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  • I often envy my friends who are visual artists. Visual artists have other things to work with. Other media. I envy my sculptor friends: they have hunks of matter. Marble. Wood. It's physical, which I find very appealing. What we have is nothing, is just glaringly blank.

    Artist   Media   Envy  
  • [My photography teacher] gave me the Mexican Day Books of Edward Weston and just blew me away with this work. The fact that you could be this fabulous visual artist, with all this milieu of people like Diego Rivera and you could sleep with these gorgeous, amazing women, that you could live that life - that photography could deliver you that life.

  • I was at a time of my life of making choices, I suppose: am I a writer, am I a visual artist? And when I was a teenager. I thought I would be a film-maker. Am I a musician? If so, what kind of musician am I?

    "The Strange World Of... David Toop". Interview with Karen Shook, June 28, 2016.
  • I have so much music that I do. Just like how a visual artist is always sketching something but they might not share it, I'm always writing songs or coming up with melodic lines on piano or guitar. It's therapy. It's always happening.

    Song   Writing   Artist  
    "Life on the Line: A Telephone Conversation With Erykah Badu". Interview with Ryan Dombal, December 10, 2015.
  • My bottom line is that I think Ridley Scott is one of the greatest visual artists of our time and I feel very privileged that he wants to work with me, so I go with that flow.

    Artist   Thinking   Lines  
    "American Gangster - Russell Crowe interview". Interview with Rob Carnevale,
  • I am a horrible visual artist. I can't fix a car, sew, knit, cook, etc. Statistically, there is more I don't do than do.

    Artist   Car   Etc  
    "Portlandia star Carrie Brownstein takes your questions". January 11, 2012.
  • Musically, it's difficult to believe Jim has only two hands and one set of vocal cords. You would think that there were a dozen of him if you closed your eyes and listened. From a visual artist's standpoint, Jim is a man of a thousand faces, all spellbinding.

    Believe   Eye   Artist  
  • To me, as a visual artist, I don't want to get into the theory of Buddhism. There are many Buddhism theories and they fight each other, like Christians as well.

  • Yes, a lot of European cinema and a lot of independent films and art-house stuff. She is a photographer. She is a visual artist and photographer and my dad is, too. My mum, I must credit for showing me good films. With my career, my parents were great and though they were a little wary, maybe, of the acting ambitions they have always been supportive.

    Art   Dad   Independent  
  • I think that a visual artist's philosophy develops much more freely than a writer's or a thinker's philosophy. It is not so disciplined. The photographer works with both his eyes and his mind.

    Philosophy   Eye   Artist  
  • I often find myself privately stewing about much British art, thinking that except for their tremendous gardens, that the English are not primarily visual artists, and are, in nearly unsurpassable ways, literary.

    Art   Garden   Thinking  
  • I'm a really visual artist, and I love writing treatments for music videos, photo shoots, fashion, and all the visual parts that go along with making an album.

    "Bonnie McKee, the Writer Behind Your Fave Katy Perry Songs, Talks Going Solo, Writing "Roar," and More". Interview With Mickey Woods, October 23, 2013.
  • Symphony is the ability to see the big picture, connect the dots, combine disparate things into something new. Visual artists in particular are good at seeing how the pieces come together. I experienced this myself by trying to learn to draw.

    "Why right-brainers will rule this century". Interview with Oprah Winfrey, May 7, 2009.
  • A lot of musicians are good cooks, and a lot of cooks are musicians, but I think that may just be a result of the creative impulse finding several means of expression. Probably an equivalent number are visual artists, woodworkers or compulsive liars.

    Liars   Mean   Artist  
    "Indie Rock Food Blogs: The Steve Albini Interview". Interview with Andrew Simmons, May 17, 2011.
  • I have some advantages of viewing from the two lenses, the two perspectives. I think that a lot of visual artists who come back here from the United States and are Cambodian also write from their American references - looking inside the old culture, and looking at themselves as an American looking into the country where they were born.

  • Writers and musicians know well the importance of extensive reading for successful writing or extensive listening for musical composition. Likewise, visual artists... understand that successful artistic creativity depends upon extensive visual exposure.

  • Sometimes when I write lyrics there are images in them, usually on a quite simplistic level, like colors. But most often music comes first and then later I sit down with visual people and we chat about what we want to do. I don't look at myself as a visual artist. I make music.

    Writing   Artist   Color  
    "Biography/ Personal Quotes".
  • Evolving Culture, Reality, as we perceive it, is largely shaped by the artifacts, both material and symbolic, of thought, thought that leads to creative manifestation in form and color. With that in mind, it might be suggested that the visual artist, - from commercial designer to fine art painter - has much to do with most things that enter your everyday visuals, and thus form a major portion of one's reality and, certainly, how this culture manifests and evolves.

    Art   Reality   Color  
  • As I had collaborated with visual artists before whether on installations, on performance pieces, in the context of theatre works and as I had taught for a time in art colleges the idea of writing music in response to painting was not alien.

    Art   Writing   College  
  • I wanted to be a visual artist because I grew up around a lot of painters and photographers and had a very artistic upbringing. And I fantasized about being a drug-dealer when I was a kid. I thought it would be a good opportunity; I knew that the market would be strong. Is that bizarre?

    Strong   Kids   Artist  
  • Well, as a visual artist working with the phenomenon of cinema, the grammar of cinema, [making a feature] was bound to happen. Everything I do is like sculpting with image and sound.

    Artist   Sound   Cinema  
  • I began as a boy with artistic talent... as a visual artist... I thought that was what I'd become and in my late teens drifted into reading serious literature.

    Reading   Artist   Boys  
  • There is no must in art because art is free.

    Art   Freedom   Painter  
    Wassily Kandinsky (1981). “Concerning the Spiritual in Art”, p.52, Library of Alexandria
  • The most important thing to do as an artist is to get out of your comfort zone and work with different people: people who can't read a note of music, people who have incredible classical skills, blues and jazz musicians, pop artists, visual artists, dancers and actors. Learn from people who are creative in a different way to you and you'll keep evolving.

    Art   Skills   People  
  • I'm so in awe of what visual artists do and I do understand the differences of what visual artists do. I have a small art collection I hope to expand.

    Art   Differences   Awe  
    "Venice: Lena Dunham and Laurie Simmons Hope 'My Art' Influences a Generation". Interview with Ariston Anderson, September 3, 2016.
  • We as visual artists need to continue to be renegades and say, "Yes I am here to do a project, but what is the social service?"

    Artist   Needs   Social  
    Interview with Tori Bush, December 4, 2015.
  • Most visual artists, just like most writers, tend to be solitary. While they're doing the art, that is. They may have a crazy orgy that morning, but at a certain point they kick everybody out, and say: "Come, go home. Yeah, I had a great time too." And then you're alone again, and then you're freshly inspired and energized.

    Art   Morning   Crazy  
  • As a gender variant visual artist I access 'technologies of gender' in order to amplify rather than erase the hermaphroditic traces of my body. I name myself. A gender abolitionist. A part time gender terrorist. An intentional mutation and intersex by design, (as opposed to diagnosis), in order to distinguish my journey from the thousands of intersex individuals who have had their 'ambiguous' bodies mutilated and disfigured in a misguided attempt at 'normalization'. I believe in crossing the line as many times as it takes to build a bridge we can all walk across.

  • Beyonce is such a visual artist. This was just trying to figure out another side to her that could be fun and young and exciteful and a great video.

    Fun   Artist   Trying  
  • Art, like morality, consists in drawing the line somewhere.

    "The Golden Book" Magazine, Vol. 7, (p. 323), 1928.
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