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  • The central fact is that overwhelmingly suicide-terrorist attacks are not driven by religion as much as they are by a clear strategic objective.

    Suicide   Facts   Driven  
    "The Logic of Suicide Terrorism". Interview with Scott McConnell, July 18, 2005.
  • I saw a study the other day showing that some atypical anti-psychotic was at least as good as mood stabilizers in preventing suicide. It's a very good thing to decrease suicide but we should care at least a little if I'm not killing myself because I feel better or if I just can't remember where I put the damn gun.

  • I think people don't understand how intimately tied suicide is to mental illness, particularly to depressive illness and bipolar illness.

    Big Think Interview, September 30, 2009.
  • I told you I was sick.

  • I am truly amazed that after all this time, religious groups still need to attack entertainment and use these tragedies as a pitiful excuse for their own self-serving publicity. In response to their protests, I will provide a show where I balance my songs with a wholesome Bible reading. This way, fans will not only hear my so-called, violent point of view, but we can also examine the virtues of wonderful 'Christian' stories of disease, murder, adultery, suicide and child sacrifice. Now that seems like 'entertainment' to me.

  • in the nineteenth year and the eleventh month speak your tattered Kaddish for all suicides: Praise to life though it crumbled in like a tunnel on ones we knew and loved Praise to life though its windows blew shut on the breathing-room of ones we knew and loved Praise to life though ones we knew and loved loved it badly, too well, and not enough Praise to life though it tightened like a knot on the hearts of ones we thought we knew loved us Praise to life giving room and reason to ones we knew and loved who felt unpraisable. Praise to them, how they loved it, when they could.

    Suicide   Heart   Years  
  • At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer, if it ever reach us, it must spring up amongst us. It cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide.

    Abraham Lincoln (2009). “The Portable Abraham Lincoln”, p.32, Penguin
  • I should have died when I was sixteen, when I planned to commit suicide. And I was an atheist until then. I was an atheist, and what the heck, if life sucks what do you have to live for? If you're an atheist, it's just about living, you know? So at the time, I didn't want to wake up anymore and then seriously, God chased me down and proved that he was real and that he loved me.

  • Should I kill myself, or have a cup of coffee?

  • Who would not shudder if he were given the choice of eternal death or life again as a child ? Who would not choose to die ?

  • What the fundamentalists are doing is a total negation of their own faith - encouraging and lionizing suicide bombers and killing women and children, hardly in keeping with the teachings of Prophet Mohammed.

  • the most compelling reason for reforming our system is that the system is in no one's interest. It is a suicide machine.

  • Many people ask why a writer commits suicide. But I think that people who ask don't know the vanity and the nothingness of writing. I think it is very usual and natural for a writer to commit suicide, because in order to keep on writing he must be a very strong person.

  • Where I grew up in Brooklyn, nobody committed suicide. Everyone was too unhappy.

  • Would you carry a razor, in case, just in case of depression?

    Song: Young Americans
  • When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful.

    "Malala Yousafzai addresses Harvard audience" by Brian MacQuarrie, September 28, 2013.
  • Better be wise by the misfortunes of others than by your own.

    Aesop, Thomas James (1872). “Aesop's Fables: A New Version, Chiefly from Original Sources”, p.36
  • The man who, in a fit of melancholy, kills himself today, would have wished to live had he waited a week.

    Suicide   Men   Today  
    Voltaire (2016). “VOLTAIRE – Premium Collection: Novels, Philosophical Writings, Historical Works, Plays, Poems & Letters (60+ Works in One Volume) - Illustrated: Candide, A Philosophical Dictionary, A Treatise on Toleration, Plato's Dream, The Princess of Babylon, Zadig, The Huron, Socrates, The Sage and the Atheist, Dialogues, Oedipus, Caesar…”, p.2902, e-artnow
  • There is but one truly serious philosophical problem and that is suicide.

    Le Mythe de Sisyphe (The Myth of Sisyphus) "Absurdity and Suicide" (1942)
  • Don't worry Renee, I won't commit suicide and I won't burn a thing. Because from now on, for you, I'll be searching for those moments of always within never. Beauty, in this world.

    Suicide   Worry   World  
  • If you're looking for the suspect in a suicide bombing, here's a clue: Look for the dead guy.

    Suicide   Guy   Looks  
  • I'm a suicide. I walked right spang over the edge of life and disappeared. Splash! Bubble-bubble! There goes nothing.

    Samuel Hopkins Adams (1917). “Our Square and the People in it”
  • Countries with the best-resourced medical services have the best outcomes for physical illness (it is better to have a heart attack in Washington or London than in rural Africa) whereas precisely the opposite is the case for mental illness (developing nations with limited psychiatric resources have better outcomes and lower suicide rates).

    Country   Suicide   Heart  
  • Great deeds are usually wrought at great risks.

    Death   Suicide   Writing  
    "The Histories" by Herodotus, Book 7, Ch. 50, c. 440 BC.
  • Neurotics dream of a good life, or a great suicide note.

    "The Complete Neurotic's Notebook". Book by Mignon McLaughlin, 1981.
  • The crime of suicide lies rather in its disregard for the feelings of those whom we leave behind.

    E. M. Forster (2016). “Howards End: England Literature”, p.275, 谷月社
  • If a doctor assists you in your suicide, it is called manslaughter, while if a tobacco company does, it is called commerce.

    Suicide   Doctors   Doe  
    Neale Donald Walsch (2005). “The Complete Conversations with God: An Uncommon Dialogue”, p.549, Penguin
  • How miserable a solipsist is! It is rather senseless for him to even assert his belief in solipsism, for, on the one hand, if his belief is false it is like committing intellectual suicide, and, on the other hand, if his belief is true it is an act of intellectual insanity.

  • Self-immolation as a way to protest against the injustices or as a way to fight for freedom cannot be accepted! All the fights must be done in the dimension of existence! Your body is your road to everywhere; if you destroy it, you lose all the roads! Stay firm and fight alive; no cause is more valuable than a man's life! Keep your body out of the fire! Don't ever praise the self-immolations; condemn them! Suicide is a defeat! Power is to fight, to fight peacefully, and not to die in agony!

    Life   Suicide   Freedom  
  • A student researching into my work has actually traced the newspapers and magazines where I found theses images and has found out that many of them illustrate a collection of gruesome stories, murders and suicides which contrast with the images used. There is a contrast between the message carried by the text and that suppressed by the illustration.

    Gerhard Richter, Sean Rainbird, Tate Gallery (1991). “Gerhard Richter”, Tate Gallery Publication
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