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  • In south west Lancashire, babies don't toddle, they side-step. Queuing women talk of 'nipping round the blindside'. Rugby league provides our cultural adrenalin. It's a physical manifestation of our rules of life, comradeship, honest endeavour, and a staunch, often ponderous allegiance to fair play.

  • Crusaders shouldn't have been allowed in from the start.

    "Keith Senior wants Leeds Rhinos to launch Super League campaign not Crusaders". January 24, 2010.
  • We saw a fair bit of video on them towards the back end of the week and we were licking our lips.

  • Crusaders have just f-ked me over what a bas-rd joke, excuse my language I'm absolutely furious.

  • It doesn't mean anything when we go back to Sydney and its round one and we're starting from scratch in the NRL. That's the one we really want.

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  • Hopefully, I can put the pictures they take of me up on my Facebook.

  • St George won 11 premierships with one Raper, imagine how Canterbury will go with 13.

  • Britain is obviously one of the world powers and they bombed the World Trade Centre, which is a landmark in itself, and over in Britain you've got Buckingham Palace and the Eiffel Tower, which are big buildings, so to speak.

  • Anyone who's seen the Wigan [League] players stripped has been faced with the raw truth of the matter... No time for male modelling, and even Princess Di would think twice about getting too close to that lot.

  • This morning I was standing in the shower and thought how I was sick of losing and how it was about time I had a big game.

  • I'm a great believer in what happens on the field should stay there.

  • My dad played rugby, so I used to watch a lot of rugby union and rugby league.

    "When Esquire met Ryan Giggs". February 15, 2010.
  • It's the first time I've been cold for seven years. I was never cold playing rugby league.

  • I've been flogging myself to keep my fitness up there.

  • Bloody Jackson - he can land it on a 20 cent piece. Trouble is, it's usually in a bloke's pocket in the grandstand.

  • I had my footballing heroes such as Bryan Robson and Diego Maradona but my dad was a rugby league star, and he was my real hero. But the relationship with my mum was rocky and we saw things that would affect any youngster.

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  • We had started the tour hoping to make about 200 pounds each as the All Blacks (All Golds) had done the previous year. We got nothing and were lucky to get home!

  • I'm 49, I've had a brain haemorrhage and a triple bypass and I could still go out and play a reasonable game of rugby union. But I wouldn't last 30 seconds in rugby league.

    "Quotes of the Week". October 20, 1995.
  • I have more critics than Hitler.

  • The World Club Challenge clash with St George was a brutal battle. It was one of the hardest games I've ever played in. I guess it would be good to have more matches of such intensity but, trust me, our bodies would struggle if we were subjected to this every week. There is a limit to how much players can take.

  • It's a bit disappointing when board members who don't know a thing about football are making decisions on your career. When you look at it you've got coaches, senior players and CEO's who wanted me but then it gets to a board meeting and you've got fat businessmen who are making the decision on your career. It was frustrating and it made me a bit angry.

  • It's going to be tough but I think I was more nervous about playing NRL than I will be playing this match simply because I've got Billy Slater in front of me and there were a lot of expectations.

  • Ryles and I were looking around at the calibre of players in this side, you do think ... you are very lucky to be here. Especially with Jesus, Andrew Johns, we call him Jesus, isn't even here yet.

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  • Every sinew in my body came together in one perfect whole. But those who have ever experienced that feeling, and it doesn't happen very often, will tell you it's in a whole other place of experience from the usual ego or vanity that drives my game. So I'm not afraid to own it for what it was.

  • He's the best centre in the game I think, definitely the best in the Super League by far.

  • We play a tough game. If people want to whinge, they can go to a different sport. It's part of the game, it's what I love about it . . . and I'd hate to see it go.

  • I feel like I've been victimised. It's because of who I am. I've done my time for past mistakes, if it wasn't me there wouldn't be a reaction.

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  • You come from the NRL and it's a forwards-dominated game, I think, at the moment. You get three sets and kick and chase. But at Warrington it couldn't be more opposite. They'll have a crack from anywhere and it's the type of style you want to play as a rugby player.

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  • The quality of players - the likes of Sam Tomkins, Rangi Chase and Lee Briers - bring an X-factor to the game. It's highly entertaining and it's something probably that the Australian game lacks a bit.

  • I don't know if it can happen, but apparently I might get divorced before I get married.

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