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  • What motivates people to be late?... Some people are drawn to the adrenaline rush of that last-minute sprint to the finish line. Others receive an ego boost from over-scheduling and filling each moment with an activity.

    People   Ego   Lines  
  • You can do as many sprints as you want but there's nothing like playing in a 90-minute soccer game. There's no better way to gain your fitness, in my opinion, than playing in consistent games.

    Soccer   Games   Want  
    "Abby Wambach discusses her marriage, sport and future". Interview with Jeff Di Veronica, www.usatoday.com. March 30, 2014.
  • I will never be ok with the suffering of others - that I will likely continue to fight so I must treat it as a marathon race not a sprint.

    "Interview with True Blood Star, Kristin Bauer". Interview with Maranda Pleasant, www.marandapleasantmedia.com. December 31, 2013.
  • Being a good teammate is when you try to sprint down a ball that everyone thinks is going out of bounds. But you go after it anyways and you get it.

  • I lift heavy weights and sprint, but I am so bad at it that I develop severe injuries.

    Weight   Injury   Heavy  
  • I'm looking forward to Phoenix. I ran well there last year in the Nationwide Series, and it was one of the tracks I made four Sprint Cup starts at last season. In the Cup race last year, I had a good run going for it being my first time there in a Cup car, and unfortunately got damage from an accident. It's not a restrictor plate race, so this will be the first time this season that I will run a lot of laps in practice. It's also the first race for the new qualifying format, so it will be interesting to see how that works out. Overall, I just want to have a solid run in the BRANDT Chevy.

  • I felt like I already knew how to race by the time I was four. I was always at the race track with my dad. I watched him race thousands of laps in a sprint car standing on top of a trailer watching him, getting down and cleaning the mud off his car. That's just what I grew up doing.

    Dad   Race   Car  
    "A conversation with NASCAR driver Ricky Stenhouse Jr". Interview with Chad Bonham, www.beliefnet.com.
  • It was like the classic scene in the movies where one lover is on the train and one is on the platform and the train starts to pull away, and the lover on the platform begins to trot along and then jog and then sprint and then gives up altogether as the train speeds irrevocably off. Except in this case I was all the parts: I was the lover on the platform, I was the lover on the train. And I was also the train.

  • Feed and strengthen your body. Fear is physical. When you lift weights or go for a sprint, that energy flows back into your body and restores you to certainty.

    Energy   Weight   Body  
    Playboy Interview, www.awaken.com. August 17, 2013.
  • You should always give 100%. If you do that then no-one can ask any more of you. Someone once said to me when I was a kid: 'If you're asked to do ten sprints, by all means do 11 but never do nine because you're only cheating yourself'.

    Cheating   Mean   Kids  
  • Financial winners don't run sprints, they run marathons. They don't rush. They do it step by step over time.

  • I was running track early in my years and I was breaking track records in sprint running. I was training and I wanted to be in the Olympics. I thought I was going to be able to win a gold medal, and my mind was pretty much set on 'this is what I want to do'.

    Running   Winning   Years  
  • I think my strength is to do a take all the way through. I am definitely not someone who can do a sprint. Maybe I am not that smart, but it takes me a while to find the moment, and I like to be pushed toward it.

    Smart   Thinking   Way  
    "Biography / Personal Quotes". www.imdb.com.
  • Try to hold on to youth and it mocks you while it sprints away.

    Trying   Youth   Sprint  
    Frank Herbert (1985). “Chapterhouse: Dune”, Putnam Publishing Group
  • I love to run, but training can be hard, especially with a family and a crazy travel schedule. I often do sprints with my kids, where they bike and I run along side them so we can 'race' each other for a quarter-mile or shorter repeats.

    Running   Crazy   Kids  
  • If you change your lifestyle, remember it's not a wind sprint, but it's a marathon you're embarked on, and you'll be able to stay there.

    Wind   Able   Marathon  
    "Dr. Oz's Webcast Transcript". Interview with Oprah Winfrey, www.oprah.com. January 13, 2009.
  • Think about the change that occurred in the 1500m at Christchurch. The 1500m was usually a slow race and then a sprint [at the finish]. But in 1974 I changed that from the beginning to the end. And not many people have thought about that.

    Thinking   Race   People  
  • I want to be the king of sprints because I think I am.

    Kings   Thinking   Want  
  • If you want to sustain excellence over a long time, you'd better come up with a system that works well. Anyone can sprint for a little while, but you can't sprint for forty years.

  • When I am outside at night by myself every person turns into a pedophile. So I tend to walk a little faster than usual and then I sprint.

    Night   Usual   Littles  
  • There's always hope. Never give up. Walk slowly and drink lots of water. It ain't a sprint.

    Giving Up   Water   Drink  
    Source: collider.com
  • We're all so busy. We race and race. Life is a sprint. We want to get 'there' so badly. But I wonder if we even know what to do when we actually get 'there'.

    Race   Want   Wonder  
  • Character produces endurance and persistence when the going gets tough, and life truly is an endurance race, not a sprint.

    FaceBook post by Zig Ziglar from Sep 29, 2014
  • As a child, I could beat most kids in sprints, but overall, wrestling was the most natural sport for me. In fact, I was a pretty good high school wrestler. I was unusually quick and strong.

  • The start of my rookie season when there was so much pressure, so many expectations, and so much excitement surrounding the return of the No. 3 to the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, and then we went out and won the pole for the Daytona 500. That was a very special moment.

    Source: www.beliefnet.com
  • I really do believe that chance favours a prepared mind. Wallace Stegner, who was one of my teachers when I was at Stanford, preached that writing a novel is not something that can be done in a sprint. That it's a marathon. You have to pace yourself. He himself wrote two pages every day and gave himself a day off at Christmas. His argument was at the end of a year, no matter what, you'd got 700 pages and that there's got to be something worth keeping.

    "'To hell with Perry Mason'". Interview with Robert McCrum, www.theguardian.com. November 24, 2002.
  • I have a lot of people who are soap fans and they definitely know who I am, even if they call me by my character's name. I get a lot of people thinking maybe they know me from high school. My career has been a slow burn, a gradual rise, which I prefer since this is a marathon and not a sprint, so I kind of like where I am and where I'm going.

    Source: 411mania.com
  • Your least frequent, most extreme exertions will have the greatest influence on your fitness. The peak moments of a workout count far more than the amount of time you spend working out. This is why a series of 40-yard sprints at full speed benefits you more than half an hour of jogging. It's also the reason why lifting a weight heavy enough to make your heart pound and your muscles burn counts more than spending hours at the gym always in your comfort zone, never truly challenging your body. When a work-out becomes an unvarying, monotonous routine, it loses its effectiveness.

  • The biggest thing that I've learned is to run the marathon, not the sprint. By that I mean, don't let the little problems that you face in the hour in daily life cast a shadow over the larger joys that you have, over the course of the years.

    Running   Mean   Years  
  • Any Scrum without working product at the end of a sprint is a failed Scrum.

    Ends   Scrum   Sprint  
    "Q&A with Jeff Sutherland on Agile Leadership". Interview with Ben Linders, www.infoq.com. July 23, 2015.
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