
  • We did not treat the Americans badly. They left Iran in a relaxed mood. The embassy was active here after the revolution. We didn't have any problem with them. They started it.

    "Iran's ex-president: U.S should show goodwill". Interview with Barbara Slavin, February 6, 2005.
  • I do my best hitting when I'm walking. That means I'm relaxed and my pitch recognition is a lot better.

  • When law becomes despotic, morals are relaxed, and vice versa.

    Law   Vices   Literature  
    Honore de Balzac (2011). “The Magic Skin: Or The Wild Ass's Skin”, p.56, The Floating Press
  • I think it's very natural to get nervous. I've usually got concerns about a specific thing in the opening which might worry me. I have to be relaxed and balanced emotionally and then I can concentrate on the moves during the game. Then things will be ok.

  • Why is so much sex needed? Because you are tense, sex becomes a release. Your tensions are released through it - you feel relaxed, you can go to sleep; if you repress it, you remain tense. And if you repress sex - the only release, the only possibility of release - what will happen? You will go mad. Where will you release your tensions then?

    Sex   Sleep   Mad  
  • When I run, I think about everything: physics, family problems, plans for the weekend. I haven't made any big discoveries on a run, but it does give me time to think through problems. Some solutions are obvious, but they are only obvious when you are relaxed enough to find them.

  • I'm quite sensitive to people noticing me. There are times when I'm relaxed, then others when it does make me self-conscious.

    Self   People   Doe  
  • If you look at old pictures, Irene Casey is so pretty. Not just young, but pretty the way you look when your face goes smooth, the skin around your eyes and lips relaxed, the pretty you only look when you love the person taking the picture.

    Eye   Skins   Looks  
    "Rant: An Oral Biography of Buster Casey". Book by Chuck Palahniuk, May 1, 2007.
  • Learn to pay attention to your body with the relaxed attitude of gratitude, trust, curiosity and unconditional love rather than being pushed around by habit, fear, anxiety, social customs, other people's schedules and other people's ideas about what is good for you.

  • I basically never feel like writing. I am a happy-go-lucky, relaxed, fun-seeking kind of person. And working disturbs that, because it puts me in a state of anxiety.

    Fun   Writing   Anxiety  
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