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  • As a coach, I want players to challenge me, to question me and ask why we're doing a certain thing, so they feel that they're taking ownership.

    Source: www.bbc.co.uk
  • The first thing is to be willing. You must become willing to feel the discomfort that's occurred and/or shown up. Some of it is taking ownership of your part in the situation, to clean it up and be willing to make amends.

  • Consumers are taking ownership of brands, and their referral power is priceless.

    Erik Qualman (2010). “Socialnomics: How Social Media Transforms the Way We Live and Do Business”, p.122, John Wiley & Sons
  • We are reinventing ourselves as a company. Compaq is taking ownership of its customer relationships and accountability of our customer's needs.

  • Taking ownership of your happiness has two aspects: Accepting that being happy is up to you and that you have the ability and power to be happier by changing your habits. Taking "response-ability": responding to all the events in your life in a way that supports your happiness.

    Happiness   Two   Support  
    Marci Shimoff, Carol Kline (2009). “Happy for No Reason: 7 Steps to Being Happy from the Inside Out”, p.50, Simon and Schuster
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