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  • There's no doubt in my mind that sleep deprivation is the hidden number one cause of arguments and cybersex. I'm convinced that countless good relationships end and bad ones begin because of chronic fatigue. Never make a major decision until after you've taken a nap.

    Taken   Sleep   Naps  
    Sarah Ban Breathnach (1999). “Something More: Excavating Your Authentic Self”, G K Hall & Company
  • The current male-dominated model of success - which equates success with burnout, sleep deprivation, and driving yourself into the ground - isn't working for women, and it's not working for men, either.

    Sleep   Men   Males  
    "Arianna Huffington: Measuring Success Based on a Third Metric". Interview with Gina Murdock,
  • The first time we ever lit up a suit was on Garrett. He was the first finished costume that we had, the "Sam" character. And it brought tears to my eyes, because you're working so hard to make something happen and you're just in there, and you're delirious with sleep deprivation. To see it work, to see his reaction, made it all worthwhile.

    Character   Sleep   Eye  
    "Exclusive interview with Tron: Legacy costume designer Christine Bieselin Clark". Interview with Toni-Marie Ippolito, November 30, 2010.
  • There is no such thing as sleep deprivation, there is only caffeine deficiency.

  • I looked on YouTube for sleep deprivation and there were videos of people experimenting with staying awake for a while. You saw all the different stages

  • Sleep deprivation made his life an imaginary thing, his days a ribbon floating aimlessly in water." - Whelk

    Sleep   Water   Floating  
  • I'm always without sleep. I've got two kids. I understand sleep deprivation on a profound level.

    Sleep   Kids   Two  
    "The power and the glory". Interview with Patrick Barkham, October 26, 2007.
  • As soon as you lay down, that's when the most bizarre things start coming out of her mouth. 'Goodnight, baby.' 'Do you think we were together in a past life?' 'Yeah, and I died of sleep deprivation. Go to bed.' 'Don't you feel like we're soul...'

    Funny   Baby   Humor  
  • When you have a family as big as mine, there are many things that affect my family members, in many different ways. It could be high blood pressure, it could be cholesterol, it could be obesity, it could be sleep deprivation or sleep apnea. An illness is an illness, especially if it affects younger kids. Illnesses affect your family and they impact you because you want to do the best you can to help your family member become more healthy, just as my family members want me to be healthy.

    Sleep   Kids   Blood  
    "Queen Latifah, Neil Meron, and Craig Zadan Talk STEEL MAGNOLIAS and How the Lifetime Version Is Different from the Original". Interview with Christina Radish, October 4, 2012.
  • Sleep deprivation is the most common brain impairment.

    Sleep   Brain   Common  
    William C. Dement, Christopher C. Vaughan (2000). “The Promise of Sleep: A Pioneer in Sleep Medicine Explores the Vital Connection Between Health, Happiness, and a Good Night's Sleep”, Dell Books
  • Sullen monosyllabism, a sure sign of sleep deprivation.

    Jim Butcher (2003). “Death Masks: Book five of The Dresden Files”, p.149, Penguin Group
  • So when you go to sleep at night, if you're someone who hasn't had any sleep deprivation, you have a very normal sleep pattern, what we tend to see is that, in adults, they go to bed and they start off by going into the deeper stages sleep.

    Sleep   Night   Bed  
    Big Think Interview,
  • Everyone should have kids. They are the greatest joy in the world. But they are also terrorists. You'll realize this as soon as they are born and they start using sleep deprivation to break you.

    Funny   Children   Sleep  
    Ray Romano (1999). “Everything and a Kite”
  • So, sleep deprivation, and sometimes an insomnia, which is a little bit of a different form, but just getting a lack of sleep, can lead to a number of different decrements.

    Big Think Interview,
  • We're beginning to realize that drowsiness or sleep deprivation, fatigue, is beginning to outstrip alcohol as a cause of accidents in transportation, particularly on the highway.

    Sleep   Alcohol   Causes  
    "Study: Truckers not getting enough shut eye". September 10, 1997.
  • Sometimes it is difficult to remember, but other times it is very easy to remember. Sleep deprivation is the killer.

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