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  • United we stand, divided we fall.

    Family   Fall   Diversity  
    Aesop (1947). “The Fables of AEsop”, Ann Arbor [Mich.] : University Microfilms
  • I feel that at this point in our country's history, it is important that we not reverse marriage equality, that we not reverse Roe v. Wade, that we stand up against Citizens United, we stand up for the rights of people in the workplace, that we stand up and basically say: The Supreme Court should represent all of us. That's how I see the court, and the kind of people that I would be looking to nominate to the court would be in the great tradition of standing up to the powerful, standing up on behalf of our rights as Americans.

    Source: www.christianpost.com
  • United we stand, divided we fall is one of the oldest and truest slogans of the Labour movement.

    Source: www.telegraph.co.uk
  • A house divided against itself cannot stand.

    Speech at Republican state convention nominating him to run for U.S. senator, Springfield, Ill., 16 June 1858
  • United we stand, divided we fall. Let us not split into factions which must destroy that union upon which our existence hangs.

    Fall   Unions   Splits  
    Speech on March 04, 1799. "Patrick Henry: Life, Correspondences and Speeches". Book by William Wirt Henry. Volume 2, p. 609-610, 1891.
  • Remember upon the conduct of each depends the fate of all.

  • All for one and one for all, united we stand divided we fall.

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  • Then join hand in hand, brave Americans all! By uniting we stand, by dividing we fall.

    "The Liberty Song" (song) (1768). "United we stand, divided we fall!" became a slogan of the American Revolution.
  • We, the people. Manifest Destiny. Conceived in liberty. Fear itself. Ask not. Morning in America. United we stand. Yes, we can. In times of great change and tumult, presidents seek to inspire beleaguered Americans by reminding them of their national identity.

  • Here is an Unity Quote that we have all known since school: United we stand; divided we fall.

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  • We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.

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