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  • I don't think my work is so much about opening up wounds. I think it's about understanding the nature of the wound. I'm not bleeding on the canvas. I, like most people, have suffered traumatic events. The character of a person's life is determined by the way they deal with those events. I am a creative person and I deal with it creatively.

  • I believe in poetry as a way of surviving the emotional chaos, spiritual confusions and traumatic events that come with being alive.

    "The Making of Poems" by Gregory Orr, February 20, 2006.
  • I have learned that some of the nicest people you'll ever meet are those who have suffered a traumatic event or loss. I admire them for their strength, but most especially for their life gratitude - a gift often taken for granted by the average person in society.

    Gratitude   Taken   Loss  
  • The collapse of the global marketplace would be a traumatic event with unimaginable consequences. Yet I find it easier to imagine than the continuation of the present regime.

    George Soros (1995). “Soros on Soros: Staying Ahead of the Curve”, Wiley
  • Sometimes family doesn't always consist of your relatives or by blood. Sometimes your best friends can feel more like family than your cousins. I think everybody kind of has that same feeling. When you go through an accident together, when you go through a traumatic event, sometimes that brings you closer together.

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  • I’m Armenian, and April 24th was another commemoration of the genocide of Armenia people by Turkey. The perpetrator never admitted the crime. I was raised with that, this question: how do you actually find the truth of such a traumatic event? I'm obsessed with that issue.

    Turkeys   Issues   People  
    "Atom Egoyan Discusses Seeking Truth With Devil’s Knot". Interview with Meredith Alloway, May 13, 2014.
  • A traumatic event doesn't doom us to suffer indefinitely. Instead, we can use it as a springboard to unleash our best qualities and lead happier lives.

  • Nature has a way of deadening us to traumatic events, until we're ready to deal with it. And once you do, it's a volcanic reaction.

    Events   Way   Reactions  
  • Just as an informal, nonscientific observation, most people's personalities don't seem to change very much during their lives. There are exceptions in the case of people who go through hugely traumatic events or suffer from brain injury or disease. Some would argue that religious conversions can have deep personality-altering effects. But these are all exceptions to the rule.

    "Neal Stephenson Speaks about His Latest Epic: 'Seveneves'". Interview With Adrian Liang, May 21, 2015.
  • You have to understand that PTSD has to be an event that you experience, a very traumatic event. And actually, there is evidence that brain chemistry changes during this event in certain individuals where it's imprinted indelibly forever and there's an emotion associated with this which triggers the condition.

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  • More than 35 percent of the children exposed to a single traumatic event will develop serious mental health problems .. The real crisis of Katrina is the hundreds of thousands of ravaged, displaced and traumatized children.

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  • I wonder how many marriages are fractured and damaged beyond repair by complacency rather than any single traumatic event. One day you wake up and realize that the distance between you and your spouse has grown to such an enormous width that neither of you are capable of clearing the distance. No matter how much speed you build up, or how far you can jump, it's just there. Gaping and unforgiving.

  • Traumatic events always happen exactly two years before I reach the maturity level to deal with them.

    Maturity   Years   Two  
    Tim Sandlin (2010). “Social Blunders: A Novel”, p.5, Sourcebooks, Inc.
  • Virtual simulations allow post-traumatic stress disorder sufferers to re-experience the events that traumatized them, and then slowly desensitize themselves to their impact through repeated recreations involving not just sight and sound but even smell.

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  • When people endure a traumatic event, they are either defeated or made stronger. On Sept. 11, I told New Yorkers, "I want you to emerge stronger from this." My words were partially a hope and partially an observation that people in New York City handle big things better than little things. I could not be more proud of the way my city responded.

    "9/11 was 'worst day' and 'the best day'" by Rudy Giuliani, September 7, 2011.
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