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  • It isn't until you come to a spiritual understanding of who you are - not necessarily a religious feeling, but deep down, the spirit within - that you can begin to take control.

  • Simply disabling specific critical thinking skills is all that is necessary for the god virus [to take control of a person].

    "The God Virus: How Religion Infects Our Lives and Culture". Book by Darrel Ray, 2009.
  • I feel especially vulnerable when I know I've let the reactive ego take control of my actions and it may have had hurtful implications with someone I love. I feel vulnerable when I don't listen to my conscience.

    Ego   Hurtful   May  
    Interview with Maranda Pleasant, www.marandapleasantmedia.com.
  • Oh you Muslims! You have slept for a long time, long enough for the tyrants to take control over you. You accepted to live as slaves and submitted to tyrants. Now the time has come to revolt and destroy the shackle of slavery.

    Tyrants   Long   Over You  
  • I would love to take control of the entire universe and for five years you give every movie the same widespread distribution no matter what movie and see if there's a real discrepancy between people coming to see science-fiction films or superhero films. I seriously bet there would be no discernible difference.

    "When the world feels dangerous, films showing the human experience are key, directors say". Interview with Mark Olsen and Yvonne Villarreal, www.latimes.com. January 5, 2017.
  • The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.

  • I realised nothing was permanently broken, I needed to take control and make changes.

    Source: www.mirror.co.uk
  • I hate foreplay, I want to get straight to the point. My favourite position is on top so I can take control.

    Hate   Want   Favourite  
  • Whenever you feel happiness it is always from the inner. Then mind immediately jumps in and takes control and says, 'It is because of me.' When you are in love, it is like death, you feel blissful. Immediately mind comes in and says, 'Okay, this is me, this is because of me.'

  • One reason we can hardly bear to remain silent is that it makes us feel so helpless. We are so accustomed to relying upon words to manage and control others. If we are silent, who will take control? God will take control, but we will never let him take control until we trust him. Silence is intimately related to trust.

    Silence   Bears   Silent  
  • I hope that other women can benefit from my experience. Cancer is still a word that strikes fear into people’s hearts, producing a deep sense of powerlessness. But today it is possible to find out through a blood test whether you are highly susceptible to breast and ovarian cancer, and then take action... It is my hope that they, too, will be able to get gene tested, and that if they have a high risk they, too, will know that they have strong options. Life comes with many challenges. The ones that should not scare us are the ones we can take on and take control of.

    Strong   Cancer   Heart  
    "My Medical Choice" by Angelina Jolie, www.nytimes.com. May 14, 2013.
  • Not really in all honesty because until you take control of your own health and go to your own doctor and have your own doctor tell you what's going to work for you.

    "Larry King Live", transcripts.cnn.com. January 10, 2006.
  • But any Time is with us. And if we take control to shape our attitude and reshape our memories, that time is always now, - our time for the best possible uses of our lives.

    Memories   Attitude   Use  
  • I've always been interested in exploring the concept of child prodigies. When I was younger, I wrote a story about Mozart as a child and I just always loved this idea of young people who are able to take control of their lives and bring a whole lot of change at such a young age.

    Children   Ideas   People  
    Source: www.pbs.org
  • When I was old enough to realize all meat was killed, I saw it as an irrational way of using our power, to take a weaker thing and mutilate it. It was like the way bullies would take control of younger kids in the schoolyard.

    "Biography/ Personal Quotes". www.imdb.com.
  • It should be no surprise that when rich men take control of the government, they pass laws that are favorable to themselves. The surprise is that those who are not rich vote for such people, even though they should know from bitter experience that the rich will continue to rip off the rest of us.

    Rip   Men   Law  
  • If you can’t take responsibility for your own well-being, you will never take control over it.

    Jennifer Hudson (2012). “I Got This: How I Changed My Ways and Lost What Weighed Me Down”, p.92, Penguin
  • Trust your instincts, and take control.

  • I set goals, take control, drink out my own bottle, I make mistakes but learn from every one, And when it's said and done, I bet this brother be a better one, If I upset you don't stress, Never forget, that God isn't finished with me yet

    Song: Ghetto Gospel, Album: Loyal to the Game, 2004
  • I'm an extremely private dude and all this is happening so damn quick. I really haven't had any time to rationalize it. But it's nothing that I'm going to let freak me out or take control of me or my thoughts or my real life.

    Real   Freak   Damn  
    The Times (London), July 1, 2000.
  • It isn’t until you come to a spiritual understanding of who you are that you can begin to take control of yourself. As you learn to control yourself, you will get control of your life. If you want to move the world, you first have to move yourself.

  • The feeling of relinquishing responsibility to someone else, letting him take control, was a relief beyond words.

    Lisa Kleypas (2015). “The Travis Family Series, Books 1-3: Blue-Eyed Devil, Smooth Taking Stranger and Sugar Daddy”, p.415, St. Martin's Press
  • If your self-esteem really does depend on how you look you're always going to be insecure. There's no way you can get around it because you are going to age. Even if you get that perfect body you're going to get older and older and older. You can't avid it. So you have to somehow, at some point, take control and sift the focus and decide who you are, what you can contribute to the world, what you do and say, is so much more important than how you look.

  • The hardest thing about being productive is not the work, but the split second it takes to decide to take control.

    Twitter post from May 30, 2009
  • I try to clear my mind of everything, I try to think of nothing. I just let my body act, the body can take control and do what it's trained to do.

    Thinking   Mma   Mind  
  • A little tip for you, Winged Wonder. Don't threaten the woman you want to seduce." See Annabelle take control. He reached out, gently brushed his fingertip along her collarbone. "If it means saving your life, I'll do more than threaten you. I'll follow through. Best you realize that now, rather than cry foul later.

    Mean   Saving   Want  
  • The extent to which YOU take responsibility over something is the extent to which YOU take control over it.

  • It's time for me to step up and take control. That's what I've always been used to.

    Nfl   Steps   Step Up  
  • In all great works of fiction, regardless of the grim reality they present, there is an affirmation of life against the transience of that life, an essential defiance. This affirmation lies in the way the author takes control of reality by retelling it in his own way, thus creating a new world. Every great work of art, I would declare pompously, is a celebration, an act of insubordination against the betrayals, horrors and infidelities of life. The perfection and beauty of form rebels against the ugliness and shabbiness of the subject matter.

    Art   Betrayal   Lying  
  • What the myths say, is that you have to be the hero of your own life. You're the one who has to take charge of who you are, you're the one who has to take control. And also, you're the one who can bring something to the community.

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