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  • There are people out there dying every day, so when you wake up, you just have to thank the Man Upstairs for another day on this planet. There's not much else we can ask for.

    Men   People   Dying  
  • When the road looks rough ahead, remember the 'Man upstairs' and the word HOPE. Hang onto both and 'tough it out'.

    Men   Looks   Tough  
  • Let's have some wine, go upstairs, and look at my money.

    Wine   Looks   Upstairs  
  • Lots of people today would never consider themselves guilty of idolatry as far as it is spelled out in the Ten Commandments, but by reducing God to some benevolent "man upstairs" whose only attributes are love and tolerance, and who could not care less about sin, they truly have transgressed God's commandment. They have created a god in their mind who does not actually exist and will on the day of judgment, not be able to offer them any help.

    Men   People   Tolerance  
  • I used to pride myself on being impervious to the sentimentalities of soap opera, but when that loveliest of actresses, Rachel Gurney, of Upstairs, Downstairs, perished on the Titanic, I wept so convulsively and developed such anorexia that I had to be force-fed.

  • I remember, when I was a kid, watching my mother jam herself into her girdle - a piece of equipment so rigid it could stand up on its own - and I remember her coming home from fancy parties and racing upstairs to extricate herself from its cruel iron grip.

    Mother   Party   Home  
    "Bulge" by Susan Orlean, October 15, 2010.
  • The smoke alarm went off in the hallway upstairs, either to let us know the battery had just died or because the house was on fire.

    Fire   House   Alarms  
    Don DeLillo (2011). “White Noise”, p.11, Pan Macmillan
  • I don’t have a photograph, but you can have my footprints. They’re upstairs in my socks.

    Funny   Witty   Humorous  
  • When the Duke [W.J.C. Scott-Bentinck] died, his heirs found all of the aboveground rooms devoid of furnishings except for one chamber in the middle of which sat the Duke's commode. The main hall was mysteriously floor less. Most of the rooms were painted pink. The one upstairs room in which the Duke had resided was packed to the ceiling with hundreds of green boxes, each of which contained a single dark brown wig. This was, in short, a man worth getting to know.

    Dark   Men   Dukes  
  • As we celebrate mediocrity, all the boys upstairs want to see. How much you'll pay for what you used to get for free.

    Art   Boys   Media  
    Song: The Last DJ, Album: The Last DJ
  • To go upstairs in the word house is to withdraw step by step; while to go down to the cellar is to dream.

    Dream   House   Steps  
    "The Poetics of Space". Book by Gaston Bachelard, 1964.
  • Does somebody have an explanation why there's human flesh on the hall window upstairs?

    Doe   Flesh   Window  
  • Shut up!" Eve yelled from somewhere upstairs. "Jackass!" "You know, when people say that, I just hear the word awesome.

    Rachel Caine (2011). “Last Breath: The Morganville Vampires”, p.26, Penguin
  • In hindsight I can see that my love for the arts began by watching my father and his colleagues perform on stage in Jamaica, and running a muck among the exhibits of fabulous Jamaican art at the National Gallery while mum was upstairs curating.

    Running   Art   Father  
  • My husband would say my signature dish is pasta with a tin of tuna plonked on top. So, no. Although I make a good bangers and mash. I have been known to stick cocktail umbrellas in it, take a photo and send it to James upstairs with a text saying, 'Your food's ready'.

    "Joanna Page: 'Within minutes of meeting James Corden, you'll want to sleep with him'". Interview, June 13, 2008.
  • The music is the message, the message is the music. So that's my little ministry that the Big Man upstairs gave to me - a little ministry called love and happiness.

  • I might be in the basement. I'll go upstairs and check.

    Might   Upstairs   Checks  
  • We exist because of suburbia. Suburbia is a freak’s dreamworld, a world of extra rooms upstairs and long, lazy afternoons with no interference. A place where you can listen to your LPs for hours on end. You can live in your room, your own rent-free corner of the universe, and create a world of pleasure and interest entirely centered on yourself and your interior aesthetic and logic.

