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  • It was then that I began to look into the seams of your doctrine. I wanted only to pick at a single knot; but when I had got that undone, the whole thing raveled out. And then I understood that it was all machine-sewn.

    Henrik Ibsen (1904). “Ghosts: An Enemy of the People : The Wild Duck”
  • Time is passing. Each day is a glorious opportunity to live and enjoy. Today I will let the past die - all the undone things, all the misjudged things... Today, there are new pleasures, new challenges, new magic.

    Time   Past   Opportunity  
  • Demetrius: Villain, what hast thou done? Aaron: That which thou canst not undo. Chiron: Thou hast undone our mother. Aaron: Villain, I have done thy mother.

    Mother   Done   Villain  
    William Shakespeare (2000). “The Tragedies of Shakespeare: (A Modern Library E-Book)”, p.514, Modern Library
  • Joining a radical movement when one is young is very much like falling in love when one is young. The girl may turn out to be rotten, but the the experience of love is so valuable it can never be entirely undone by the ultimate disenchantment.

    Irving Kristol (1995). “Neoconservatism: The Autobiography of an Idea”, p.470, Simon and Schuster
  • And, as for me, if, by any possibility, there be any as yet undiscovered prime thing in me; if I shall ever deserve any real repute in that small but high hushed world which I might not be unreasonably ambitious of ; if hereafter I shall do anything that, upon the whole, a man might rather have done than to have left undone ; if, at my death, my executors, or more properly my creditors, find any precious MSS. in my desk, then here I prospectively ascribe all the honour and the glory to whaling; for a whale-ship was my Yale College and my Harvard.

    Real   College   Men  
    Herman Melville (1892). “Moby Dick”, p.108
  • A farmer who had a quarrelsome family called his sons and told them to lay a bunch of sticks before him. Then, after laying the sticks parallel to one another and binding them, he challenged his sons, one after one, to pick up the bundle and break it. They all tried, but in vain. Then, untying the bundle, he gave them the sticks to break one by one. This they did with the greatest ease. Then said the father, "Thus, my sons, as long as you remain united, you are a match for anything, but differ and separate, and you are undone".

  • More things are left undone through neglect of duty than through neglect of self-interest.

    Self   Neglect   Undone  
  • God our Father, Jesus, our Elder Brother and our Redeemer, and the Holy Ghost, the Testator, are perfect. They know us best and love us most and will not leave one thing undone for our eternal welfare. Should we not love them for it and honor them first?

    Jesus   Brother   Father  
  • What's done can't be undone, but at least you can keep it from happening again.

    Anne Frank (2011). “The Diary of a Young Girl: The Definitive Edition”, p.167, Bantam
  • If there's something I can do and I feel it should be done, I just want to do it. I just don't want to leave it undone because I'll sit back and say, why didn't I do that? Why didn't I start that business?

    Done   Want   Should  
  • What's done cannot be undone. To bed, to bed, to bed.

    Bed   Done   Undone  
    'Macbeth' (1606) act 5, sc. 1, l. [74]
  • True Grit is making a decision and standing by it, doing what must be done. No moral man can have peace of mind if he leaves undone what he knows he should have done.

    Leadership   Sports   Men  
  • You can plan all you want to. You can lie in your morning bed and fill whole notebooks with schemes and intentions. But within a single afternoon, within hours or minutes, everything you plan and everything you have fought to make yourself can be undone as a slug is undone when salt is poured on him. And right up to the moment when you find yourself dissolving into foam you can still believe you are doing fine.

    Wallace Stegner (2007). “Crossing to Safety”, p.191, Modern Library
  • Why would you be afraid of death? It would be an inconvenience. I have a lot of undone things and it's bound to get in the way. But, no, it doesn't scare me at all.

