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  • I wanted to be a veterinarian for about a week of my life when I was a kid. But I found out about the whole euthanasia thing and I said, I can't commit to that, sorry!

    Sorry   Kids   Week  
    MoviesOnline Interview, November 12th, 2017.
  • Modeling was pretty difficult back then. I did not find the business something that I had an interest in. I wanted to be a veterinarian.

    Interview with Steve Head, September 17, 2000.
  • Make your life your art. It doesn't have to be that you're an artist. I know I talk about art a lot, but I mean a very broad thing with that. You could be a veterinarian, that's your art. Find your art; find your thing you love.

    Art   Mean   Veterinarian  
  • I dressed up as a veterinarian for a Halloween costume party. I had the lab coat. I got a couple of stuffed animals for patients and put bandages on them.

  • Many of the local institutions and politicians and veterinarians are involved in illegal trade. To crack that down, it's a big crime and big names to reveal.

    "African Wildlife Foundation, Veronica Varekova and Patrick Bergin". Interview with Maranda Pleasant, December 1, 2013.
  • I really wanted to be veterinarian, but I got a 410 on my math SATs.

    Math   Veterinarian   Sat  
  • As a freelance writer, I'd be asked to become an expert for various magazines on any subject, whether food or wine or history or the life span of veterinarians. I was completely unschooled in any of these things.

    Biography/Personal Quotes,
  • A veterinarian who naively gave PETA some of the animals, thinking they would find them homes, and examined the dead bodies of others, testified that they were 'healthy' and 'adoptable.'

    Home   Animal   Thinking  
  • I didn't do anything as active as deciding that I wanted to be a writer. For one thing, I didn't feel like I was the final authority on whether or not I was anything like a writer. (I'm a timid soul.) I just kept writing stories, because becoming a veterinarian seemed as if it involved too much dissection.

    Writing   Soul   Finals  
  • My dream was to be either a volleyball player or a veterinarian.

    Interview with Steve Head, October 5, 2004.
  • There's politics. When you talk about Asia - no one really wants to approach that full-force because it's very thin ice. No one wants to harm the relations with Asia, where most of those products are going to and being exported to. Many of the local institutions and politicians and veterinarians are involved in illegal trade. To crack that down, it's a big crime and big names to reveal.

    Names   Ice   Want  
  • I wrote for years before I was ever published, and I don't think I could ever stop. That said, I was also a veterinarian before I sold my first book, and I still volunteer my time to help with animal welfare causes. So that is a career I would be happy to return to - while still secretly writing strange stories back in my doctor's office.

    Book   Writing   Animal  
  • In my early teen years, I wanted to become a vet. That was my plan. I worked as a veterinarian's assistant for a couple of summers.

    Summer   Couple   Years  
  • I don't know what makes a writer's voice. It's dozens of things. There are people who write who don't have it. They're tone-deaf, even though they're very fluent. It's an ability, like anything else, being a doctor or a veterinarian, or a musician.

    Writing   Doctors   Voice  
  • I think to be a good veterinarian, you have to like people.

    "Veterinarian Kevin Fitzgerald Plays Not My Job". "Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!" with Peter Sagal, July 4, 2015.
  • I certainly think that 10 to 20 years from now, clearly the majority of veterinarians will be women.

  • I think that if I'd not made the movie, I might be a veterinarian in Connecticut. I would probably be married with some children. That's probably the way it would be. But because of the film [the Exorcist], I don't have a normal life by somebody else's standards.

    "Interview With the Exorcist's Linda Blair". Interview with Steve Head, September 17, 2000.
  • If you have more than one reason to do something (choose a doctor or veterinarian, hire a gardener or an employee, marry a person, go on a trip), just don’t do it. It does not mean that one reason is better than two, just that by invoking more than one reason you are trying to convince yourself to do something. Obvious decisions (robust to error) require no more than a single reason.

    Mean   Errors   Doctors  
  • I do not know what makes a writer, but it probably isn't happiness.

    William Saroyan, William E. Justice (2008). “He flies through the air with the greatest of ease: a William Saroyan reader”, Heyday Books
  • Being veterinarians, we're not supposed to be afraid of any animals. And I'm afraid of spiders. They creep me out the way they move. They got hair and saliva. That's wrong. A bug shouldn't have hair on it.

    Moving   Animal   Hair  
    "Veterinarian Kevin Fitzgerald Plays Not My Job". "Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!" with Peter Sagal, August 11, 2007.
  • Anything that can create balance in dogs is great. If veterinarians can give you the solution and give you why this is causing the behavior, of course. Anything that is good for an animal, let's do it.

    Dog   Animal   Giving  
  • Personally, I have always felt that the best doctor in the world is the Veterinarian. He can't ask his patients what is the matter...he's just got to know.

    Doctors   World   Matter  
    Will Rogers, Bryan B. Sterling, Frances N. Sterling (1993). “Will Rogers: Reflections and Observations”, Three Rivers Press (CA)
  • If I could stomach the awful part of being a veterinarian, which involves sticking your hand up animals' behinds, I would be a vet.

    Animal   Hands   Would Be  
  • I wanted to be a teacher. I love children, so I wanted to deal with children. Then I wanted to be a veterinarian. But by the age of ten or eleven, when I opened my mouth and said, 'Oh, God, what's this?' I kind of knew teaching and being a veterinarian were gonna have to wait.

    "10 Things You Didn't Know About Whitney Houston" by Luchina Fisher, February 15, 2012.
  • I wanted to be a veterinarian, but slipped up when I hit organic chemistry.

  • The Giant Ocean Tank, with its 52 large viewing windows, is the main attraction here. Myrtle, a giant green sea turtle, is one of the tank's most popular animals, along with sharks, rays and more than 100 other species. The Aquarium Medical Center is a working animal hospital exhibit that allows visitors to observe veterinarians examining and treating sea creatures.

    Ocean   Animal   Turtles  
  • I really wanted to, but I just didn't understand how people became comedians. I kind of thought it was something you were born into. And so I wanted to be a veterinarian or an architect. I wanted to be in a band, and for some reason I could understand how you could be in a band because I had guitars and all my friends played music. Comedy was a secret want, but it wasn't anything I pursued.

    "Tig Notaro: You’ll Laugh, You’ll Cry". Interview with Sydney Brownstone, May/June 2013.
  • If having a soul means being able to feel love and loyalty and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans.

    James Herriot (2012). “All Creatures Great and Small: The classic memoirs of a Yorkshire country vet”, p.232, Pan Macmillan
  • Never believe that animals suffer less than humans. Pain is the same for them that it is for us. Even worse, because they cannot help themselves.

    Pain   Believe   Animal  
  • US officials have now approved the first anti-obesity drug for dogs. I'm no a veterinarian, but if your dog is over eating, try putting a little less food in the bowl. Do we really need to give him a pill? Is the dog taking your car keys and driving to McDonalds?

    Dog   Keys   Mcdonalds  
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