    Long   Lazy   Afternoon  
    Dana Spiotta (2006). “Eat the Document: A Novel”, p.73, Simon and Schuster
  • After that, he tried to go upstairs through the broom cupboard, and then the yard. This seemed to puzzle him a little. But finally he discovered the stairs, all except the bottom on, and fell up them on his face. The whole castle shook.

    Yards   Castles   Littles  
    Diana Wynne Jones (2002). “Wizard's Castle”
  • Loretta, I love you. Not like they told you love is, and I didn't know this either, but love don't make things nice - it ruins everything. It breaks your heart. It makes things a mess. We aren't here to make things perfect. The snowflakes are perfect. The stars are perfect. Not us. Not us! We are here to ruin ourselves and to break our hearts and love the wrong people and *die*. The storybooks are *bullshit*. Now I want you to come upstairs with me and *get* in my bed!

    "Moonstruck". 1987.
  • anyone know where Kell is?" "Sleeping," Vin said. "He came in late last night, and hasn't gotten up yet." Ham grunted, taking a bite of baywrap. "Dox?" "In his room on the third floor," Vin said. "He got up early, came down to get something to eat, and went back upstairs." ... Ham raised an eyebrow. "You always keep track of where everyone is like that?" "Yes.

    Sleep   Night   Eyebrows  
  • The worship of God....should be free at table, in private rooms, downstairs, upstairs, at home, abroad, in all places, by all peoples, at all times

    Home   Tables   Rooms  
  • Are you going to tell me what that was about?” Adam asked as we went back upstairs. “Sometime,” I told him. “When we're telling ghost stories around a campfire, and I want to scare you.

    Patricia Briggs (2009). “Bone Crossed”, p.208, Penguin
  • The simple question 'What color do you want to paint that upstairs room?' might, if we follow things to their logical conclusions, be stated: 'How do I live, knowing that I will one day die and leave you?

    Simple   Color   Knowing  
    Donald Antrim (2011). “The Verificationist: A Novel”, p.11, Macmillan
  • You were firing questions at me today, trying to get inside my head. You asked if I believed in God. I told you of course I do- I've always had a strong sense of self. Your house is quiet now, you're sleeping upstairs and I'm alone with this blasted, idiotic book that purports to tally the sum of my life, and fact is, maybe I do. But maybe, ka-lyrra, your God doesn't believe in me. -- From The (Greatly Revised) Black Edition Of The O'Callaghan Book of the Sin Siriche Du

    Strong   Believe   Book  
    Karen Marie Moning (2012). “The Highlander Series 7-Book Bundle”, p.1384, Dell
  • I might be in the basement. I'll go upstairs and check. We adore chaos because we love to produce order. I don't use drugs; my dreams are frightening enough.

    Funny   Dream   Clever  
  • Even now, Dickon was upstairs, writing sonnets to his new love, while back at Seadown House, Marianne was writing 'Ella' on scraps of paper and then burning them.

    Writing   House   Burning  
    Jessica Day George (2010). “Princess of Glass”, p.145, Bloomsbury Publishing USA
  • I closed my eyes. “Are you okay?” “I’m tired. My knee is hurting again and I’m trying to teleport myself upstairs.” “Um, Kate, you can’t do that.” “I know. But I’m trying very hard. Let me know if I start fading?

    Hurt   Tired   Eye  
  • I have a picture of a rainy Paris street scene which I bought when I was 33 and on my first trip to Paris. I go past it when I go upstairs every night and it reminds me of that trip and makes me happy

    Past   Night   Paris  
  • Don't leave me, Rainbow Girl." Rainbow Girl. Was that who I was? It seemed so long ago. I smiled faintly. "Remember the skirt I wore to Mallucé's the night you told me to dress Goth?" "It's upstairs in your closet. Never throw it away. It looked like a wet dream on you.

    Girl   Dream   Night  
    Karen Marie Moning (2011). “Shadowfever: Fever Series”, p.592, Delacorte Press
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