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  • When did you ever hear of a child not in need? 'Oh that's enough jam tart for me, I'll just go now and clean the toilets.'

  • The trouble is, I can't find a part of myself where you're not important. I write in order to be worth your while and to finance the way I want to live with you. Not the way you want to live. The way I want to live with you. Without you I wouldn't care. I'd eat tinned spaghetti and put on yesterday's clothes. But as it is I change my socks, and make money, and tart up Brodie's unspeakable drivel into speakable drivel so he can be an author too, like me.

    "The Real Thing". Book by Tom Stoppard, November 16, 1982.
  • Beaverbrook is so pleased to be in the government that he is like the town tart who finally married the Mayor.

    In Sir Henry Channon Chips: the Diaries (1967) 12 June 1940
  • The man of understanding can no more sit quiet and resigned while his country lets its literature decay, and lets good writing meet with contempt, than a good doctor could sit quiet and contented while some ignorant child was infecting itself with tuberculosis under the impression that it was merely eating jam tarts.

    "Confucius to Cummings: An Anthology of Poetry".
  • If you could learn how to make a perfect lemon tart then you got a story. If you don't feel like that, make a perfect chocolate chip cookie, but have five go-to dishes like that and you can move them around, change them up just a little bit, and always have something in the can.

    Source: www.popsugar.com
  • I suspect he's sweet on Sophie and doesn't like to see her work too hard.' Tessa was glad to hear it. She'd felt awful about her reaction to Sophie's scar, and the thought that Sophie had a male admirer - and a handsome one like that- eased her conscience slightly. 'Perhaps he's in love with Agatha', she said. 'I hope not. I intend to marry Agatha myself. She may be a thousand years old, but she makes an incomparable jam tart. Beauty fades, but cooking is eternal.

    Cassandra Clare (2011). “Clockwork Angel”, p.86, Simon and Schuster
  • Tart, cathartic virtue.

    On Plutarch's Lives, in 'Essays' (1841) 'Heroism'
  • P.S. May, don’t these strawberry tarts just make you want to cry?

  • I . . . hit him . . . elsewhere.” “Where?” “In his . . .In his inguine.” “Oh, dear God.” It was unclear whether Ralston’s words were meant as prayer or blasphemy. What was clear was that the woman was a gladiator. “He called me a pie!” she announced, defensively. There was a pause. “Wait. That’s not right.” “A tart?” “Yes! That’s it!” She registered her brother’s fists and looked to Simon. “I see that it is not a compliment.” “No. It is not.

  • A seasoned woman is spicy. She has been marinated in life experiences. Like a complex wine, she can be alternately sweet, tart, sparkling, mellow. She is both maternal and playful. Assured, alluring, and resourceful. She is less likely to have an agenda than a young woman-no biological clock tick-tocking beside her lover's bed, no campaign to lead him to the altar, no rescue fantasies. The seasoned woman knows who she is. She could be any one of us, as long a she is committed to living fully and passionately in the second half of her life, despite failures and false starts.

    Gail Sheehy (2006). “Sex and the Seasoned Woman: Pursuing the Passionate Life”, Random House Incorporated
  • Wit, after all, is a mighty tart, pungent ingredient, and much too acid for some stomachs; but honest good humor is the oil and wine of a merry meeting.

    Washington Irving (2006). “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Other Stories From the Sketch Book”, p.178, Penguin
  • My Turn is the distilled bathwater of Mrs. Reagan's life. It is for the most part sweetish, with a tart edge of rebuke, but disappointingly free of dirt or particulate matter of any kind.

    Barbara Ehrenreich (1990). “WORST YEARS OF OUR LIVES”, Pantheon
  • Whenever someone asks me about fantasy versus realism, I'm like, "I don't know, guys. Did we not all just descend into some underworld, watch strangers from our past kaleidoscope through us according to some pattern that is both illogical and has its own strange melting truth, and then wake up and have a Pop-Tart?" Why are we talking about fantasy and reality like they're opposed?

    Source: www.guernicamag.com
  • What was the idea behind Hot Pockets? Was there a marketing meeting somewhere, 'Hey I got an idea: How about we take a Pop-Tart and fill it with really nasty meat? You could cook it in a sleeve thing, and you could dunk it in the toilet.'

  • I enjoy looking like a tart and thinking like a politician.

  • I have very vivid memories of being a young child. My mother would create dinner as for us, and when she would bake, she would leave some dough for me. I would roll the dough into little sticks while she was cooking the apple tart of whatever. I was looking through the window of the oven and flipping the light, and then my bread would come out, and it was inedible, of course.

    Source: www.harpersbazaar.com
  • I wanted to be in the FBI. I also wanted to be a pie salesman. It was so intense that the studio got the prop department to make a little pie wagon and they filled it with tarts. I wheeled it around the set and sold them to the crew. I was about eight years old. I always sold out and I didn't have to pay for them. It was a great deal.

    Years   Pie  
  • I was determined that no British government should be brought down by the action of two tarts.

    Comment on the Profumo affair, July 1963, in Anthony Sampson 'Macmillan' (1967) p. 243
  • The Queen of Crafts herself, Martha Stewart, and I have the same birthday. I prefer to think it's the glue-gun wielding, perfect-tart-producing Martha and not the copper pan-throwing, jail-going Martha. But I suppose if I am going to share a calendar square with some of Martha, I have to share it with all of Martha.

  • I'm a laugh tart. I make no secret of that fact.

  • A tart temper never mellows with age, and a sharp tongue is the only edged tool that grows keener with constant use.

    The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon "Rip Van Winkle" (1819 - 1820)
  • The Queen of Hearts, she made some tarts, all on a hot summer's day. The Knave of Hearts, he stole those tarts. The mad Queen said, "Off with his head! Off with his head! Off with his head!" Well... that's too bad... no more heads to cut.

  • The work of Jana Harris is unique in American writing. She has always had a voice of true grit—sometimes harsh, sometimes funny, always close to the bone, tart, and indomitable.

  • spring is super in the supermarkets and the strawberries prance and glow never mind that they're all kinda tart and tasteless as strawberries go meanwhile wild things are not for sale anymore than they are for show so i'll be outside, in love with the kind of beauty it takes more than eyes to know

    Song: Half-Assed, Album: Reprieve, 2006
  • For most of the universe's life is not all gummy wads and tarty tarts; is a struggle against hardship, unfairness, corruption, abuse, and adversity in all its guises, where even to survive - let alone survive with dignity - is heroic. To soldier through the days in the wake of failure is the courageous act of many.

    Frank Beddor (2006). “The Looking Glass Wars”, Dial Books for Young Readers
  • I adore summer entertaining. For a dinner party at the farm, I might prepare homemade fettuccine with porcini mushrooms, soft-shell crabs, spinach from the garden, and lemon tarts with fraises des bois for dessert.

    "My List: Martha Stewart". Interview with Emily Cronin, www.harpersbazaar.com. July 11, 2013.
  • I don't want to be modelling G-strings. It's not that good for my image – I'm a footballer not a tart

  • I say what I think. I'm a real person, not some manufactured pop tart who's afraid to step out of the hotel room. I am flawed. I swear, I have the occasional cocktail, I pick my nose and I fart. I'm not running for any presidential campaign at the moment. I'm a sassy girl.

  • I understand that absinthe makes the tart grow fonder.

    Ernest Christopher Dowson, Desmond Flower, Henry Maas (1968). “The Letters of Ernest Dowson”, p.35, Fairleigh Dickinson Univ Press
  • How was life before Pop-Tarts, Prozac and padded playgrounds? They ate strudel, took opium and played on the grass.

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