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  • In the absence of government each man learns to think, to act for himself, without counting on the support of an outside force which, however vigilant one supposes it to be, can never answer all social needs. Man, thus accustomed to seek his well-being only through his own efforts, raises himself in his own opinion as he does in the opinion of others; his soul becomes larger and stronger at the same time.

    Men   Thinking   Support  
  • Villainy that is vigilant will be an overmatch for virtue, if she slumber at her post.

    Slumber   Virtue   Posts  
    Charles Caleb Colton (1824). “Lacon, Or, Many Things in a Few Words: Addressed to Those who Think”, p.226
  • Only later did I come to understand that to be a mother is to be an illusion. No matter how vigilant, in the end a mother can't protect her child - not from pain, or horror, or the nightmare of violence, from sealed trains moving rapidly in the wrong direction, the depravity of strangers, trapdoors, abysses, fires, cars in the rain, from chance.

    Mother   Pain   Children  
    Nicole Krauss (2011). “Great House: A Novel”, p.270, W. W. Norton & Company
  • Come, live with the doors of the senses guarded, diligent and mindful, vigilant and mindful, with the ways of the mind well watched, possessed of a mind that is awake and observing.

    Buddhist   Doors   Mind  
  • Man's desire for the approval of his fellows is so strong, his dread of their censure so violent, that he himself has brought his enemy (conscience) within his gates; and it keeps watch over him, vigilant always in the interests of its master to crush any half-formed desire to break away from the herd.

    Crush   Strong   Men  
  • Since they are our right, let us be vigilant to preserve them uninfringed, and free from encroachments. If animosities arise, and we should be obliged to resort to party, let each of us range himself on the side which unfurls the ensigns of public good. Faction will then vanish, which, if not timely suppressed, may overturn the balance, the palladium of liberty, and crush us under its ruins.

    Crush   Party   Voting  
    Benjamin Franklin, Jared Sparks (1836). “Works: containing several political and historical tracts not included in any former edition ...”, p.281
  • We must be vigilant that we don't sink into the morass of sectarianism, mixing, pettiness etc. We must not get involved in unprincipled slagging matches etc or into positions that are sectarian, anti-revolutionary, morally damaging that give succour to the enemy & that confuse & divide the working class

    Class   Giving   Enemy  
  • Let us ask the Lord for the grace to take these things seriously. He came to fight for our salvation. He won against the devil! Please, let us not do business with the devil! He seeks to return home, to take possession of us Do not relativize; be vigilant! And always with Jesus!

    Jesus   Home   Fighting  
  • It is not the slumber of reason that engenders monsters, but vigilant and insomniac rationality

    Gilles Deleuze, FeÌl?ix Guattari (2004). “Anti-Oedipus”, p.122, A&C Black
  • I think there's a tremendous sense of complacency in the LGBT community. AIDS has lost the edge of horror it possessed when it swept through the world in the '80s. Today's generation sees it more as something to live with and something to be much less fearful of. And that comes with a sense of, dare I say, laziness. We need to be really vigilant and open about the fact that these drugs are not to be taken to increase our ability to have recreational sex.

    Sex   Taken   Thinking  
  • Be very vigilant over thy child in the April of his understanding, lest the frost of May nip his blossoms. While he is a tender twig, straighten him; whilst he is a new vessel, season him; such as thou makest him, such commonly shall thou find him. Let his first lesson be obedience and his second shall be what thou wilt.

  • Democracy only works, as President [Barack] Obama spoke of in his farewell message, if it's driven by the people and the people stay active and vigilant and speak out and let their concerns be known.

  • Nature is like a wild animal that you have trained to work for you. So long as you are vigilant and walk warily with thought and care, so long will it give you its aid, but look away for an instant, be heedless or forgetful, and it has you by the throat.

    Nature   Animal   Giving  
    Kamala Markandaya (1954). “Nectar in a Sieve: A Novel”
  • Give me a story that just makes me unreasonably vigilant. Keep me up till five only because all your stars are out, and for no other reason.

