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  • There are three faithful friends - an old wife, an old dog, and ready money.

    Friendship   Dog   Money  
    Poor Richard's Almanack, June 1738
  • Britney's a very beautiful human being. After I worked with her, I realized that there was a reason why she was the most popular pop artist over so many other pop artists at that time who were more talented, had better voices. And it was because of her heart, her soulShe had the most amazing energy and was always positive and a very discreet person. We were young, too, and got to make a movie about three friends on a road trip. It was so much fun!

    Beautiful   Fun   Heart  
  • We want but two or three friends, but these we cannot do without, and they serve us in every thought we think.

    Friends   Thinking   Two  
    Ralph Waldo Emerson, Joel Myerson (2013). “The Selected Letters of Ralph Waldo Emerson”, p.166, Columbia University Press
  • Never invite to dinner: those who won't decide until the last minute; those who come more than half an hour late; those who want to bring along two or three friends; drunks; monologists; those who stay until three o'clock in the morning; those who think that conversation means having an argument; those who take a high moral tone; those who are stupid, ugly, or dull. Enforcement of these rules will enable one to eat alone every night in comfort.

    Morning   Stupid   Mean  
  • I started, with three friends, this website called Crowdrise that's sort of the Facebook for personal philanthropy, a place where anybody can have a permanent microsite of their own to stage creative fundraising projects for the charities and causes that they care about. And we did it with serious intent but without any ambition.

  • You all got only three friends in this world: The Lord God Almighty, the Sears Roebuck catalog and Eugene Talmadge. And you can only vote for one of them

    Three   World   Vote  
  • Fate gives all of us three teachers, three friends, three enemies, and three great loves in our lives. But these twelve are always disguised, and we can never know which one is which until we’ve loved them, left them, or fought them.

    Teacher   Fate   Giving  
    Gregory David Roberts (2004). “Shantaram: A Novel”, p.556, Macmillan
  • I've got three friends that you'd call famous, but I'm sure after 20 years, most of my friends will be famous or work in television, because that's the nature of what your work is. When I was working in an office, most of my friends worked in offices.

    Years   Office   Three  
  • It seemed a place where heroes could fitly feast after victory, where weary harvesters could line up in scores along the table and keep their Harvest Home with mirth and song, or where two or three friends of simple tastes could sit about as they pleased and eat and smoke and talk in comfort and contentment.

    Song   Hero   Home  
    Kenneth Grahame, Seth Lerer (2009). “The Wind in the Willows: An Annotated Edition”, p.97, Harvard University Press
  • One friend in a lifetime is much; two are many; three are hardly possible.

    The Education of Henry Adams ch. 20 (1907)
  • Advice ... is a habit-forming drug. You give a dear friend a bit of advice today, and next week you find yourself advising two or three friends, and the week after, a dozen, and the week following, crowds!

    Next Week   Two   Giving  
    Carolyn Wells (1937). “The Rest of My Life”
  • We should always have three friends in our lives-one who walks ahead who we look up to and follow; one who walks beside us, who is with us every step of our journey; and then, one who we reach back for and bring along after we've cleared the way.

    Journey   Three   Looks  
    FaceBook post by Michelle Obama from Jan 28, 2011
  • One friend with whom you have a lot in common is better than three with whom you struggle to find things to talk about.

    Mindy Kaling (2011). “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)”, p.43, Three Rivers Press
  • They were gone and I missed them but even so I was very happy. For the rest of my life no matter where on this planet earth I went and no matter how scared or confused I got, I could wait until dark and look up into the night sky and see my three friends again and my heart would swell with love of them and make me strong and clearheaded.

    Strong   Confused   Heart  
  • The statistics on sanity are that one out of every four Americans is suffering from some form of mental illness. Think of your three best friends. If they're okay, then it's you.

    Rita Mae Brown (1989). “Starting from Scratch: A Different Kind of Writers' Manual”, Bantam
  • One friend in a life-time is much; two are many; three are hardly possible. Friendship needs a certain parallelism of life, a community of thought, a rivalry of aim.

    Friendship   Real   Two  
    The Education of Henry Adams ch. 20 (1907)
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