    Scare   Would Be   Way  
  • Christianity is most admirably adapted to the training of slaves, to the perpetuation of a slave society; in short, to the very conditions confronting us today. The rulers of the earth have realized long ago what potent poison inheres in the Christian religion. That is the reason they foster it; that is why they leave nothing undone to instill it into the blood of the people. They know only too well that the subtleness of the Christian teachings is a more powerful protection against rebellion and discontent than the club or the gun.

    "The Failure of Christianity". Essay in the Mother Earth Journal, dwardmac.pitzer.edu. April 1913.
  • Love is like breathing, you take it in and let it out.

    Wally Lamb (2012). “She's Come Undone”, p.470, Simon and Schuster
  • What is already woven cannot be undone. It will not make the trees grow again for you to bring the building down on our heads.

    Tree   Woven   Building  
    Robert Jordan, Chuck Dixon “Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time: The Eye of the World #30”, Dynamite
  • If you want your prayers answered, get up off your knees and do something about them.

    Prayer   Want   Knees  
    Wally Lamb (2012). “She's Come Undone”, p.303, Simon and Schuster
  • Love is also a violence, and cannot be undone.

    Simon van Booy (2013). “The Illusion of Separateness”, p.101, Oneworld Publications
  • As so often happens, the thing left undone tires you most of all, you only feel rested when it has been accomplished.

  • Wholehearted living is about engaging in our lives from a place of worthiness. It means cultivating the courage, compassion, and connection to wake up in the morning and think, No matter what gets done and how much is left undone, I am enough. It’s going to bed at night thinking, Yes, I am imperfect and vulnerable and sometimes afraid, but that doesn’t change the truth that I am also brave and worthy of love and belonging.

    Brené Brown (2010). “The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You're Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are”, p.15, Simon and Schuster
  • Let's face it. We're undone by each other. And if we're not, we're missing something.

    Missing   Faces   Undone  
    Judith Butler (2004). “Undoing Gender”, p.19, Psychology Press
  • When you have arrived at your country house and have saluted your household, you should make the rounds of the farm the same day, if possible; if not, then certainly the next day. When you have observed how the field work has progressed, what things have been done, and what remains undone, you should summon your overseer the next day, and should call for a report of what work has been done in good season and why it has not been possible to complete the rest, and what wine and corn and other crops have been gathered.

    Country   Wine   Next Day  
    Cato the Elder (2016). “Delphi Complete Works of Cato the Elder (Illustrated)”, p.14, Delphi Classics
  • We all start out so damn sure, thinking we've got the world on a string. If we ever stopped to think about the infinite number of ways we could be undone, we'd never leave our bedrooms.

    Jonathan Tropper (2009). “This Is Where I Leave You: A Novel”, p.223, Penguin
  • I guess this is how love is when it comes undone. No matter how tight you knit the stitches, a sharp tug on a loose thread will transform your warm sweater into a mangled heap of yarn that you can't reuse or repair.

    Love Is   Yarn   Sweaters  
  • I dont get distracted until the weight of other things left undone finally tips the balance; my mind is flooded with calls, bills, supermarkets, letters, and I have to stop and sort things out.

    Mind   Balance   Letters  
  • We have made men proud of most vices, but not of cowardice. Whenever we have almost succeeded in doing so, God permits a war or an earthquake or some other calamity, and at once courage becomes so obviously lovely and important even in human eyes that all our work is undone, and there is still at least one vice of which they feel genuine shame. The danger of inducing cowardice in our patients, therefore, is lest we produce real self-knowledge and self-loathing, with consequent repentance and humility.

    Real   War   Humility  
  • The ghosts swarm. They speak as one person. Each has left something undone.

    Ghost   Speak   Undone  
    Rae Armantrout (2009). “Versed”, p.70, Wesleyan University Press
  • Authentic spirituality is revolutionary. It does not legitimate the world, it breaks the world; it does not console the world, it shatters it. And it does not render the self content, it renders it undone.

    Self   Doe   World  
  • Focusnot on the rudeness of others,not on what they've done or left undone,but on what you have done and have not doneyourself.

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