    Stars   Giving   Stories  
  • Let no guilty man escape if it can be avoided. Be specially vigilant-or instruct those engaged in the prosecution of fraud to be-against all who insinuate that they have high influence to protect-or to protect them. No personal consideration should stand in the way of performing a public duty.

    Men   Way   Influence  
    Endorsement added to letter, received 29 July 1875.
  • I've battled psoriasis; I've had an autoimmune disease since I was two. So I'm very vigilant about taking care of myself and eating right and what I put in my body. It's something that I had to be aware of since a young age. So health is a big deal.

    Two   Age   Body  
  • I am a vigilant monarchist. I want to see things evolve. The direction the monarchy seems to be moving in - towards a more mainland-European model - is one I would feel sympathetic about.

  • The only free road, the Underground Railroad, is owned and managed by the Vigilant Committee. They have tunneled under the whole breadth of the land.

    Henry David Thoreau (1992). “The Essays of Henry David Thoreau”, p.61, Rowman & Littlefield
  • Though we are optimistic, we must remain vigilant and maintain a sense of urgency.

  • Though liberty is established by law, we must be vigilant, for liberty to enslave us is always present under that very liberty. Our Constitution speaks of the "general welfare of the people." Under that phrase all sorts of excesses can be employed by lusting tyrants to make us bondsmen.

    Tyrants   Law   People  
  • Today, our very survival depends on our ability to stay awake, to adjust to new ideas, to remain vigilant and to face the challenge of change.

    Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (2013). “"In a Single Garment of Destiny": A Global Vision of Justice”, p.19, Beacon Press
  • I believe that the public temper is such that the voters of the land are prepared to support the party which gives the best promise of administering the government in the honest, simple, and plain manner which is consistent with its character and purposes. They have learned that mystery and concealment in the management of their affairs cover tricks and betrayal. The statesmanship they require consists in honesty and frugality, a prompt response to the needs of the people as they arise, and a vigilant protection of all their varied interests.

    Grover Cleveland (1892). “The Writings and Speeches of Grover Cleveland”
  • Doing a job, or even watching a film, can make a difference to your life, but I don't think it ever has an explosive impact where your life will never be the same again. It kind of seeps into your life, and perhaps realise you're a little more vigilant about certain things than you might have been.

    Jobs   Thinking   Impact  
    "And When Did You Last See Your Father? - Colin Firth interview". Interview with Rob Carnevale,
  • We have to be vigilant about how the Trump administration may try to divide us from each other.

  • Man is naturally more desirous of a quiet and approving, than of a vigilant and tender conscience--more desirous of security than of safety.

    Men   Safety   Quiet  
    Richard Whately (1856). “Thoughts and Apophthegms: From the Writings of Archbishop Whateley”, p.22
  • While America has always been and always will be a safe harbor for those being persecuted by tyrannical governments we must be vigilant to ensure those individuals are not taking advantage of America's generosity and good will.

  • The riches of His free grace cause me daily to triumph over all the temptations of the wicked one, who is very vigilant, and seeks all occasions to disturb me.

    George Whitefield (1771). “The Works of the Reverend George Whitefield, M.A...: Containing All His Sermons and Tracts which Have Been Already Published: with a Select Collection of Letters... Also, Some Other Pieces on Important Subjects, Never Before Printed; Prepared by Himself for the Press; to which is Prefixed, an Account of His Life, Compiled from His Orignial Papers and Letters”, p.82
  • What I'm trying to do when I visit Australia, is warn Australians that even though it might not be the case today, learn from the mistakes that we made in Europe: be vigilant and look at Islam for what it really is.

  • In these troubled times we live in, we should remain vigilant and see through populist arguments.

    "Belgium King Albert II Christmas Speech Sparks Controversy". December 27, 2012.
  • The goal of long-run economic growth without asset price bubbles is not only achievable, but is something we should expect if we put a sound regulatory framework in place and if policymakers remain vigilant.

    Running   Long   Goal  
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