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  • We Unitarian Universalists have inherited a magnificent theological legacy. In a sweeping answer to creeds that divide the human family, Unitarianism proclaims that we spring from a common source; Universalism, that we share a common destiny.

  • The force of universalism is in you Basques, not in the Spanish state.

    States   Force   Basques  
    ARGIA Interview, June 27, 2010.
  • Whatever the universal perspective one adopts, it is important to recognise that some form of universalism is politically and ethically necessary.

    Source: www.3ammagazine.com
  • Scripture starts with the particular and then universalizes it. You are called to love your concrete individual neighbor and then to realize that every individual is your neighbor. The point is not to destroy concrete neighborhood in a fit of universalism but to expand the local neighborhood and embrace the universal neighborhood.

    Peter Kreeft (2009). “The God Who Loves You: Love Divine, All Loves Excelling”, p.108, Ignatius Press
  • The universalism of Islam, in its all-embracing creed, is imposed on the believers as a continuous process of warfare, psychological and political, if not strictly military. . . . The Jihad, accordingly, may be stated as a doctrine of a permanent state of war, not continuous fighting.

    Military   War   Fighting  
  • ...I have great hopes for the possibility of a dynamic universalism that respects all our people.

  • I don’t believe in universalism, but I do believe in Jesus Christ, the reconciler of all

    Jesus   Believe   Christ  
  • The most passionate, consistent, extreme and implacable enemy of the Enlightenment and ... all forms of rationalism ... was Johann Georg Hamann. His influence, direct and indirect, upon the romantic revolt against universalism and scientific method ... was considerable and perhaps crucial.

    Isaiah Berlin (2013). “Three Critics of the Enlightenment: Vico, Hamann, Herder”, p.320, Princeton University Press
  • We believe that an individual must endeavor to assume the universalism inherent in the human condition.

    Frantz Fanon (2008). “Black Skin, White Masks”, p.14, Grove Press
  • Tony [Campolo] and I might disagree on the details, but I think we are both trying to find an alternative to both traditional Universalism and the narrow, exclusivist understanding of hell [that unless you explicitly accept and follow Jesus, you are excluded from eternal life with God and destined for hell].

  • The alternative of hypothetical universalism, according to which Christ's work is sufficient for all but efficient only for the elect, was alive and well in early Reformed thought. Moreover - and importantly for our purposes - this view was not regarded as an aberration but as a legitimate position that could be taken within the confessional bounds of Reformed thought. But that means that the Five Points aren't the non-negotiable conceptual core of Calvinism after all.

    Taken   Mean   Views  
    Source: edwardsstudies.com
  • Nowhere is Universalism welcomed and encouraged by a people; everywhere governments have forced and are forcing Universalism upon unwilling and resistant subjects.

    Sir Arthur Keith (1947). “Evolution and Ethics”
  • The way in which these two practices contain each other is that it has always been possible to use the one against the other: to use racism-sexism to prevent universalism from moving too far in the direction of egalitarianism; to use universalism to prevent racism-sexism from moving too far in the direction of a caste system that would inhibit the work force mobility so necessary for the capitalist accumulation process.

    Moving   Two   Practice  
  • Adam Smith's was a real universalism in intent. Laissez Faire was intended to establish a world community as well as a natural harmony of interests within each nation... But the "children of darkness" were able to make good use of his creed. A dogma which was intended to guarantee the economic freedom of the individual became the "ideology" of vast corporate structures of a later period of capitalism, used by them, and still used, to prevent a proper political control of their power.

  • The primary ideology that operated to create, socialize, and reproduce them was not the ideology of racism. It was that of universalism.

    Immanuel Maurice Wallerstein (1995). “Capistalist Civilisation”, p.80, Verso
  • The EU Constitution is something new in human history. Though it is not as eloquent as the French and U.S. constitutions, it is the first governing document of its kind to expand the human franchise to the level of global consciousness. The language throughout the draft constitution speaks of universalism, making it clear that its focus is not a people, or a territory, or a nation, but rather the human race and the planet we inhabit.

    Country   Race   Europe  
    Utne Reader, October 4, 2004.
  • Universalism as an ideal is as old as nay, is probably much more ancient than the Christian ideal.

    Sir Arthur Keith (1947). “Evolution and Ethics”
  • Real success is found in radical sacrifice. Ultimate satisfaction is found not in making much of ourselves but in making much of God. The purpose of our lives transcends the country and culture in which we live. Meaning is found in community, not individualism; joy is found in generosity, not materialism; and truth is found in Christ, not universalism. Ultimately, Jesus is a reward worth risking everything to know, experience, and enjoy.

    Country   Jesus   Real  
  • Civilization, we shall find, like Universalism and Christianity, is anti evolutionary in its effects; it works against the laws and conditions which regulated the earlier stages of man's ascent.

    Men   Law   Civilization  
    Sir Arthur Keith (1947). “Evolution and Ethics”
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